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  1. The most breaking news is going to be Matt Stepp on Twitter. It shouldn’t but it bothers me when people get on message boards and stir stuff up like this. If it’s retirement that’s one thing but to implying that you’re rooting for someone you’ve heard for a while to come open makes you look shady.
  2. After seeing how tough Garrison played Timpson last night I think Garrison wins this one. Still pulling for the Bulldogs though.
  3. Congratulations to Coach Hardee and his staff. Coach Ratliff and his staff for one heck of a run! For you posters on here with the false sense of security, some of your britches got a little big. I know CC got the win in the books last year, but I told y’all Centerville lost rather than getting beat. Good luck to both teams moving forward because it looks nearly inevitable that they’re both going to face Timpson.
  4. I get where you're coming from. I have absolutely no dog in this fight and I'm glad to see CC back in the mix. But I'm also going to call it what it is. The win CC got last year was because of Centerville's mistakes...and if you were at that game you would know that. Good luck to both teams. It ought to be one H3!! of a game to watch.
  5. CC is a good team, but y'all didn't beat Centerville last year. Centerville's mistakes are what caused that loss.
  6. You should really proof read before you hit submit topic.
  7. I really think there's something there outside of AAU/7 on 7. A lot of those "Mayberry" looking places don't want coaches pushing kids too hard but still want to go beat everyone. I'm sure there's also some people with stroke in the community that want their kids to be the studs but can't handle the fact the gene pool couldn't make it out of a puddle. I don't know if that's the case with Maypearl, but in a situation where there's this kind of instability that shows some alarm.
  8. I had a buddy interview to be the OC there a few years back. He said during the interview the (then) AD talked about how he was ready to be done with being the AD and this was after being the AD for not even a year. I'm not real sure what's going on there but every time I go through there it feels like something's off.
  9. Is the job open? Why are people talking about it if it's not open?
  10. Lone Oak was solid for a few years. This happens in places that aren't used to success. As soon as they start to decline athletically it's automatically the coaching staff's fault and nothing to do with the gene pool. Can scheme play something into it? Yeah. Can a lack of leadership play something into it? Definitely. But when word's out that the SB has a few rogues involved it can make finding someone with the correct scheme and leadership for that place.
  11. Shepherd, historically, has been a 2nd half football team. A couple of years ago they took Center into over time after being down 35-7 at half. My guess is, Crockett was up and completely relaxed. Shepherd's QB did qualify for state in the 200 last year in 4A so it's not like they don't have someone that can play.
  12. 4 of those scores were when varsity starters were going against Buffalo's 2s and JV kids sprinkled in so I'd tap the breaks there hot stuff (btw, I'm still waiting for you to post more practice videos on Facebook). Buffalo won the live portion of the game 7-0. Buffalo's also putting in a 3rd offense in 3 years and a 3rd defense in 3 years so again, I'd tap the breaks some. I will say good luck to Corrigan and to Buffalo as they move forward.
  13. All I’ve got to say is good luck. People are still getting theirs slowly in. But I’m going to go back to my earlier point…when we’re heavily relying on the East Asian labor force to provide the products we use on a daily basis AND those products are being shipped in from California this is going to happen. And if you’re frustrated now, just wait and see if the Monkey Pox thing starts to gain more traction.
  14. When did you send them in to be reconditioned? And I swear I didn’t see reconditioned earlier or my response would have been different.
  15. Helmet companies rely on China. China’s production for the US has slowed down for a couple of reasons…Covid is one of them and tariffs are another. ALSO, with helmets primarily coming from China that means they’re shipped in through California which has been a problem in getting things through to the rest of the US. If you think helmets are going to be an issue, I heard a rumor that unless people order baseballs and softballs no later than Sept 1 they won’t get them. I’m also hearing of coaches that ordered game cleats back in February that still haven’t received them.
  16. If it’s only to bring in Daniel Swaim, then the move should have already happened.
  17. I know it’s helping to derail the original question, but play calling has become a lost art. It’s like others have said, there’s not a lot of series or structure to what’s being done. “Hey! They got 5 in the box! Run zone!” Defensive coordinators hardly teach force anymore, it’s all about running pursuit drill and having a 7 on 7 defense. I know of a DC in the DFW that recently retired who would look at you hack-eyed if you asked him who was going to set an edge for him. One of the greatest guys I ever talked ball with was Mike Garrison and the sad part is I didn’t spend enough time listening to him. Somewhere at my parent’s house I have my Uncle’s Dead T playbook from like 1968 or 70 when he played at Ray High School in Corpus. I wish I could get my hands on that again!
  18. Cleveland is looking for a head man as well. And, yes, I’d hate to be one of those guys trying to fill a staff right now.
  19. That district is about 19 million in the hole. Haltom struggles because they have zero speed. Richland let’s the inmates run the asylum and is in love with Twitter. Birdville is the only one that’s had any success.
  20. Word on the street is a guy on staff is getting it. Other word on the street is the other assistants that could coach are out.
  21. Man, this environment it’s going to be tough to find a guy. And then it’s going to be tougher to fill a staff. Good luck to the guy getting the job.
  22. Somewhere there is a group in EF thinking they can get him to come back.
  23. It’s not just small districts struggling to fill positions, it’s a problem in bigger ones too. And not just that, we have a work problem period. FedEx can’t get enough workers to get deliveries on time, food services have “now hiring” plastered everywhere…it’s an issue finding people who want to actually put forth effort. There have also been some self-inflicted wounds in the coaching community. Used to, if a coach wanted a raise they went into admin. Now some of the stipends are high enough coaches can stay in coaching longer and get their numbers up. Because of that, you now have that administrator who has 3 years of kindergarten experience working their way up the administrative ladder and it’s helped to turn education at local levels into more of a dog and pony show than education really needs to be. I’m glad coaches are getting paid better, but this is going to be a growing problem. One administrator I’ve heard of in Katy ISD struggled with 1st graders and was a high school campus principal. Instead of holding kids accountable it was always “what are you doing to engage those struggling students?” How many former coaches can you hear saying that? We’re also in a stretch of the entitled coach who has never had to grind through anything and if they’re told no they quit and go pout. We’ve also reached a level of select ball fever that coaches can do what they want job wise and take on a “stipend” of whatever they want to charge for their players. Realistically there are a lot of factors contributing to the educator shortage and I’m afraid that unless our mindset changes as a nation it’s going to get worse…even in Texas.
  24. It’s also not a given that those guys will come either. I would assume it would be hard to get people in this late to a situation like Eustace. The housing market sucks if you’re a buyer and you have to “luck” into rentals from the locals.
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