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  1. Weelllp. Let's see what happens...
  2. But yeah, you're right, and I thought the exact same thing. At the junior high too. When I was in school, York would do that. He would scout the PE classes too. Tried to recruit me a couple times, but I had a bad leg break that kept me from passing a physical.
  3. Refugio regularly had about 95 boys in high school, and over 80 played football. And Herring was known for being... abrasive. If he can get that level of participation, no other coach has an excuse.
  4. Someone told me his wife is from Rockdale. But, I was also told his name was in the stack of applications, so... That's why I always say "From what I hear" or "Word is", etc. 99% of the time what I'm told by those in or close to "the clique" turns out to be true, but I know better than to assume anything or take anything for granted.
  5. Hey, I said "I wonder" Mr. Stepp! Again, no one who hangs around the admin building will even admit that Le-ra applied for the job. Those people grew up here, they know darn well you can't keep secrets in this town.
  6. It wasn't just the superintendent.
  7. Wonder if his name starts with a "Le" and ends with a "ra"...
  8. As long as it has positive results. And I don't just mean in the W/L column...
  9. A couple. But the word going around is, if it's the choice everyone seems to think it is, he's bringing his own staff...
  10. Announcement is supposed to be made Monday. Yes, word is they had more than a few highly pedigreed candidates. I'm wondering how this crop compares to the batch that applied last time Rhoades left. 'Cause I heard some qualified applicants got turned away that time in favor a guy who probably came cheaper and could be more easily... controlled. If it's who most seem to think it is, there will definitely be a reboot. If they let the guy coach, and help him with parents.
  11. A: Maybe. I don't know what you wouldn't be surprised by. B: What's your definition of "ripple effect" as pertains to this situation? If it's who I'm hearing it will be, there could certainly be some sort of "ripple effect." Maybe a couple.
  12. Word is... New coach may be announced next week...
  13. Woowww. Herring's gone? Okay then...
  14. Yeah, this is curious. Torres was having success over there, and I heard a lot that players and coaches really liked him.
  15. https://www.ktre.com/2024/02/20/uil-committee-approves-lufkin-isds-appeal-change-football-districts-2024-26/?fbclid=IwAR0IkyCQM8oTlm8JRB59JW_P1kQOPwtilpHj1OAJ9H0fqYnP-zuo4UZkHUE
  16. This is Texas. We're headed toward a Second Battle of Sabine Pass moment.
  17. Try mis-gendering a trans student, or God forbid displaying a CFB...
  18. That's how I know he's available. Maybe he'll get it. Maybe he won't.
  19. Apparently the Gunter OC is available... Of course, most of us would like to see Jack get it.
  20. Kirbyville HC and Gunter OC, apparently... https://www.kbtx.com/2024/02/15/lee-fedora-not-among-finalist-navasota-isd-coaching-vacancy/?fbclid=IwAR3WcukhTIX6LDnZ8bE4kHPLMG4rzxR-IA-LYVByaGOe2hFqAQLpJS8tqKc
  21. Yeah, Sprinkles is another factor. One source told me this may be a career-defining hire for him in Cameron. I don't see all the responsibility being on him, given the influence of said "clique." The way I understood it, the board has always had a large say in such decisions. But as you said - We'll see what happens.
  22. What exactly does an applicant need to go through to get certified?
  23. Really? What I'm hearing from everyone I've talked to is that they want Jack to stay and take over. That's what everyone thought the plan was from the day they signed Rick to return. Everyone thought he was bringing Jack in that year to groom for the spot, and was surprised when he didn't. I don't know - I get info from a couple of people in the "clique", but I'm not a member. I talk mostly to the fans. Maybe that's the difference? Of course, there are a couple possible bumps in the road to Jack possibly taking over, from what I hear... Also, word is at least four asst coaches immediately said they were leaving, regardless of whether or not Jack takes the job. And there are also reportedly two former asst coaches interested in the position...
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