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  1. My understanding is that they are no contests, not forfeits But I don't have any idea how that is going to fly in terms of determining seeding / playoff spots
  2. 20 and 18 start on defense Two of the other three seniors are role player guys.
  3. The UIL did not intervene. It has not intervened in any game that has been cancelled. Any game not played has been made by a decision of either ISD or the rules the district came up together.
  4. There is always the chance that the teams move up the start of district by a week and throw a bye at the end for any makeup games that would be needed. Since the district also has rotating byes, there's a chance a team on a bye and a team it needs to have a makeup game with ends up not playing because of their opponent and could make it up then
  5. It will be in Gunter. They were playing in Prosper because the stadium was available due to the 5A/6A delayed start. Rock Hill has a home game that night.
  6. Cooper also cancelled next week as well. Whitewright is looking for a Week 4 game -- they were supposed to be at home
  7. S&S isn't going to play, just take another bye week
  8. They turned in 971 on Snapshot day, that is where that number comes from. I doubt they added 230 since late October, especially since they only added 145 from 2017 to 2019
  9. I believe they are just renovations, not new buildings but I could be wrong
  10. 1. There's a big difference between a game and a scrimmage. 2. They added Melissa as a scrimmage after the UIL and TAPPS made the changes for the late starts and they had to replace both scrimmages because Van Alstyne went from a scrimmage to their Game 1 The last time Gunter and Celina played was 1999 when they were both in District 11-2A. They then met in the region final. The last time they played a non-district, non-playoff game was 1989.
  11. The problem with people hating four teams in the playoffs is that since they have put it in, the 4 seeds earn wins in every sport. If fourth-place teams didn't belong, they would lose all the time. They go one deep runs.
  12. You will find out starting tomorrow. Volleyball is going to begin playing games and if teams end up having to halt because of positive tests -- Team A has to stop and Team B because they played Team A on Tuesday, and then Team B played Team C on Thursday before Team A found out it had a positive test, and on and on. If volleyball can find a way to play, it sets up for football. If volleyball can't, there's no way football gets going. It was promising that only one volleyball team and two football teams (the volleyball and the football being at the same school) during this past first week, unlike when strength and conditioning was allowed and every day a handful of schools had to shut down.
  13. They only have 461 teams in the whole state; Texas has three times as many with 1,238 Ohio is like if you just had 4A and 5A for Texas -- it be a lot more manageable for something like that
  14. I would make John Tyler into Tyler Rose High School to get around the name change to honor Earl Campbell and make Lee into Azalea Trail High School as a nod to something else local, as well as trying to be original
  15. While a lot of this is about health reasons, a big percentage of it is about the ensuing lawsuits trying to get kids to play. It may not matter in the long run if there are no games, but if the Dallas ISD says remote learning = no sports and the Austin ISD says remote learning = still sports, that's not going to fly.
  16. Usually the start time for non-district games is at the discretion of the home team.
  17. The same sources -- the difference is they keep updating while the CDC stops.
  18. They are now aligned with what Gov. Abbott said today, so I don't think they say anything until he makes another decision.
  19. There is a different between closing school buildings and cancelling school. As close to the end of the school year as it is, everyone will be doing as much as possbile to finish the year however they can. It is not about thinking that they will be back -- they won't have time if they shut everything down for a month. Kids can't wait until July or August to finish this academic year. It certainly does not look good for the seasons to continue. I thought it was a bad sign the UIL skipped over all of April in the second update. I think they will do a final update and say that if they can't start competition on Monday, March 18, then everything is cancelled.
  20. The difference is you can get a flu shot. You can't get a coronavirus shot.
  21. That is at its peak, not for the entire year.
  22. The difference with the swine flu was that it was more isolated that coronavirus and it took its time golbally. This obviously moved at a much faster rate. The first known cases were in late March. It took a month for there to be 148 cases in nine countries. On May 1st. there were 331, 155 in the US. On June 1, there were 17,410 cases in 62 countries with 115 deaths. That's a span of two and a half months. If you want to believe the first case was Dec. 1 in China, then on Feb 1, two months later, there were 11, 953 cases in 24 countries (all but 132 in China) with 259 deaths, At the same two and a half month mark, coronavirus was at 50, 580 cases in 26 countries with 1,526 deaths. That was more than a month ago. 3 month mark: Swine flu: 70,893 cases in 109 countries, 311 deaths Coronavirus: 87,137 cases in 59 countries, 2,977 deaths 4 month mark: Swine flu: 134,583 cases with 816 deaths. Coronavirus: With a week to go to get to 4 months: 414,179 cases in with 18,440 deaths. TBD on April 1 It took until June 2010 for swine flu to get to 18, 209 deaths. Coronavirus blew past a 15-month total in three months and three weeks
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