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  1. Penalty reduced to two years from three.
  2. UIL to hear the appeal of recruiting punishment from the 6-2A DEC on Monday morning
  3. Hasn't been determined yet -- if you go by precedent, within the next month but it depends on how many cases are in the queue
  4. https://www.heralddemocrat.com/2022/09/07/tom-bean-football-faces-punishment-for-recruiting-violations/
  5. The hearing today has nothing to do with the football postseason ban, it had to do with eligibility rulings from last month. Hopefully have something that provides clarity here in a bit.
  6. Ferris and Bishop are 4A Division II Nike FC is, in its own words, "a sports and fine arts academy based in Plano"
  7. Ferris was the first to cancel before Realignment Day, then Bishop after a coaching change and Nike FC two weeks ago when they decided not to have a season. Gunter tried to get Waxahachie Life after they lost Cedar Hill Newman in Week 1 when they cancelled their season but Life sad no multiple times.
  8. prosper was in what is 4A now -- they hadn't relabeled everything yet so technically they were 3A but their enrollment was 870. Two years later it was 1,257 and went from there but the starting point is 520 kids from where Gunter is right now. Celina in 2012 turned in 558 and 10 years later they turned in 994. At that rate Gunter would have 800 kids in 2032.
  9. Gunter to 5A is at least 16 years away. To be there in 10 years they'd have to add 100 kids every school year till then, and that's at the current 5A cutoff, which will continue to rise. Even to get there by the 2038 realignment would mean adding 63 kids every year The enrollment for this realignment was 354. For the 2020-21 school year, prek through 4th was 381. And 5-8 was even smaller at 325. There's not a large base to build on down there right now.
  10. THIS as long as these two things are good to go, it's a successful product
  11. I should have said schools instead of coaches. Either way it is a slippery slope if you don't punish at all / don't make it significant. There is a reason why this happening is extremely rare.
  12. Based on the historical trend, you can make a very good guess as to where the number might end up falling. I you end up guessing wrong, well you are where you are supposed to be. If you guess right, then it paid off. The 2A split this time was 164.5 In 2020 it was 165.5 In 2018 it was 161.5 In 2016 it was 158 It'd be pretty easy to guess that the cutoff would be around 167.5/168.5 going into this one.
  13. You hate to be cynical but if Alto does not receive that punishment, how many schools in the future submit a number they think will be under whatever the cutoff might be to either stay down or move down a division or classification to gain an advantage? At what point is it an issue, if you submit a number three kids off or 10 or 15? If Alto is allowed to participate in the playoffs, you are just asking coaches to skirt the rules for a competitive advantage
  14. The difference is that football essentially has a shot clock. The team that wins the coin toss and receives the kickoff can't run in to the line for three yards and then not take another snap for the rest of the quarter.
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