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  1. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2024/01/26/uil-realignment-a-look-at-every-dallas-area-school-changing-classification-or-division/?outputType=amp
  2. Man, the "Belichick to Dallas" rumors are already in high gear...
  3. Said it before, I'll say it again: Best team to play on that field is sometime during the second week of December.
  4. That was actually the source one of the guys quoted. But the other guy came up with a score column from a 1930 Fort Worth newspaper...
  5. See, I didn't want to say anything, because I couldn't find anything from the NISD or Fedora camps to back it up at any level, but I had three people I know who... "have access to information" contact me that morning and tell me that word was already going around that he was headed back to Navasota. So if it was already that strong a rumor, there's likely something behind it somewhere. So, curious if Navasota school board is hesitant... Is he actually wanting to coach, or just AD...
  6. Looking for insight on a debate I recently saw on a social media post, based on two people quoting different sources... What are the records for most points scored by one team in a Texas high school football game, and for largest margin of victory?
  7. Somebody applying for a job composing "Best of" lists for Rolling Stone???
  8. Rumor was that Fedora was going back to Navasota...
  9. *For whatever reason, site not allowing me to reply to general thread* Monday I heard a rumor from three different sources, all told me it was the word going around, was waiting to see if anyone here had heard anything...
  10. Clean three months of dust off my guitar and see if I can find my picks...
  11. I humbly and sincerely apologize, good sir. I meant no offense.
  12. Not a bad game either, but the '15 game featured a 25 point comeback and a batted-down last-second 2 pt conversion by a star RB to save the win.
  13. During Yoe's state title spree, seemed like every season our playoff runs ran through Teague, Grandview, and Malakoff. Our playoff game against the Tigers in '15 is a freakin' epic. Grandview made it to Arlington soon after and Jentsch led them to back-to-back titles. Now Malakoff finally has punched their ticket to Jerryworld. Best of luck next Thursday, Tigers. Coach Fannin has truly turned the Franklin Lions into a machine. Dominating ground game-focused team that had one player score three receiving TDs tonight. And a stifling defense. But you guys proved definitively that you're the team to get the job done this year, if it's to get done. Thursday at 3p there is going to be one heck of a football game at AT&T Stadium, one of the best that field is going to see all year.
  14. As long as a non conference winner gets in over a conference champ, the CFP is a joke.
  15. I have a friend who was Georgetown PD at the time, had two boys playing for the Eagles. The Monday after the Rockdale-Yoe game he messaged me and told me that Georgetown ISD were saying they had never seen a crowd that rowdy and that they made a lot a lot of money off us, but they hoped they never saw us again!
  16. Oh, didn't realize this was just for "pick 'em" games. Sorry. Thanks for the update, anyway.
  17. Where/when is the Lorena-Columbus game gonna be?
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