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  1. The inning went Double Popout bunt Flyout RBI Double Walk Hit by Pitch Walk to force in a run 2-run double
  2. Because they aren't on Ballys NFHS is where to watch
  3. this is a real kick in the pants
  4. To be fair, it was supposed to open years earlier than it did so it would have "lasted longer" as it would have had more space to fill but by the time it opened it was ahead of enrollment projections. i take back the freshman center I thought that was on there but it was part of the recommendations for a 10-year long rage facilities plan but didn't make it as part of the bond package. But they are adding on to the High School, which is supposed to be finished for the start of the 2025-26 school year
  5. If there is growth, it's at the lower levels which takes time to show up 9-12. Denison went from 1,312 in 2017 to 1,348 in 2019 to 1,327 in 2021 for this last realignment.
  6. Sherman did not build their new one big enough, they are already going to add on as well as add a freshman center
  7. Denison had to get out of the old building -- it was time. They are dropping in classification because they have had a consistent enrollment since it opened and the cutoff number keeps going up because of growth in other pockets around the state, ie when it opened there were 7 Friscos, now there's 12. Melissa had 1,000 fewer kids, Argyle was half the size it was now.
  8. No on Denison, they will be dropping to 4A if the cutoff moves up like it did this last time
  9. It will be on the campus of the new high school. They have a turf field and track next to their field house already, they will just build it up around that.
  10. They will be going 6A unless there's a crazy jump in the cutoff -- as of last week they were projected to have 2,322 entering the school year
  11. I do know most of the initial interviews, not going to reveal. Will say the profile for the opening leans towards prior head coaching experience and the younger side. If you drew a line across the state, it's going to come from the top half.
  12. I was waiting to hold this until tomorrow because of TV but yes, nothing at the Monday board meeting. There is a chance they'll make an announcement later in the week but we could be going day by day at this point
  13. They gave themselves the bread and circus.....Melissa didn't just say we're building this stadium whether you like it or not. If you don't like it, vote against it. And if the majority don't want it, it won't be built. And if you don't vote, which it seems like A LOT of people in a lot of places don't exercise that right, then you don't get to complain about it.
  14. It's almost like the tax base continues to grow -- they had 346 kids just at the high school alone in a two-year span and when Snapshot Day comes in the fall, I bet the increase is bigger than that. You add 700 high school kids alone in a four-span there is significant growth in that area.
  15. He was actually at Denison for two years, then went to Sherman and when he couldn't get eligible, went up to Durant
  16. If you choose to wait to hold a bond, the price is going to go up regardless. A bond voted on in May 2023 that is $20 million dollars, if you had the exact same projects in a bond in Mat 2028, the cost will be $28 million or whatever. It never goes the other way. No one has a bond that is $25 million and if they wait five years goes down to $18 million.
  17. It's also a doesn't benefit me / I don't have kids in the school, so I'm not going to pay for it mentality
  18. Love the internal candidate candidate in situations like these. We want to go "in another direction" from the current guy in charge, you know, the one who hired this guy for his staff and been a part of what has transpired recently, so we'll totally considering hiring that guy to replace him.
  19. School board wants to go with someone else over superintendent's recommendation. They've been making the playoffs -- three of four years, didn't make it 2020 because of COVID, they had to forfeit their last game that if they won would have made it 4 of 4. The biggest thing has been lack of continuity. Since Lipsey left, the head coach totals have gone: 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 4 years (Wiggins) And in their history, Lipsey is the only guy to get to a fifth season since Charlie Seesom's first stint from 1970-76. The new coach will be the 20th stint -- two guys came back -- in 46 seasons
  20. I wouldn't say they are specifically known for a single sport. They have pockets of success for a couple years in certain sports but there isn't one that is their main sport.
  21. They did a review of applicants at their regular board meeting last week. Their next meeting isn't until the 17th, so it will take a special meeting to do it before then.
  22. Nowhere yet....school board decided to make a change.
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