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  1. Gill has been at Gunter for the past five seasons, the last three as the OC. He moved to offense when Coach Wylie left to be Blue Ridge's head coach
  2. The worst are the ones with just logos and no names -- like I know which Eagle you're playing in Week 1 and that Tiger in Week 3
  3. There is one more spot to fill based on where Gunter's bye falls and again it could be a huge name.
  4. If they can avoid as many odd-team districts they will so there is no rolling bye and everyone is on equal footing
  5. Gunter looking for a Week 4 now, Brock dropped them
  6. The potential Week 2 is a doozy as well. It's not out there yet because they are each trying to find other opponents. or Gunter might just take a double bye, but if you think the schedule is super tough now....
  7. You can literally look at the month-to-month enrollment and see there is no irregularity. There is no spike in either direction that can be attributed -- from october 2022 to october 2023 the high school dropped nine kids to what they turned in. Counting heads in yearbooks? That's the smoking gun and no one's used that to take down a dynasty. I have heard all sorts of stuff in regards to this topic and my response is the same -- show me hard evidence that proves Gunter has done anything to manipulate enrollement. Not a coach told a coach told his friends stuff. Text messages, emails, not hearsay or sour grapes. Not somthing people think is wrong but is within the guidelines the UIL allows. I can't just go around spouting stuff just because this person says it or that person believes it. I'd like to not be sued and keep my job.
  8. Yeah it's crazy how that in the two months since Snapshot Day, the high school enrollment shot all the way up to.....oh they dropped two kids and are down to 361 I guess they forgot to re-enroll all those pesky extra kids
  9. They are not far off -- they missed by six kids. There is a like an 85 percent chance they go up next time.
  10. No I counted one of those as a two-yard gain when it was a negative-two. I hate how they do those boxes as well and put the yardage before loss first.
  11. The UIL official stats had 10 for 19 in the second half. Outside of those two long runs, his longest was a pair of eights. Second half went 0 3 0 1 1 8 4 -1 2 2
  12. You missed my point -- why would Sherman fit travel wise with that district compared to just going back with the Friscos if the number of teams in those districts wouldn't make a difference. Your initial non-DeSoto district wouldn't make that much sense
  13. I assume Sherman is going to be stuck with the Friscos again -- if it is a question of being there or in this one, I assume they would express their desire to be with the Friscos for travel purposes
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