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  1. I think that's the plan for the next realignment. They wanted this implemented immediately and nobody wanted to go back and change schedules and stuff at this late point. There were a lot of coaches in those sports that were caught off guard this was even going to happen. So I think they will keep it like this for the cycle and then split them.
  2. The top two records are split into separate semifinals and they flip a coin between the other two to see who they will face
  3. 3A Region II https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/555917/results
  4. Whitesboro has a really good chance to move up pending where the cutoff falls. the cutoff this last time was 545, which was unchanged from the prior one, and Whitesboro turned in 508, which was an increase of 43 from the prior realignment. They are trying to pass a bond and as part of the presentation are prjoecting the HS enrollment for the start of the 2024-25 school year as 556. So if the number stays around where it has been the last two cycles, Whitesboro will already be over it with a year to add to it before snapshot day
  5. How many 3A and 2A schools have enough kids to have soccer in the first place?
  6. Gill has been at Gunter for the past five seasons, the last three as the OC. He moved to offense when Coach Wylie left to be Blue Ridge's head coach
  7. The worst are the ones with just logos and no names -- like I know which Eagle you're playing in Week 1 and that Tiger in Week 3
  8. There is one more spot to fill based on where Gunter's bye falls and again it could be a huge name.
  9. If they can avoid as many odd-team districts they will so there is no rolling bye and everyone is on equal footing
  10. Gunter looking for a Week 4 now, Brock dropped them
  11. The potential Week 2 is a doozy as well. It's not out there yet because they are each trying to find other opponents. or Gunter might just take a double bye, but if you think the schedule is super tough now....
  12. You can literally look at the month-to-month enrollment and see there is no irregularity. There is no spike in either direction that can be attributed -- from october 2022 to october 2023 the high school dropped nine kids to what they turned in. Counting heads in yearbooks? That's the smoking gun and no one's used that to take down a dynasty. I have heard all sorts of stuff in regards to this topic and my response is the same -- show me hard evidence that proves Gunter has done anything to manipulate enrollement. Not a coach told a coach told his friends stuff. Text messages, emails, not hearsay or sour grapes. Not somthing people think is wrong but is within the guidelines the UIL allows. I can't just go around spouting stuff just because this person says it or that person believes it. I'd like to not be sued and keep my job.
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