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  1. Gunter is a young bunch -- just one senior and they only roll with eight, so foul trouble on the right/wrong people can be an issue. They've got two girls that are pretty good on threes and they have good length. Maybe a year ahead of schedule based on the freshmen and sophs. They are just really solid, which you expect at this point. There's not one glaring weakness in the games I've done. Obviously they'll be underdogs going against defending region champs.
  2. Deiontae Merry is on the second team for Carthage and Fluellan is third-team all-state at the all-purpose spot
  3. If their coaches aren't members, then they aren't eligible. And if the coaches are members, then they didn't nominate them to the THSCA. It's the same thing for girls sports with the Texas Girls Coaches Association all-state teams or basketball with the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches. Some coaches aren't members and therefore their teams aren't eligbile.
  4. This is why: The THSCA Super Elite Teams consists of high school players nominated by current professional members of the Texas High School Coaches Association.
  5. Gonna be tough for the next couple cycles regardless
  6. The main one -- Texas Sports Writers -- comes out week after next, starting on Feb 6 . Voting is going on now
  7. Overall numbers don't tell the whole story: In 8 seasons at Wolfe City, he had a winning record his last five and was 49-40 overall (5-25 first three seasons, 24-13 last three, 11-1 his last season) He had a 2-8 at Whitewright and then went 0-10 at Bonham, before going 4-6 and 5-5. I'd be more concerned he hasn't been a head coach since 2011
  8. Based on people who have played there, SMU is not a good host in a variety of areas -- regardless of how good the location might be. I don't think either the new or old Rangers ballpark is a good venue to watch football, but I get it being an experience for kids to have at least once. I wouldn't do it more than every couple of years to cycle through a new crop of players.
  9. I will point out, because it isn't being mentioned in a lot of these articles, that the series is mandatory if coaches can't agree on the number of games. If both schools agree to a one-gamer, then it will be a one game. This just eliminates the opportunity for a coin flip to determine the setup. If the coaches can't agree, then it has to be a series.
  10. https://www.pottsboroisd.org/livestream
  11. Howe is the only team to beat Gunter in district since 2013 -- Gunter is 48-1 in district games in that span
  12. Penalty reduced to two years from three.
  13. UIL to hear the appeal of recruiting punishment from the 6-2A DEC on Monday morning
  14. Hasn't been determined yet -- if you go by precedent, within the next month but it depends on how many cases are in the queue
  15. https://www.heralddemocrat.com/2022/09/07/tom-bean-football-faces-punishment-for-recruiting-violations/
  16. The hearing today has nothing to do with the football postseason ban, it had to do with eligibility rulings from last month. Hopefully have something that provides clarity here in a bit.
  17. Ferris and Bishop are 4A Division II Nike FC is, in its own words, "a sports and fine arts academy based in Plano"
  18. Ferris was the first to cancel before Realignment Day, then Bishop after a coaching change and Nike FC two weeks ago when they decided not to have a season. Gunter tried to get Waxahachie Life after they lost Cedar Hill Newman in Week 1 when they cancelled their season but Life sad no multiple times.
  19. prosper was in what is 4A now -- they hadn't relabeled everything yet so technically they were 3A but their enrollment was 870. Two years later it was 1,257 and went from there but the starting point is 520 kids from where Gunter is right now. Celina in 2012 turned in 558 and 10 years later they turned in 994. At that rate Gunter would have 800 kids in 2032.
  20. Gunter to 5A is at least 16 years away. To be there in 10 years they'd have to add 100 kids every school year till then, and that's at the current 5A cutoff, which will continue to rise. Even to get there by the 2038 realignment would mean adding 63 kids every year The enrollment for this realignment was 354. For the 2020-21 school year, prek through 4th was 381. And 5-8 was even smaller at 325. There's not a large base to build on down there right now.
  21. THIS as long as these two things are good to go, it's a successful product
  22. I should have said schools instead of coaches. Either way it is a slippery slope if you don't punish at all / don't make it significant. There is a reason why this happening is extremely rare.
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