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    US Mail protocol, British Sterling Automatic Rifles, black powder flashpoints, Gary and Beckville Basketball, fishing with tannerite.
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  1. Republicans do believe in things. Leftist just cannot comprehend because the things conservatives are for don't benefit illegals, criminals or folks that 'goes in the out door.' TrueUp
  2. Only one thing Cowboys needs #9 and the Red Clapper returns. #TrueStorie.com
  3. If she were Antifa, and a career criminal, and on parole, she would get a mural on the side of the Capitol.
  4. They best add some lines to the vaccine cards cause there's not enough room for all that.
  5. It's like looking in the mirror, except I'm too classy to drink out of the can. Drink out of a Mason jar.
  6. Not so sure either team makes it past the next game too many dumb mistakes and penalties.
  7. Dumbest penalty by Gregory I've ever seen . 14 penalties
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