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  1. Game 1: 7:30, Thursday at Lindale. Games 2/3: 2 p.m. Saturday at Sunnyvale
  2. This is why we have run rules: http://aol.sportingnews.com/sport/story/2013-04-15/high-school-baseball-65-0-win-hs-licking-heights-ohio-biggest-blowout-mercy
  3. He also went 0-10 in one season as the head coach at Tom Bean in 2006 before joining the staff at Tulsa.
  4. The seven-team district will have five playoff teams from this past season, including another that just missed in 3A. The softball side is even tougher. Six of the seven made the playoffs this spring.
  5. 10-9 in nine. Down 7-4 in the the seventh and tied it. Down 9-7 in the ninth and then won it.
  6. Aubrey defensive coordinator Mike Segleski was promoted today
  7. They are doing a series. Game 1 Thursday at 6 Games 2/3 Friday at 6 Location is Lewisville High School
  8. At the TAPPS 2A girls state tournament, the semifinal between TCS and Shiner had 59 fouls called. Eight total kids fouled out and three more had four fouls.
  9. Denison has not been eliminated yet. Denison, Royse City and Mount Pleasant can all finish 2-4 and will need a tie-breaker. Denison is eliminated with a loss to Greenville, a win by Royse City over Mount Pleasant or a Mount Pleasant win by 13 points or fewer. If Mount Pleasant wins by 14 or more on Friday, Denison stays alive and would have to beat Mount Pleasant by a certain number (no fewer than 15) and have Royse City lose to Sulphur Springs.
  10. Just because it hasn't been reported doesn't mean people don't know. And I won't name the kid, but it is somewhat easy to figure out. The appeal is almost 100 percent to be denied, and if it isn't, then he'll only play two or three games since he's a senior.
  11. The thing is though, the turnovers totally impacted the game. Denison turnovers 1. Denison fumbles at Sherman 41. Sherman turns it into first TD. 2. Denison fumbles at own 41. Sherman gives it right back. 3. Denison fumbles at goal line. Would have been 7-7. 4. Denison fumbles at own five. Sherman scores one play player 5. Denison interception returned for a TD Sherman turnovers 1. Sherman throws an INT. 2. Sherman loses squib kick. Denison goes 3 and out. 3. Sherman throw an INT at Denison 25. Denison scores off it. Denison's five had a direct effect on Sherman scoring 21 points and Denison definitely not scoring seven. Sherman's only cost them seven, and it came when they were up 28-10 in the third quarter.
  12. A couple of things -- the turnover differential was 5 to 2 (though if you count the onside kick, I understand). And Denison's turnovers were a lot more costly than Sherman's. Denison's No. 7 fumbled once. 4 had two and 29 had one.
  13. All the scoring but one TD came in the first half, the second half TD came with 8:05 left in the third. Sounds like it could have been much worse as Skyline scored on its first three plays of the game.
  14. To be fair, that Van Alstyne running back has been on fire the past month. And their QB is a good runner as well.
  15. I would imagine the cost of transportation for athletics is tabulated under the athletic budget, since it can vary from year to year based on schedules. the transportation budget for getting kids to school won't vary unless there is a major population shift.
  16. Stamford won Region I; Blue Ridge won region II in 1A, Shiner and Johnson City are going to Game 3 in region IVon saturday
  17. For those wondering, Blue Ridge beat Dodd City, 12-10, in eight innings to win Region II.
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