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  1. Yeah, this is curious. Torres was having success over there, and I heard a lot that players and coaches really liked him.
  2. https://www.ktre.com/2024/02/20/uil-committee-approves-lufkin-isds-appeal-change-football-districts-2024-26/?fbclid=IwAR0IkyCQM8oTlm8JRB59JW_P1kQOPwtilpHj1OAJ9H0fqYnP-zuo4UZkHUE
  3. This is Texas. We're headed toward a Second Battle of Sabine Pass moment.
  4. Try mis-gendering a trans student, or God forbid displaying a CFB...
  5. That's how I know he's available. Maybe he'll get it. Maybe he won't.
  6. Apparently the Gunter OC is available... Of course, most of us would like to see Jack get it.
  7. Kirbyville HC and Gunter OC, apparently... https://www.kbtx.com/2024/02/15/lee-fedora-not-among-finalist-navasota-isd-coaching-vacancy/?fbclid=IwAR3WcukhTIX6LDnZ8bE4kHPLMG4rzxR-IA-LYVByaGOe2hFqAQLpJS8tqKc
  8. Yeah, Sprinkles is another factor. One source told me this may be a career-defining hire for him in Cameron. I don't see all the responsibility being on him, given the influence of said "clique." The way I understood it, the board has always had a large say in such decisions. But as you said - We'll see what happens.
  9. What exactly does an applicant need to go through to get certified?
  10. Really? What I'm hearing from everyone I've talked to is that they want Jack to stay and take over. That's what everyone thought the plan was from the day they signed Rick to return. Everyone thought he was bringing Jack in that year to groom for the spot, and was surprised when he didn't. I don't know - I get info from a couple of people in the "clique", but I'm not a member. I talk mostly to the fans. Maybe that's the difference? Of course, there are a couple possible bumps in the road to Jack possibly taking over, from what I hear... Also, word is at least four asst coaches immediately said they were leaving, regardless of whether or not Jack takes the job. And there are also reportedly two former asst coaches interested in the position...
  11. I wasn't going to say anything about this because my sources intimated that Coach Rhoades had only told his staff and the boosters, and the feeling was that he didn't want it public until March. But... This isn't the first social media platform I've seen it mentioned, so... Typical Cameron. I have heard that a couple members of the board/boosters have mentioned an interest in contacting Fedora and seeing if he has any interest... So, might as well get into it. No one wants to admit that Fedora was one of the applicants for the job the last time Rhoades left. So let's say hypothetically he was - Would he even be willing to talk to CISD after being turned down last time? Maybe, if they approached it the right way. But first, I believe Jack Rhoades is the primary candidate, if he's interested in staying...
  12. Officials/ex-officials vs fans/coaches. Big surprise. Whatever you do, don't admit that there may be a reason why fans and coaches see officials the way they do. Officials do they best they can? A lot do, I'm sure. But from what we see every Friday night, there's definitely room for improvement. And I agree - Maybe fans who are so upset about the officiating should go do something improving it.
  13. But, that would mean in the meantime they would have to find someone willing to be a lame duck coach...
  14. That's what I've heard too. So let me ask you this: If Fedora can't take another job until a year after he walked out the door at A&M Console, why is he talking to anybody?
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