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  1. THANK YOU. It is a discipline issue, which is to say it is a mentality and attitude issue. It is a team sport. And the teams that are usually noticeably successful embrace that mentality.
  2. A Coach with longevity but only one state title to his Lore? Na.
  3. So the vaunted Brock Eagles still only have one state championship, thanks to their 2015 MVP - Traion Smith's Knee.
  4. Pretty sure what he's saying is that R'dale wouldn't have won that title without that one transfer.
  5. Rockdale gon' Rockdale. They hired a former Miller assistant, Hunter Hamrick, who's been coaching in Ingleside. I would bet Fedora would want about as much to do with Rockdale as Ben Shapiro would want with a drag queen story hour.
  6. North Shore 49 Westlake 34 https://news.scorebooklive.com/texas/2022/12/11/north-shore-snaps-westlakes-54-game-streak-advances-to-3rd-straight-6a-di-texas-football-state-championship
  7. Make it a six-pack of Big Red and a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and let's talk...
  8. Columbus is losing some key stars. Lorena only losing two starters... but those starters couldn't beat Yoe or Franklin, and actually struggled with a couple other district opponents...
  9. Yeah, LR-A ended up being way overrated. Lorena didn't live up to the hype either. Yoe actually over-achieved in my opinion. Rockdale didn't even live up to Rockdale standards...
  10. 7p Thursday night. Semis: Brock beat Malakoff 21-10, Franklin beat Edna 41-13. What's your assessment of both teams and who do you think takes the rings?
  11. 2p Sat @ Rice Stadium in Houston. Forecast: Temps in mid-70s, 15% chance of rain, about 10 mph winds.
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