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  1. Latest census put Gunter at 2,060, up 562 from the last one. Celina's growth has definitely slowed -- it's obvious that Prosper siphoned off a lot of what was headed their way.
  2. No conspiracy at all. The numbers are what the numbers are, and there are always different variables and factors. Considering the success of just about all the athletic programs the past five years, one would assume that there would be more settling there. The numbers in the surrounding districts are exploding -- I think people are going to be shocked at a couple of them and how much growth there has been since the last snapshot day. I'm sure it's a situation like with Anna -- Coach Heath and I talked about it when they were planning to build the new high school and their H.S. numbers weren't very big. But everyone moving into Anna with kids had a five-year old or a six-year-old and a four-year-old. It wasn't grades 9-12. It was only going to be a matter of time and here we are: For the 2012 realignment Anna turned in 578 and a decade later their number is going to close to double.
  3. Number went up 15 last time, so the assumption would be the cutoff goes to 365. Of course I find it interesting with all the growth around plus the success, the high school's only added 17 students over the last two years
  4. There's a better than good chance Gunter goes D-I in February
  5. If they make a 7A, the question will be -- how many of the 245 in 6A go to 7A, and then how many 5A Division I schools move into 6A to fill in the gaps? The math is tough when you have 245 in 6A, 251 in 5A and then drop to 188 in 4A Is 7A going to be the top 123, 6A have 122 and then keep 5A and 4A roughly the same? How much does that setup really benefit anyone? Are you going to evenly divide 7A, 6A, 5A and 4A into 171 teams in each class -- regardless of the travel concerns that would bring up?
  6. I don't think Melissa is a lock to go 5A. They only added 145 kids from 2018 to 2020 realignment and were still a little more than 250 away from the cutoff, which will go up slightly because it always does. Unless they have a monster freshman or sophomore class, they're going to stay 4A until 22024, when they and Anna will move up
  7. As someone who has watched Gunter extensively since this run started five years ago, I think their runner-up team in 2017 has been the best of the group. Just because you don't finish with a title doesn't mean it can't be better than teams that do. Every year is different -- I do think the 2021 version will be in the discussion talent-wise. There were a lot of freshmen and sophomores on the field and they only lost three seniors total off the roster.
  8. 19 of the 55 listed on the state title game roster were seniors Maxpreps shows QB is gone, leading rusher is back but the next three are gone, top two receivers gone and 9 of top 13 tacklers
  9. One of the main arguments against a shot clock is all the gyms that would have to fitted with shot clocks and the cost to do that.
  10. He has multiple years experience as an OC as well as being a former head coach, so I think that's why they went with him The softball coach has been there 16 years and had been the girls coordinator the last couple.
  11. He was not the OC and the head coach ran the defense, since he was the DC before he was elevated to lead the program.
  12. I'll bet both Prospers are going to be in 6A. In fact I bet they probably both over the last 6A cutoff right now.
  13. If Sherman drops, I think they will go into 7-5A because of the pairing with Denison. I would assume they would kick Princeton into that district if they needed someone / then Lovejoy if they needed another.
  14. Well if you have spring practice, you can only have one scrimmage. And the schedule for 2021 is already set -- it is this year's schedule with the location flipped.
  15. If there is a potential tie-breaker needed involving Sherman or Longview, then it will be figured out on max points against common opponents to see who would get a "win" or a "loss." Just because the game wasn't played doesn't mean it won't end up factoring into the standings, but it can't until the end of the schedile and all the results are known.
  16. My understanding of the situation is that tweet refers to them being allowed to compete/practice as normal starting next week instead of extending the hiatus. They were not doing anything until Monday anyway, and then late Thursday night the superintendent said they were having four campuses going online-only through the end of November and that included the high school. Initially it was believed they were going to shut down all athletics until that point as well but they were working on it until late Thursday night. This is not just purely precaution because of positives in the school; there are positives and/or close contacts within the athletic department. The numbers have really exploded in Grayson County over the last week and as the biggest city, Sherman has been hit hardest. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't get to Monday or Tuesday and there are a bunch more positives and they have to sit out. They will have to make a relatively quick decision since they play at North on Thursday I have a feeling it will be week-to-week decisions the rest of the season.
  17. Pottsboro 49, Mount Vernon 43 Pottsboro 7 14 14 14 — 49 Mount Vernon 17 7 6 13 — 43 FIRST QUARTER MV — Brock Nellor 3 run (Adrian Diaz kick), 10:31 MV — Diaz 27 field goal, 4:13 P — Titus Lyons 45 pass from Braden Plyler (Jacob McDonald kick), 3:54 MV — Nellor 1 run (Diaz kick), 1:00 SECOND QUARTER P — Plyler 2 run (McDonald kick), 10:55 MV — Caydon Coffman 32 pass from Nellor (Diaz kick), 4:03 P — Plyler 7 run (McDonald kick), 1:27 THIRD QUARTER P — Lyons 38 pass from Plyler (McDonald kick), 10:24 P — Drake Hunter 6 pass from Plyler (McDonald kick), 4:17 MV — Gunner Fielden 2 run (Nellor run failed), 3:15 FOURTH QUARTER MV — Clifton Holloman 6 run (Nellor run failed), 9:19 P — Hunter 34 pass from Plyler (Landon Dunaway pass from Plyler), 6:30 MV — Fielden 23 pass from Nellor (Diaz kick), 4:55 P — Lyons 55 pass from Plyler (McDonald kick good), 3:55 Stats Pottsboro Mt. Vernon First downs 29 29 Rushes-yards 48-196 57-260 Passing yards 346 260 C-A-I 23-29-1 22-32-0 Punts-average 0-0 2-39.5 Penalties-yards 5-42 5-45 Fumbles-lost 0-0 4-1 Individual statistics Rushing — Pottsboro: Braden Plyler 36-159, Jett Carroll 12-37. Mount Vernon: Clifton Holloman 27-155, Brock Nellor 25-108, Gunner Fielden 3-8, Landon Summers 1-1, Adrian Diaz 1-(-12). Passing — Pottsboro: Braden Plyler 23-29-1 346. Mount Vernon: Brock Nellor 22-32-0 260. Receiving — Pottsboro: Titus Lyons 11-202, Jake Kubik 7-89, Drake Hunter 3-45, Jett Carroll 1-7, Landon Dunaway 1-3. Mount Vernon: Caydon Coffman 7-108, Clifton Holloman 5-55, Jaden Horton 6-45, Nicolas Lacy 3-29, Gunner Fielden 1-23.
  18. Volleyball is seeing that right now as their playoffs get underway this week -- a lot of places don't want to host and have two sets of out-of-towners converge on their school
  19. What I think is interesting is they didn't play against Pottsboro, came back and played a week against Howe and then have now cancelled the last two weeks. So for one week they were good to go?
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