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  1. I've stuck up for old Jerruh year after year after year. I took ridicule time after time and even had numerous episodes of personal embarrassment and quite a bit of property damage. Many might think I'm a homer that's drank the koolaid but, this is the year. Don't care if Zeke's left or Jerruh or even Dak or Micah says it's not the year. This is it and this next streak is gonna make a sea of believers to join me! Tru up
  2. They would need the Bouchere boys , Vickie Vallencourt and Ma'ama to pull this'n out. But hey, what a ride that would be cause the G-Dawgs prolly wouldn't be willing to let that happen without some broken windows at least.
  3. I would say that it will all be dependent on this next streak.
  4. They hate the idea that America could get restored again. They work so hard to tear her down, open her to illegals, and to sell her out the back door to the highest bidder.
  5. What kinda true retired dude fails at fishing? Child plllllllease!
  6. Flatheader catfish on bloodbait. Cain't catch a better tasting bottomfeeder.
  7. October and November offers up dove, quail and the duck seasons. You up for blasting, guting, cooking and eating these slaps?
  8. Chester @ Apple Springs New Waverly @ Warren Woodville @ Shepherd Jasper @ Hamshire-Fannett Garrison @ Joaquin Grapeland @ West Sabine San Augustine @ Timpson Diboll @ Palestine Westwood Kountze @ Hemphill Newton @ Anderson-Shiro Leverett's Chapel @ Oakwood Kemp @ Mexia Rice Consolidated @ Brazos Waskom @ Elysian Fields Pine Tree @ Nacogdoches Lufkin @ North Mesquite
  9. Putting it nicely, Paxton ain't perfect but he's also no libtarded socialist commie.
  10. Wonder if that's their race when the reparations talks are discussed?
  11. Well ah I looked it up. He was born jus after the third one. A few months old for the 94 one. But he'd a been working on getting up to 3 y/o by 96!
  12. Dak= Completion percentage: 66.6% TDโ€“INT: 169โ€“66 Passing yards: 25,590 Passer rating: 97.6
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