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  1. Let's not forget that Atlanta had other candidates in mind-They all said no. Instead of b*tching and moaning, give the guy a chance. He's done some good things as a HC.
  2. It just goes to show you camera crews have NO CLUE. FILM A SCHOOL's VARSITY-Not subvarsity. 1st the beginning of the clip was at the end of practice before the boys were about to condition. The last part was the FRESHMEN working special teams.
  3. Spring Hill is hosting the annual Bill Secord Relays on Thursday, March 8, 2018. We are still in need of some schools to come and compete. 2A to 4A schools are welcome. 4 Divisions: JVG, VG, JVB, VB For more information, email Coach Salter @ [email protected]
  4. Spring Hill is hosting the Bill Secord Relays on Saturday April 2. The original date set had to be moved due to State Testing. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to attend. We have a couple of openings left. Thank you
  5. Just from my sources I am hearing that the athletic budget was reduced. He could only have 7 coaches on staff. IF, and that's a big if, that is true-that would be tough on an AD coming into the system this late in the year. It would be tough on any AD honestly. But again, I am only saying what I heard from my sources, not 100% sure that is the truth.
  6. Shelbyville had the same sign last week too....
  7. Ore City vs. Shelbyville Friday @ West Rusk
  8. OC JV 20 UG JV 14 8th grade OC 10 8th grade UG 38 7th grade OC 28 7th grade UG 6
  9. Hey Big Sandy-Do you like apples? Cause Ore City just came back from 21 down to beat you. So how ya like them apples????
  10. Ore City 46 RC-0 Ore City moves to 5-0 on the year
  11. Ore City 61 Winona 31....OC was up 42-0 at half
  12. Ore City 30 LK 28 Back and forth game all night
  13. Ore City 55 Overton 21
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