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  1. I know of a guy that was accepted as the AD to a deep east Texas school on a 4-3 school board vote. They even went special session in the middle of the day and had that guy show up so he could meet the school board after special session. He heard a shouting match in special session with a few "that ain't the guy we're supposed to be hirin'". In that scenario, I can't say I don't blame him for backing out. I know it looks completely unprofessional but when you're talking about how a move affects your family, I don't blame people.
  2. I just read the job posting on THSCA. Gotta live in a 30 mile radius...ouch. I've driven that area quite a bit to the out-laws' house and the housing in Hubbard is rough Coach, since you said "Then basketball started" I'm guessing you were having basketball kids lift. I've never understood places that didn't lift their kids all year long. It develops physical and mental toughness and helps to weed those out who refuse to buy in. IF that's the case, it blows my mind that schools will push to have a 2nd round basketball or baseball appearance and not look at the big picture of what the weight room does in the overall athletic department development. Best of luck to you.
  3. I thought they were playing tonight? The FNF app is wrong. Go figure.
  4. I think I saw the close date on it is 12/15 so it's not one of those CYA posts to just promote the guy there. I'd struggle wanting to stay knowing they opened everything up. Good luck to Coach Rodriguez.
  5. @centex1 am I crazy or did I hear about a Daniel Swaim sighting at the DG on the south side of Tyler yesterday morning?
  6. Doesn't Mexia have c clamps welded together holding their visitor stands? I know the majority of y'all are talking about the lack of seating, mine would be theirs for the OSHA violation.
  7. https://www.southcoasttoday.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2023/05/18/wareham-hires-brandon-perry-as-new-head-football-coach-2023/70177730007/ "Building the numbers back up..." I've been around a couple of programs that were concerned about getting player participation up and they usually lead to parent complaints and complaints about playing time....specifically with under classmen.
  8. It's going to be interesting to say the least. I wonder if the metropolitan schools that are opting to stay with their actual numbers instead of going up will have an impact. In any event, when does the UIL typically send out the cutoff numbers?
  9. I voted for Mexia because, as someone pointed out in an earlier thread, under dogs could use at least one vote. Who knows with Mexia though...maybe it'll click for them and make things interesting for the rest of the district in the final week. It's sure tough if your bye-week is the last week of the year and things are up in the air as far as making the playoffs.
  10. My money is on the Washington Sentinels as they take on Dallas. Quarterback Shane Falco has had a tremendous last few weeks as many professional players have crossed the line.
  11. If Westwood starts off fast this could be a tough one for Diboll. This might be the best Westwood football team I've ever seen.
  12. It could be that their next home game comes after grade checks.
  13. On a somewhat related topic I've heard of a school that has every senior in the entire building line up for senior night...not just the kids involved with Friday nights.
  14. If I'm not mistaken, hasn't Runge struggled to field a football team over the last decade or so? I thought they ended up cancelling a season half way through because of injuries. I could be wrong though.
  15. I saw a Tweet last week from Matt Stepp that there were several schools cancelling or backing out of scrimmages and I'm assuming it was heat related? Anyone in your area back out of a scrimmage?
  16. Skinner...now that's a name that's not mentioned much anymore. Do you happen to keep up with him? The last I heard he was living around the North Richland Hills area.
  17. For me, it was when Shane Falco led Washington to an improbable win after Dallas decided to cross the fence and end their strike.
  18. In another thread he's making comments about how rivalries over the last 6-7 years have really picked it and how looking at the grand scheme of a rivalry doesn't necessarily count anymore because the kids don't buy into it anymore...then he brings up the entirety of Diboll. I'm glad he's such a supportive fan.
  19. Is that a Ford broken down on the side of the road?
  20. Marlin's stadium looks like it's coming in nicely.
  21. This makes me think about the poster that gets on here from CC and gives his ways to fix the football program.
  22. Now that I know this is opinion, here are my 2 cents. 1) The other states that allow for this are at the discretion of the the work schedules of people who work a typical 9-5. I'm not saying there aren't good people out there, but I've seen other schools complain in other states about how late some of them practice. Also, if you're relying on someone in a 9-5 what happens when they're transferred? They won't stop that to just hold onto a couple hundred bucks each week (if that). Unfortunately, public ed is extremely reliant on state and federal funding so that means things need to get worse before the beurocrats will do something for the kids that aren't in line with their lobbyist agendas. 2) I disagree with that. What program consistently has teenagers able to lead that kind of work out day in and day out? Bigger programs can afford agencies like Performance Course and other outside agencies to run their S&C programs. Po-dunk Texas can't that. And how would you hold athletes accountable? You essentially make it open weightroom/gym. It's easy to say run them in the ground...don't let them play, etc but if that's your answer then I'd love to see how you would consistently hold kids accountable. Most kids rely on relationships, no their own minutia, to find purpose and reason to be somewhere. Most of the time the kids show up because the coaches are involved. 3) There's a process in place. Yes, a kid can openly say "I'm leaving for athletic purposes", but if that parent moves to the school zone it becomes a moot point. I feel like the disdain from you is coming from kids that are contributors. Most coaches I've come across get move ins that couldn't play dead in a western.
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