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  1. Out of Gunter's 62 points allowed: 7 are on kickoff return, so the defense has allow 55 points. Of those 55: 30 are in the first half with 17 in the first half against Walnut Grove
  2. Finished the season at 284 carries for 2,907 yards and 48 touchdowns.
  3. If Denison drops, it has nothing to do with it shrinking, it has to do with everyone else growing so rapidly. The 4A number has to come up to reflect that and Denison is getting pushed towards that number to where it will drop them despite whatever they add. Denison added 45 kids this time. Anna leapfrogged them this time because they added 500, much like Melissa did last time.
  4. The number at Gunter (and Denison is literally from 12 days ago. They didn't add 150 kids in two weeks. Gunter added nine kids from two years ago, there isn't a huge jump coming -- they have basically the same numbers at the junior high level. The elementary school has 404 kids in it.
  5. Gunter has 363 kids. Denison has 1,372 kids. Gunter doesn't even have that many kids in their entire school district. If Anna and Denison aren't in a district this cycle, because they get sent opposite directions, they may never be. Anna is at almost 1500 and is on the way to 5A Division I next time, with a chance Denison drops next time (I don't think they will this time.
  6. Gunter's current big growth is at the elementary level -- middle of october that number was 404 The realignment totals since their run started in 2016: 2017 2019 2021 2023 Gunter 296 323 354 363
  7. With the number they are going to turn in, they are going to need the cutoff to jump more than it did last time. They've had good growth for them since last time. Had it been a normal cycle I would have put dropping at 90 percent. Right now it's like 10 percent but I think they could miss by single digits. That could change as more numbers get revealed.
  8. I'm gonna guess they wanna keep competing for championships because you never know how long a window like this lasts, so you better take advantage as long as you can.
  9. It's gonna be close. They were at 364 a month ago and the cutoff last time was 360....
  10. I don't know, looks like four football teams. I hear they have helmets and pads and everything.
  11. Howe, Whitewright, Simms Bowie and Alba-Golden
  12. Sherman seems to think they'll sneak under the 6A cutoff but I won't believe it until the numbers revealed -- it feels like wishful thinking. Denison is going to drop to 4A if they bump that cutoff like they did last time. They are just sitting there and watching schools continue leapfrog them. I think enough already have that they're going to get pushed down.
  13. I keep getting told by Walnut Grove people it wasn't a big deal Gunter beat them, let alone so badly despite being such a bigger school because they were only just a first-year program and it's amazing these kids even know what a football is, and they were able to locate the field to play on and how they figured out moving their legs fast is called running. / sarcasm That's a roster with talent. It's got athletes at the right spots. If they had gotten into a district this year, especially the one they wanted and had a semi-normal schedule they'd have a decent shot at a winning record instead of the Murderer's Row they cobbled together, and yet they should be sitting at 2-1 right now
  14. What do you want to do tonight Brain? What we do every Friday night Pinky -- try to take over the playcalling!
  15. It will depend on where the cutoff is -- i think they could stay down one more cycle but it will be very close
  16. Their girl to boy ratio is 173-180. You got a 50-50 shot.
  17. I don't think those numbers are from the end of the year: at their October board meeting they said they had had 372 in the high school. In January it was down to 367 and March it was at 356. The one in May they had 353
  18. Is it possible that number for 2022-23 is from the beginning of the year and not the end?
  19. Gunter might not depend on how much they move up the number -- they ended this school year below the number they turned last time and they graduated a pretty big class so if the eighth-graders are big there won't be much of a change. The total number in grades 5-8 are barely above what 9-12 was and would be lower than the last cutoff. They need a really big eighth-grade group to put them over whatever the number might be. If it is around what would be the average of the classes, I think they stay down.
  20. I had a mileage check from state baseball that was postmarked June 16 sent from New Jersey. They normally show up the following week -- it arrived on July 6
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