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  1. So the combination of the fannypack and the tattoo peaking out of the momjeans-shortz don't do it for you?
  2. Uuuuuh cannot unsee that. Might not sleep tonight.
  3. Heard all the past on demorat justices votes just came in and a sketchy recount is in process to overturn.
  4. That ole boy is prolly quadruple vaxed. Has burglar bars on the window of his third story window at his parents house. He has a tracking fob on him and both his service animals. Don't ask how I knows this.
  5. Final line should read "Continue to sell out 'Merica.'
  6. Where's the line says "Go to change your Depends station?"
  7. Brandon and the far lefties really seems content to inch us toward the commie/social agenda items. They are obvious when they feel obligated to monitor private bank accounts and wants you to keep a vaxcard updated. Not so much for illegal invaders though no card for nothing but come on and drive just vote.trustorie
  8. Alot of folks thought Eli only got a shot because of Archie and Payton. Kid could make good. Alot of luck and hard work would have to fall right though.
  9. WOULDNT IT BE CRAZY IF "Bobby Buechete came back in the second half and the Muddogs won the Bourbon Bowl?"
  10. Proper motivation has been a definitive incentive in my speed in the past too! #TrueStorie.tm
  11. Call me JoeOptimist but I truly believe that many kids could be running an accurately timed 34yd dash in that time range. I personally ran it in 5 flat backintheday.
  12. Going with the Dawgs, the red and white!
  13. I refuse to say something about the old boy pictured smuggling chicken nuggets at the buffet.
  14. I do feel old R.Harris was probably a top tier asset for the Bearcats. He was exceptional on both sides of the pigskin and a great playcaller and could tote the rock. I feel like the only single person who could claim fame as the MVP for BHS would be the lady who used to make the bearcat claw sugar cookies for the booster club back about 2003-08. Them sunavagunz was straight up legit. They turned your lips blue for several hours from icing and she used a doctor's tongue depressor for the handle. Anyone else miss them thangs like me?
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