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  1. Based on the historical trend, you can make a very good guess as to where the number might end up falling. I you end up guessing wrong, well you are where you are supposed to be. If you guess right, then it paid off. The 2A split this time was 164.5 In 2020 it was 165.5 In 2018 it was 161.5 In 2016 it was 158 It'd be pretty easy to guess that the cutoff would be around 167.5/168.5 going into this one.
  2. You hate to be cynical but if Alto does not receive that punishment, how many schools in the future submit a number they think will be under whatever the cutoff might be to either stay down or move down a division or classification to gain an advantage? At what point is it an issue, if you submit a number three kids off or 10 or 15? If Alto is allowed to participate in the playoffs, you are just asking coaches to skirt the rules for a competitive advantage
  3. The difference is that football essentially has a shot clock. The team that wins the coin toss and receives the kickoff can't run in to the line for three yards and then not take another snap for the rest of the quarter.
  4. Both starters today will be available going forward -- Kent threw 31 pitches, Villanueva 27. I think they both can factor in Game 2 and if there is a Game 3, I expect both will start
  5. The time isn't the issue -- and I'm sure that is the reason. It's the distance combined with the time
  6. Much like Gunter and Pottsboro going to Coppell......and playing all the games in the middle of the week at 1 p.m.
  7. Also factor in they will almost certainly be 5A next time around
  8. He was ruled to have moved for athletic purposed last month
  9. the problem with that is they host the AAC tournament for both the men's and womens tourneys so as long as that's the case it won't happen there.
  10. I bet when the new Baylor facility gets built, they put in a bid to host.
  11. Inside baseball is a phrase; it has nothing to do with baseball but means dealing with a lot of tiny details. maybe a better use would have been how the sausage gets made.
  12. Stepp posted the nitty-gritty of adding Bishop. I'll add that second team Gunter had for Week 1 decided the week of realignment to back out, so there was next-to-no-time to ask around for essentially the one week everyone has set because it's the opener and is literally the one you know won't change based on districts. Compounding that problem was one district game got taken away with S&S moving west, so there was a second game they were going to have to find because they had scheduled four non-district games to go with six district ones, so on realignment day they were trying to get two holes plugged instead of one.
  13. You know exactly how/why that game was gotten. And I will give a little inside baseball, for that opening game specifically, Gunter had two teams agree to play, then back out before it ended up having to hook up with Bishop.
  14. 4th head coaching job in the last six seasons
  15. If you go by those projections, a lot of it is going to be balance -- they aren't going to have three districts in the region be eight-plus teams and the other one have just six if you take Sherman out. It's an unfair advantage in making the playoffs they will try to avoid if possible. And of course you are looking at it from an East Texas perspective -- some would say Forney, McKinney North, North Mesquite, Sherman, and West Mesquite are the basis of a district, so why are Longview and Tyler in there
  16. They finally got out of executive session. As above it is Steve Fex, recently DC at McKinney Boyd, at Colleyville Heritage, Southlake Carroll, Coppell and Dripping Springs before that among others. His college stints include as a student assistant at Western Oregon, a GA at Washington and an assistant at Southern Utah. This is his first time as a head coach in Texas, was a head coach in Oregon in the late 80s.
  17. That was one of the two. It was 17-3 but it got to 17-10 at half and was 17-13 after the opening drive of the second half. The other was 2018 vs Canadian, only because it was such a low-scoring game between two great defenses that it was close enough that one drive here or there made the difference.
  18. I will say this about Gunter at this deep point in the playoffs -- you can almost always tell before the end of the first quarter how the game is going to go. They have played nine semifinal or title games and in seven of them it was pretty obvious what the outcome would be -- win or lose. If you have a question of how their defense or offense will do against a certain opponent, it doesn't take more than three or four drives to see how things play out. History doesn't mean anything of course -- but it is an interesting trend -- and I do think these are the two best teams left standing.
  19. Is like 95 percent certain to be 5A Only reason there is a slight chance that they might stay 4A is the number went up from 1150 to 1230 last time -- if it jumps the same number this time Melissa misses by seven kids and goes five but if it goes up by 90 kids, 10 more than last time, Melissa stays down 4A by three.
  20. Only question is how limited Kutter Wilson is -- he didn't look to be hurt that bad after the tackle but didn't play the final three quarters. At a certain point it could have been precaution to keep him out because of the score but that could lead to depth issues / guys having to do more than they normally do going forward
  21. I mean, where did you think a game would be against a Lubbock opponent? There were literally three options, maybe five if you were generous, and they had a flip between the two of three.
  22. It's unpopular because it's antiquated. A third of the teams in the state quarterfinals (27 of the 80 remaining) did not win district
  23. They had two drives in the first half that took more than 13 minutes with both getting inside the Gunter 10-yard line and came away with no points. Gunter had four possessions in the first half because of the kickoff return TD and one of them was right before the half when they forced the turnover on downs inside their 10. So they only had three real drives and scored on two.
  24. The Sherman ISD confirmed that number of 2,185, so they stay in 5A Division I for at least another cycle. They added 233 kids from last time and continued growth is expected, so 2024 should see them in 6A.
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