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  1. Wildcards to be announced on Friday by UIL.
  2. Is it safe to assume Hallsville won finale to go to 22-6?
  3. Sherman against Pine Tree. 7:30 p.m. at Canton on Thursday. One-gamer.
  4. If there is a three-way tie, SS is the one seed, Sherman the two and Texas High the three seed based on head to head results..
  5. Fourth is easy to figure though, since Denison has MP and Greenville to finish, plus the tie-breaker over Royse City. RC would have to win out, Denison lose out to get fourth. Greenville or MP have to win our and have Denison lose out to avoid a play-in for fourth.
  6. I didn't see Texas High but I saw Mount Pleasant and wasn't impressed with them as a co-champ. 13-4A was not a very good district at all.
  7. Again it depends on the games -- Texas High and Mount Pleasant are probably going to tie for first while Denison and Royse City should tie for third. Both are splits so the question is play for seeding or coin flip.
  8. They will get either Denison or Royse City, depending on what happens on Tuesday in 13-4A
  9. I only saw them once -- the first time against Denison -- and that was when they were missing some guys due to grades and other issues. They took a hit with more than just Clark graduating, that last senior class had some good players around him as well and I just think there were too many holes plus geting adjusted to a new coach.
  10. I'm sure he said that because RC is playing the worst team on Tuesday (an 0-11 Sulphur Springs) and shouldn't lose. The facts remain Royse City is 5-6 Sherman is 4-7 There is one game left and they split the two meetings. So if RC loses andf Sherman wins then they are tied again. IT is still mathematically possible, even if it is highly unlikely.
  11. Royse City hasn't clinched yet. If RC loses on Tuesday and Sherman wins then they would be tied for fourth and have to play again since they split. If Sherman had won today they would have clinched the last spot because they would have owned the tiebreaker over RC.
  12. Sherman-John Tyler will be Monday at 7 p.m. at North Forney.
  13. Greenville has a very slim shot depending on what happens Friday and then Sherman's makeup with Royse City. Greenville would have to win its last two plus get some help to force a play-in game for fourth place.
  14. Denison is in great shape and is on the verge of clinching. The other spot is totally up for grabs because Royse City, Greenville and Sherman all play each other in the last week.
  15. No I'm not confusing anyone because I've talked to the MP coach personally and asked what their record was and at the time and they had nine losses. That was two games ago so before the weather hit they were 19-9.
  16. Mount Pleasant has eight or nine losses.
  17. Sherman and Denison are closed again on Thursday.
  18. Sherman boys are 3-5. Mount Pleasant clinched last night. Texas High hasn't yet.
  19. The Texoma Christian girls are the ones ranked No. 1. The TCS boys aren't ranked, but first in their TAPPS district.
  20. This will be the third year that four teams make the playoffs. And Sherman and Denison lost a lot of seniors, including two of the best in the state, off last year's teams.
  21. Denison boys are 4-3 -- they've beaten SS twice, Greenville and Sherman. The standings after 1-25 should be: MP 7-0 TH 6-1 Den 4-3 RC 3-4 Greenville 2-4 Sherman 2-5 SS 0-7
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