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  1. Tell ya if I was the Jerrah I would hire old Dabo Swinney to get the boy or whatever needed done. I mean sure we'll likely run the table this year but we gonna need more players down the road too. When you're America's team you gotta do what needs done truestorie.
  2. That man in this picture needs to be watching this boy named Will Shipley in the Clemson vs WF game. He takes the snap at the 6 yard line spins, stiffarms, bulldozer lunges does a bunch of stuff and makes a rushing touchdown for the 7th straight game. No renegotiating his contract, getting put in jail for beating some girl or shooting some thug at the bar. Jerry needs to draft this Clemson boy I tell ya.
  3. Was it a fairly good mudstompin there at the Marshal dealio?
  4. There is a poll at the top with 7 choices KildogDad!
  5. So far looks like a majority of those polled are saying we do need more polls. In other news a lot of folks polled said they would be riding with Brandon next election but they caint afford the gas.
  6. I asked and she says it does Mikehoncho!
  7. Do we or don't we need more polls? And what kinda polls there Hoss?
  8. The U of La. Cougars were supposed to handily defeat the S.C. La. Mud Dogs in the coveted Bourbon Bowl. Instead Bobby Boucher led the 'Dogs to a late comeback win thus sealing their place in Louisiana sports history.....and our hearts.
  9. Whoops. Meant to say I couldn't see us losing the conference games!
  10. Oh the Gnats ain't no problem. Caint really see us losing no conference games really.
  11. 100% agree. Dominat 20-17 win shows the rest of the league Boyz is on a streak. No doubt. Never trailed.
  12. Boyz up 17-9. bengels got their first turnover of the year. End 3rd quarter.
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