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  1. Cooper can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Blue Ridge win or a loss and a Chisum loss and a Whitewright loss. Chisum would be eliminated with a loss and a Chisum win or a loss and a Chisum loss and a Whitewright win.
  2. You don't vote against it if have evidence and a really good reason to vote that way. You know why? Because the next time it will be your kids dealing with a vote and you don't want the schools you've voted against in the past to deny the eligibility out of spite and retaliation Any vote that goes to the UIL committee is a 50-50 shot at getting overturned. I've seen cases I thought would get upheld and didn't. I've seen ones I thought would get overturned and weren't. And if the DEC denies, there is no downside to appealing. A 50 percent shot is better than 0
  3. If you don't know about Argyle's athletic success, you havent paid attention to Texas High School sports for the past decade
  4. That one seems pretty straightforward to have to go to UIL Committee
  5. No. 3 was their main QB in the scrimmage last week
  6. They are perhaps the worst regional site when it comes to track updates
  7. Might as well hire Peterman. Worked out well when he replaced Mathis the last time
  8. Considering they had never won a championship before, they had no reason to
  9. Not only did they run off a state championship winning coach, after doing so they then reached back out to him, seemingly thinking he'd want to come back after the nonsense they put him through. No one with a strong resume should want to take that job seeing everything that's going on.
  10. Game was cancelled due to weather
  11. He stepped down due to health reasons. Had a heart attack right before their playoff game
  12. They certainly would, since it would mean making the state championship game. I think every team in the state would sign up for that right now.
  13. As I posted on another thread -- you can't vote on players who aren't on the ballot
  14. He's at a different position this year. His numbers were being compared to linebackers instead of defensive backs. And he had 8 INTs in regular season last year, which is going to look good on the DB ballot.
  15. The only Newton kids on the ballot on offense were the running back and the quarterback. There were no Newton kids on the ballot on the defense. So please don't tell me kids were nominated when they obviously weren't.
  16. Gunter 14 21 7 14 -- 56 Canadian 7 7 7 6 -- 27 FIRST QUARTER C – Casen Cavalier 2 run (Edgar Salazar kick), 9:53 G – Daylan Bower 2 run (Evan Gonzalez kick), 5:02 G – Bower 1 run (Gonzalez kick), 2:13 SECOND QUARTER G – Bower 1 run (Gonzalez kick), 7:06 G – Braiden Clopton 55 interception return (Gonzalez kick), 5:13 G – Clopton 5 run (Gonzalez kick), 4:04 C – Cavalier 2 run (Salazar kick), 2:13 THIRD QUARTER G – Bower 2 run (Gonzalez kick), 5:11 C – Garrison McCook 35 pass from Cavalier (Salazar kick), 3:32 FOURTH QUARTER G – Braiden Clopton 7 run (Gonzalez kick), 9:53 C – Trent Evans 4 pass from Cavalier (Salazar kick failed), 7:13 G – Dylan Jantz 3 run (Gonzalez kick), 3:58 Stats Gunter Canadian First downs 18 13 Rushes-yards 63-284 27-47 Passing yards 0 254 C-A-I 0-0-0 19-34-1 Punts-average 2-36.5 4-34.2 Penalties-yards1-15 5-27 Fumbles-lost 1-1 1-1 Individual Rushing – Gunter: Daylan Bower 22-77, Zach Lowe 6-40, Dylan Jantz 16-74, Braiden Clopton 12-87, Peyton Lowe 5-12, TEAM 2-(-6); Canadian: Casen Cavalier 16-(-10), Caleb Martinez 2-5, Hayze Hufstedler 7-41, Alexis Flores 2-11. Passing – Gunter: None; Canadian: Casen Cavalier 19-34-1 254. Receiving – Gunter: None; Canadian: Garrison McCook 4-52, Matthew Lynch 6-51, Alexis Flores 4-68, Hayze Hufstedler 1-25.
  17. More than heresay. trying to set it up for the first week.
  18. The closest is No. 5 has 862 yards -- on just 62 carries
  19. yes. Melissa and Celina are moving up to D-I
  20. New Diana wanted to get SMU. Leonard had reserved Greenville When SMU wasn't available, the good sites in between -- Sulphur Springs, Emory Rains, etc. -- were pretty much taken.
  21. In the playoffs, he has thrown, in order, 103, week off, 130, 99 and 170.
  22. To me, I think it says how little we think of kids today that they couldn't handle a test and then play in a playoff game hours later. God forbid they learn how to multitask and handle multiple things at once like they will need to do after high school
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