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  1. Coming from a Yoemen - Daingerfield Tigers, buckle down and get this done. Waskom ain't no joke, especially their QB. Take care of business, Tigers.
  2. Carthage, Argyle, Aledo all folded up shop tonight. Fresh landscape. Unfamiliar playoff territory, friends.
  3. And Daingerfield whooped on a West Rusk team in a game everyone said was a toss-up, with a backup freshman QB. This is why we play the games.
  4. I'll tell you this: Let the UIL say they're going to start rotating the title game schedule and every other year the big schools will play on Wednesday and Thursday, and I bet you'll see a demand for split sites then.
  5. A: Why? Just because Austin is the recognized capital for politics, what does that have to do with anything else? Technically, most of the the rest of the state looks at Austin as a the overt wannabe emo-hippie cousin of the family and wants very little to do with it. B: I have talked to way more than a few fans of lower classification schools who believe the state title scheduling is unfair and like the idea of splitting championship games between Arlington, San Antonio, and Houston, so all games can be played on Friday/Saturday and those fans can have a better opportunity to see their teams play and the smaller school teams have the same rest period as larger schools and don't have to miss as much class.
  6. Yeah, Poth might give y'all a bit of a game, but let's be honest. Franklin's probably not going to have a real challenge until state semis. Those last two games are going to be smashmouth. Looking forward to it.
  7. Yeah, absolutely awesome how Sweetwater and Big Spring bands stepped in to help and honor their fellow band. I'm reading now that bands whose teams are still in the playoffs are talking about learning the Andrews High School song to play at halftimes the remainder of the playoffs.
  8. If West Rusk can keep rolling, they deserve it. Had a good program the last couple years. They're due.
  9. Exactly what I was fixing to say. Lions are scrimmaging against practice squads until the state semis. May as well just call it - So which match-up does everyone prefer? Newton, who Franklin has history with? Waskom, who Franklin also has a little history with now after last year's 5 "Game of the Year" candidate? Or also-pedigreed Daingerfield, who could make a fresh deep-round opponent for the Lions?
  10. Gonna be a good battle to see who gets to meet Franklin in the state semis. No offense to Daingerfield.
  11. Big prayers from Yoe Nation. And this isn't an East Texas-centric site.
  12. I still think the offense needs work. QB is QB. You've either got one or you don't. I'm an Aggies fan, so I know. 'horns fans know too. But when the QB does get you the ball downfield, you've got to catch it. Speaking of receivers, from what I saw, I'd say we had receivers playing RB this season. Again, you work with you've got. The guys weren't terrible by any means. I'm not saying I'm an expert. But I've watched my fair share of football over the years, and I've seen plenty instances where a team would put a receiver in the backfield and hand them the ball for a run. They run different than RBs. And our backs ran like that. They looked a lot more comfortable catching the ball out of the backfield. Maybe some of that was because of the OL play. Again, I haven't been to every Yoemen game, but I do know that every game I've seen - and this has been for years now - half the time when the ball is snapped, the O lineman stand up... and the DL just steps between them and is in our backfield before they even get fully out of their stance. Our guys don't even touch them. It's like they're saying, "Yall get out of the way, we have to block the linebackers." Granted, I'm in a couple high school football groups in Fascistbook and see I'm not the only one complaining about this, so it's apparently going around. Are we having a problem coaching OL these days? Are DL coaches improving their schemes and training so impressively that OLs just can't keep up? Whatever, it needs to be fixed. I said what I said about the D. DBs looked lost half the time. DL wasn't a heck of a lot better than OL. Maybe it's what everyone says and Rhoades needs a couple years to get his system running right. I'll tell you this - That "bubble" screen needs serious tweaking or outright scrapping. My understanding is that it's called a bubble screen because there are supposed to be a couple other players out there to form a bubble of blocking for the receiver. 85% of the time there's no screen at all. There's a screen of defenders, usually three, waiting to tackle the receiver as soon as he catches the ball. You can't throw that pass to a receiver all by himself out there. I've seen this play executed brilliantly at the college and even pro level (RG3 ran a beautiful bubble screen against the Cowboys once. Textbook.) My main thing is - and I'm not the only one who got this impression - the boys didn't seem to "buy in." They didn't quit in any game, but they just didn't seem to have that fire, that desire, that passion for the game. That has to be gotten back. Especially if Franklin gets put back in our district next year. Or even not, because they'll probably be in our region and we might have to face them in the playoffs.
  13. Any guy who couldn't beat out Mond's overrated ***...
  14. As I said in the Franklin Lions FB group, this proves a mantra I reiterate every season. NEVER take ANYTHING for granted.
  15. Yoe seems to never be the biggest team on the field. They have almost always gotten by more on heart and effort. Line play has been a problem for years. Our defensive backfield wasn't up to previous standards either. There was some talent on this team. Honestly, I didn't see the same fire and commitment to excellence that has personified the Yoemen Tradition. We need to find out pretty quick if Rhoades is going to live up to his legacy and revive that longstanding culture that he led to its pinnacle.
  16. I do agree we should definitely go back to only three teams per district advancing to playoffs, with district champs getting a first-round bye.
  17. UIL is still filling them far as I've seen they haven't completely filled them yet. I posted a link. Look for "Official UIL Playoff Brackets"...
  18. Been saying that for a couple decades. Used to tell my buddies before there was even a BCS that there shouldn't be rankings until at least halfway into the season. Going by rankings before then is stupid. Makes money, though, I'm sure. Some buddies and I were sitting around talking about it a couple years ago and I drew up an eight-conference "idea" - 12-team, 2-division regional conferences, each team plays five divisional games, half the other division, and three non-conference games. Conference championships are essentially round one of playoffs. Eight conference champions go on. An eight-team playoff, no at-larges. It can be done...
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