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  1. Haven't heard nobody say it so......Beckville. I do miss the bearcat paw print cookies on a stick with cake icing.
  2. I'm good for a six bottle exchange if y'all wanna do a 3-way deal
  3. It has been over 1/4 of a century since the Cowboys have been great and had multiple successes in the playoffs during the same year. Will Dallas be good again like KC, Green Bay and New England again?
  4. Would love to wish each and every one of you slaps a very happy and blessed New Year!
  5. Zeke's at 814 yards for this season. If the Boyz don't squeek into the playoffs do you think he still gets his 1000 yards for the year? PS: will he need to get into the double digits on rushing touchdowns and 1000 yards to renegotiate this offseason. I really feel if he don't get double td's and 1k yards he should wait till contract expires!
  6. It's all about the salty-peter and glycerin mixture unless you wanna short cut with some tannerite.
  7. Well, on one hand Carthage has ruled their schedule and are undefeated. On the other hand the Eagles knows how losing to a non-conference opponent stings and they've bounced back to be as tough as can be! On the third hand you got that weather possibly making things a more ground-n-pound dealio. I gotta go with the Dawgs 26-13
  8. Who would win if a real bear and bulldog faced off?
  9. Nope. Trying to get old splittail with the 16ga. and #1 buckshot! You too?
  10. Hey TruBlue. Any chance Joe is tanking the pigskin games to start the ball earlier?
  11. Yep, Wentz & co. could'nt control the pill!
  12. All them turnovers flipped the time of possession and padded offensive stats for the Boyz.
  13. Loose lips sink ships an I know how'ta zip my lip Dave!
  14. None. Was in a state funded detention type facility that frowns on such
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