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  1. There is a different between closing school buildings and cancelling school. As close to the end of the school year as it is, everyone will be doing as much as possbile to finish the year however they can. It is not about thinking that they will be back -- they won't have time if they shut everything down for a month. Kids can't wait until July or August to finish this academic year. It certainly does not look good for the seasons to continue. I thought it was a bad sign the UIL skipped over all of April in the second update. I think they will do a final update and say that if they can't start competition on Monday, March 18, then everything is cancelled.
  2. The difference is you can get a flu shot. You can't get a coronavirus shot.
  3. That is at its peak, not for the entire year.
  4. The difference with the swine flu was that it was more isolated that coronavirus and it took its time golbally. This obviously moved at a much faster rate. The first known cases were in late March. It took a month for there to be 148 cases in nine countries. On May 1st. there were 331, 155 in the US. On June 1, there were 17,410 cases in 62 countries with 115 deaths. That's a span of two and a half months. If you want to believe the first case was Dec. 1 in China, then on Feb 1, two months later, there were 11, 953 cases in 24 countries (all but 132 in China) with 259 deaths, At the same two and a half month mark, coronavirus was at 50, 580 cases in 26 countries with 1,526 deaths. That was more than a month ago. 3 month mark: Swine flu: 70,893 cases in 109 countries, 311 deaths Coronavirus: 87,137 cases in 59 countries, 2,977 deaths 4 month mark: Swine flu: 134,583 cases with 816 deaths. Coronavirus: With a week to go to get to 4 months: 414,179 cases in with 18,440 deaths. TBD on April 1 It took until June 2010 for swine flu to get to 18, 209 deaths. Coronavirus blew past a 15-month total in three months and three weeks
  5. 129 more people have died so far today, putting the total number at 637. The first death was 25 days ago. And those are the ones we know about, becausse those people have been tested. There are roughly 30 million people in Texas. As of today, 13,235 have been tested.
  6. You've got a 25 percent chance of winning the state title -- 50-50 in the case of the 1A and 3A teams -- and you tell me those kids wouldn't play without a practice or any games. They got that far, they want to finish it.
  7. I talked to a softball coach and they said they could see softball doing it where Monday/Tuesday is bi-district, Wednesday/Thursday is area, Friday/Saturday is region quarterfinals. Apparrently the UIL is waiving the weekly game requirements once they get back to action, so something like this would be feasible. I think you are underestimating the kids staying ready.
  8. Not yet. They have given themselves a month from now to see how things are going. If we get to April 20th and it is not trending in a positive direction, I think that is when they will pull the plug. It would be difficult for baseball and softball, especially baseball, to get done in a timely fashion -- mid-Juneish. But if everyone got back at it on May 4th, you could finish the boys basketball tourney, do the full soccer playoffs and golf, track and tennis before the end of the end of the month. Baseball and softball are going to end up being winner-take-all games in each round so they can do multiple round of the playoffs per week.
  9. Some of you guys can't be that dense -- the reason there aren't a high number of documented cases is because there hasn't been a large number of tests done. If you have 30 million people and test 100 and 3 of them have it, it doesn't mean the 29,999,900 don't have it. And you can test 15 million people and 500,000 can have it, it doesn't mean the other 15 million are in the clear The first case they knew of was March 4. In a week that number went to 21. Since that time, five days, the number is up to 57. You know how many people they had tested, in the state, as of Monday? 200 of out that 30 million. That's a 28.5 infected rate for the ones they know about. Keep that up and it means 8.5 million people get it. Cut it in half and that's still 4.25 million.
  10. At minimum, the UIL will halt all activities for the next few weeks, with an eye on a April 6 return. Baseball games missed won't be made up -- I could see softball doing double-headers to make sure everything gets played but it will end up coming down to each district on how to handle it The other sports -- track, tennis, golf -- won't be largely affected for playoffs since the district competitions are in that first week after the 6th to stay in some sort of normal schedule.
  11. Then that is on Howe for not appealing. Pottsboro did what they felt was better for them.
  12. They liked the travel distances for district 4-3a better than 5-3a.
  13. Pottsboro knows it's a long shot, but all they can do is say no. If they get a yes, then it's worth the ease in travel
  14. Celina might stay down one more time, if the cutoff takes another big jump.
  15. Prosper's new school, Rock Hill, will be a 5A Division II school until the next realignment and then they will be 6A. They will probably be 6A when they open the school but that's a whole nother story
  16. Celina isn't that surprising -- they were only three over the cutoff last time. They added 42 kids and the number went up 75
  17. Era's district was a five-team last year. Campbell dropped out and did independent six-man.
  18. I don't understand this thinking when third and fourth place teams, regardless of the sport, continue to win in the playoffs. Just because it's the way we used to do it when there were half as many teams doesn't work these days.
  19. Texas High would be out. The worst John Tyler can do in a three-way tie with Sherman and Texas High is -1. They won by 16 and could lose by as many as 17. Texas High is at -3. They beat Sherman by 13 and lost to John Tyler by 16. Right now Sherman is -13. That is why Sherman has to win by at least 11. They would go to -2 and be ahead of Texas High for the fourth seed. If they win by 13 or more, John Tyler is the four and Sherman is the three.
  20. John Tyler has clinched a playoff spot. Sherman would clinch a playoff spot with a win and a West Mesquite win or a win by at least 11 points and a Texas High victory. John Tyler would be ahead of West Mesquite or Texas High on points if either school was involved in the three-way tie with Sherman and John Tyler. Tyler is playing to avoid the fourth seed.
  21. The max for that district is 14 points Whitewright needs a win, a Cooper loss and a Chisum loss to get in.
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