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  1. He has never hoisted the Lambardi trophy like the Boyz has. Only thing I can figure. He does have a sweet dealio going now too I agree.
  2. Nope nope nope but I did eat at the el Guapo Mexican Cafe near Greenwood before the chain link and particle board ceiling caved in .
  3. Nope just Doomer's squeezins and Johnsie's crawfish,gator ettoffee. To tell the truth, instead of Starbuck we drink Sanka made with Sabine water. Just gotta get it to a boil. Truestorie
  4. They aborted the sale of the maple chicken n egg sammich. Starbucks will be aborted soon too. Folks caint afford $4-6 gas $2000 rent and $9.99 for morning coffee.
  5. That's sad. Prayers for her family. She was a heck of a player and surely would have learned to coach with the best of them.
  6. It is like every goob on the planet is trying to cut into doomy's profits now days.
  7. Odds were like one in 67 million or something, or about the same as me hitting the ball on a playable spot on the course twice in three holes.
  8. So's I was coon hunting at BoBo bottoms mid 80's. Guess it's about 3 a.m. and outta nowheres comes some kinda danged monsoon or typhoon, hurricane one-a them kinda dealios. Man I can't even walk in a couple of directions I get blowed back or knocked on my face, Truestorie . So's I sees a light on at this little shack. I knock and it's a old couple, like superantiques. Old man says come on in. We talk about the storm and coon hunting till it's obvious this dang storm ain't letting up. Old lady smiles a crazy smile and ask me "Doomy" you want the last of these collard greens n cornbread" but the old man says "no honey, we don't know how long it will be till we can get out the mud road to resupply. We better save that for ourselves Doomy, sorry boy." I lays down on the couch and falls asleep. Old lady wakes me up before daylight naked as a jaybird! She says" Doomy anything you want is yours" and she winks at me, so I got me some............................best danged collard greens I ever ate in my life!
  9. Ah. Heck yeah.......I would be all in! And I could try to get in good enough to see if Jerruh would hire Will Shipley or old Dabbo Swinney.
  10. Yep, DaveTV1 has the good ideas. My great grandpa raised the price double during prohibition and actually sold over twice the squeezins. Gotta think the business way.
  11. MAGA....yes. To even suggest "Making America Great Again " is so intimidating to leftist. It has taken them almost 2 years to totally trash our once great country. They would love nothing more than to buy us in to the NWO and the one-world cesspool. #TrueStorie
  12. GropinJoe even liked it. When the caller said it he said "yes, let's go Brandon." Jill just shook her head and looked down, classic.
  13. GDawgs. The late Mr. Tom Martin's team!
  14. Well I have been shopping high and low for the ticket/ hotel packages for the Suprebowl there at Glendale Az. on 2-12-2023. Best deal I found is $4887 plus tax per person. Half my annual income. Guess I will pay their ransom but I just decided I better wait until the current win streak gets to five games at least. I would feel like a fool if I paid all that money and the Boyz didn't come through on their end!
  15. Who ya got and why. Pretty sure Boyz wins 4th strait. It's in the stars.
  16. That's what I was thinking. He might be watching for Micah Parsons out his earhole by game's end.
  17. Win streak is headed to fourth game. Anybody thinks the Rams has a chance just get next Sunday's meal stocked up ahead of time. Crows ain't always easy to track down this time-a-year.
  18. Redfly, we knows we owes it all to dem boys Kirt n Retiredfan!
  19. Yep my question is do you let Dak come back? See no Cowboyz qb ever started out 4-0. You don't know if you let Cooper Rush have the reigns wheres it ends....5 games ...25 game......66 games....1413 games?
  20. Looks like Boyz streak goes to 3 games now thays leads 22-10 4th quarter.
  21. Rush is looking like a $42M man. Boys just scored again Comanskins got no answer. Boyz up 15-7. Dominat
  22. Yep. Dominat 12-7 lead at halftime. That old boy just wasted the effort trying to covert the blocked xp. He didn't even see midfield. Truestorie
  23. Yup seen it. Boyz driving now to regain the lead. Old Wentz put that fastpass right in that old boys lap in the coffin corner. Cowboyz driving downfield effortlessly now. Looks like thay taking over the momintem. Boyz takes dominat 12-7 lead seconds before halftime.
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