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  1. They don't play till next week. And I'll take Brock. Because Brock
  2. His sophomore year they went 10-0, lost in area round after a bye
  3. Nothing has been decided yet. The coaches will talk again tomorrow and figure it out. That's from one of the coaches
  4. I would much rather play at Wylie than Commerce. Of course I said originally the best site would have been Royse City. They were tyring to go to a couple of bigger places but couldn't get them because they were already taken or weren't hosting. I don't think it's that big a deal
  5. The coaches agreed late on Saturday -- 2 p.m. at Wylie on Saturday
  6. Gainesville went before the UIL executive committee on Wednesday to appeal the 9-3A committee's ruling of a player and had the appeal denied. It did not designate the sport and the same players that routinely show up in the boxscores have been doing so. It seems pretty safe to assume that the it won't affect the playoffs since the player would have been sitting the past couple of weeks to keep Gainesville from forfeiting any games in district.
  7. There is not a single five-team district in 5A or 4A. There is just one in 2A, in the Panhandle, because of location of teams doesn't work. There are so many five-team districts in 3A because when they did realignment, the four playoff teams in 3A wasn't a consideration. It was change for this season after last season had already happened. That's why 3A looks bad. They will fill in those districts this time.
  8. And the only reason that happened is because the superintendents voted to put the four teams into effect before realignment takes place in February. Next season there won't be any five-team districts.
  9. Wylie has not clinched because they can lose to Royse City and if East loses to Loevjoy and North defeats Denison, East and Wylie would be tied for fourth and Wylie loses on the tie-breaker.
  10. Sherman-Denison hit 115 a few weeks ago. Their first meeting dates to 1901 and there are probably a few games missing to to lack of records.
  11. This is correct because there are a couple of three-way tie scenarios still out there. Texas High has clinched. Sulphur Springs will clinch on Friday with a win against Pine Tree. Hallsville will clinch with a win on Friday against Mount Pleasant Marshall has all but clinched. They technically have not because there can still be a three-way tie involving them, Hallsville and Pine Tree. That should disappear after the results of Friday,
  12. Denison and Wylie East will clinch playoff spots with wins on Friday. The only team who can be eliminated on Friday is Sherman. The other spots will come down to the last night. If Lovejoy doesn't get in, the Division II teams would be Denison and Wylie East
  13. Pottsboro's coach said they talked to the ref at the end of regulation. Both coaches were told they didn't have to go for two until after third OT. Before the third OT, Pottsboro's coach asked again to make sure. Was told the same -- not until after third OT. Caddo Mills coach was going for the win after Pottsboro had scored and kicked PAT.
  14. If you follow me @JasonDellaRosa then you will get every scoring play of every game involving Denison.
  15. There's probably a little less than 50-50 chance they do.
  16. Estacado found a replacement. Playing Melissa on Saturday Oct. 5 in Abilene.
  17. On a couple of the Beckville girls, it was obvious when they were warming up they were slipping in and out of doing it.
  18. One girl was. Another had a funky step that took her off the rubber when she pushed off to pitch.
  19. Beckville's on their third pitcher. Lots of walks and illegal pitches
  20. They did want Paris. It didn't work when it came to hammering out the details,
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