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  1. https://apnews.com/hub/donald-trump So's I'm a proTrumper. I don't expect everybody to be the same. What I do know is if either Trump or some GropinJoe type gets in office the country will still be split down the middle and heading down the tubes. Is there anyone in the more middle road could get the redWhiteNblue headed in the right direction or are we permanently tore between the slaps that wanna club born babies and the cats that wants to reinstate prohibition? How the hail we get back on track cause third world ain't gonna work for our neighborhood.
  2. Don't worry boys he ain't visiting to take coach Therwhanger's job he there to visit #10 I think'n.
  3. More folks who won't be able to define what a woman is right?
  4. Yep. Bet they'd love to go after the Popular Mechanics next!
  5. So who we thinking gets 'flipped'. You know, maybe old Jerruh sends Moore, Pollard, Rush down the road to make examples?
  6. No no no. Not who you wanna win. Who you think actually win?
  7. There but by the grace of God go I! Doomy is a 100% believer in plexiglass. Best $33 bucks ever spendt.
  8. This is tough. I'd like to see coach Ogeron's boy or coach Kingsbury's boy pound the eagles or niners senseless.
  9. Doomer


    Has anybody showed them where the hoops are? Are they shooting at the opponents goal? Could they use a course on defense? I've got questions.
  10. I guess if we got snowed in or if it rained all day, the river was too swooft to fish, there might be nothing better to do than watch coach Ogeron's boy whoop on the NFC!
  11. Who ya got and why would you watch it with the Cowboyz outta contention?
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