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  1. 4 hours ago, trueblue82 said:

    I guess what I’m asking is why are two schools playing a 4th round playoff game there instead of one of the dozens of really good venues in the metroplex? I would think SMU would be a much better site for SOC vs Melissa. 

    Based on people who have played there, SMU is not a good host in a variety of areas -- regardless of how good the location might be.


    I don't think either the new or old Rangers ballpark is a good venue to watch football, but I get it being an experience for kids to have at least once. I wouldn't do it more than every couple of years to cycle through a new crop of players.

  2. 32 minutes ago, ObiOne said:

    Can we get the cliff's notes version without signing up for the paper?  Do we know when the SEC appeal hearing is?

    Hasn't been determined yet -- if you go by precedent, within the next month but it depends on how many cases are in the queue

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  3. The hearing today has nothing to do with the football postseason ban, it had to do with eligibility rulings from last month. Hopefully have something that provides clarity here in a bit.

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  4. 18 hours ago, GraysonFan said:

    I’ve never heard of most of these teams that cancelled.  What level of teams are they?


    Ferris and Bishop are 4A Division II


    Nike FC is, in its own words, "a sports and fine arts academy based in Plano"

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  5. Ferris was the first to cancel before Realignment Day, then Bishop after a coaching change and Nike FC two weeks ago when they decided not to have a season.


    Gunter tried to get Waxahachie Life after they lost Cedar Hill Newman in Week 1 when they cancelled their season but Life sad no multiple times.

  6. 12 hours ago, ObiOne said:

    Wasn't Prosper 3A until about 2010?  Now two 6A high schools?  Growth can move fast in that corridor 

    prosper was in what is 4A now -- they hadn't relabeled everything yet so technically they were 3A but their enrollment was 870. Two years later it was 1,257 and went from there but the starting point is 520 kids from where Gunter is right now.


    Celina in 2012 turned in 558 and 10 years later they turned in 994. At that rate Gunter would have 800 kids in 2032.

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  7. 8 hours ago, eagle34 said:

    I'm a Mortgage Lender so I'm up there for Closings. The average home in Gunter isn't any different than Frisco, Prosper and Celina. Those places are filling up and Gunter is the next spot up the road. I'm sure you will be fine for awhile and 5A or 6A will be 7-10 years off. Enjoy the Country living while you can and good luck on another fine season. 

    Gunter to 5A is at least 16 years away. To be there in 10 years they'd have to add 100 kids every school year till then, and that's at the current 5A cutoff, which will continue to rise. Even to get there by the 2038 realignment would mean adding 63 kids every year


    The enrollment for this realignment was 354. For the 2020-21 school year, prek through 4th was 381. And 5-8 was even smaller at 325. There's not a large base to build on down there right now.

  8. 8 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

    It’s kinda clunky navigating.  But it’s working for me without issues. 

    Most important to me:   Games of the teams I select (favorites). And games near me. 

    The rest is just extra. 



    as long as these two things are good to go, it's a successful product

  9. 9 hours ago, neveragain said:

    Just to be clear, coaches do not submit the realignment numbers nor are they involved in the enrollment of students.  The superintendent (or their designee) submits the numbers to the UIL and there should be numerous people who know the number....principal, secretary, PEIMS clerk, attendance clerk, etc.  and yes, even small schools have most of these positions so there can be accountability. 



    I should have said schools instead of coaches. Either way it is a slippery slope if you don't punish at all / don't make it significant. There is a reason why this happening is extremely rare.

  10. 6 hours ago, PostSurfer said:

    Snapshot numbers were submitted October 30.

    Cutoff numbers for realignment were announced December 8.

    Was this ever mentioned during the hearing? Never heard it while watching the video that KLTV posted.

    Pretty good guessing to know to reduce number by 3 if this was intentional.

    Based on the historical trend, you can make a very good guess as to where the number might end up falling. I you end up guessing wrong, well you are where you are supposed to be. If you guess right, then it paid off.


    The 2A split this time was 164.5

    In 2020 it was 165.5

    In 2018 it was 161.5

    In 2016 it was 158


    It'd be pretty easy to guess that the cutoff would be around 167.5/168.5 going into this one.

  11. You hate to be cynical but if Alto does not receive that punishment, how many schools in the future submit a number they think will be under whatever the cutoff might be to either stay down or move down a division or classification to gain an advantage?


    At what point is it an issue, if you submit a number three kids off or 10 or 15?


    If Alto is allowed to participate in the playoffs, you are just asking coaches to skirt the rules for a competitive advantage

  12. 1 hour ago, GTAlumnus said:

    Week 1 might be Gunter  BYE.  The other team is showing a different opponent and Gunter's first game is against "?" per Maxpreps.  Supposed to play at a neutral site P Field near Austin on Saturday at 4:00.   Would seem impossible to find an opponent now.  I really hate to get cut back to 15 games :). 

    This is on the wrong thread.....

    Gunter does have an opponent for Week 1.

  13. 6 hours ago, GTAlumnus said:

    Gunter 15 Pottsboro 1 game 1

    After a 12-run first inning Potts smartly sacrificed several pitchers and their ace will likely be available.  Not sure about Gunter.

    With the score 14-1 there was about a 3 hour rain delay in the top of the 3rd.  Game ended in 5 innings.

    Game  2 will be in Prosper tomorrow and game 3 Friday if needed.

    As bad as the score it is still just one game.  Gunter needs to finish this off tomorrow.

    Both starters today will be available going forward -- Kent threw 31 pitches, Villanueva 27. I think they both can factor in Game 2 and if there is a Game 3, I expect both will start

  14. 7 hours ago, PantherNation2015 said:

    The 3A state semi games next week in Round Rock are at 9am and 12 noon respectively.  That could have played a factor in the decision to play at 1pm.

    The time isn't the issue -- and I'm sure that is the reason. It's the distance combined with the time

  15. 3 hours ago, GraysonFan said:

    Sherman did get the big DL from Denison, Sims I think that is a D-1 recruit that moved there sometime back.  There is talent in Sherman, they just spun their wheels with the previous coach for too long.  


    He was ruled to have moved for athletic purposed last month

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