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  1. I truly respect your opinion.
  2. Look about 1.5 foot northeast and 4ft. past of the lady's backside of which you speak of. I am very very impressed you saw the engine though!
  3. There is a very very overloaded power strip about 1.5 foot N.East of your main point of focus Kirt! You're welcome
  4. We joke around a lot here and I speculate quite a bit and it don't always pan out but, l think the defense is prolly gon win a few games this year and take pressure off Dak an Ezekiel. TrueStorie
  5. Same style but Doomy could slip through one leg of them tho' to tell the truth. Told my girlfriend Shaunda theys hers and she took up gardening. Wonder what she plants so deep?
  6. "Billionaires And Abbott Setting Out To Destroy Public Schools." Destroying public schools and limiting indoctrination is really two different animals IMHO
  7. Lady Bearcats and the Lady Bobcats from District 22 2A is still going! This might be a good year of spectating for old Doomer.
  8. My girlfriend keeps accusing me of cheating. She's starting to sound just like my wife.
  9. I personally think that when the Rhinos, the Right, Left and Independents are outnumbered by the Liberal Leftist, we will really find out whose who then. And we'll know if there's enough America to save too.
  10. Old Thirunarayanapuram could still take him to Take Your Kid to Work Day. He will slide under the door now though. Just sayin
  11. Just a outsider...... Looking in on this situation........ But ............
  12. I don't see the Cowboys losing unless they totally screw up @ Oct. 27 or Nov 10.
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