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  1. Don't tussle with TASO! They are nice fellas and didn't have me removed from the track but twice last year. A new record low! They are simply the best.
  2. Any truth? Try 100% true storie unless it happens to be a rare sandbass day!
  3. I think it's mostly Bodacious, Sonic and the snack window at Zippy J's from what I hears. None of them cats lives with me.
  4. Things are looking up for the Boyz. McCarthy says they gonna roll with the wideouts they have signed. Gonna heal some folks up and get some youngsters some experience. No major signing forecasted immediately.
  5. Tony Dow passed away this week. The Beaver's older brother entertained millions in the day. History has it the he shared the unofficial 100 yard dash record at Mayfield High.
  6. Well the bad news is a bunch of printed funny-money has doctored things up. We've actually already been in a recession for at least 5 quarters. The other bad news is we are gonna stay in a recession, then a depression, for as long as a Lib is in the oval office....so if they fix the next election...........
  7. Bearcats. It's just time ya know?
  8. Yep watched the speech on Utubes. Should of been titled 'Gone with passed wind speech.' #Truestorie.com
  9. Since when does CNN let real information slip out into the public?
  10. Hey GropinJoe is scheduled to make a speech at 3:15 today. Anybody got a clue what it's about? We going socialist? Signing over property to China? Will they outlaw 'publicans, Christians? Whadup?
  11. Nobody is whiter than me. Never seen a slave. Well taxpayers.
  12. Are they counting Brandon's total salary or just what the USA gives him out the 'front door"?
  13. It should be as easy for law abidders to buy guns as it is for crooks to buy illegal drugs. Truestorie
  14. If I was ridin' in Air Force1 and sittin' in the oval office they'd only count breathing non-felon, American votes and only once.
  15. Snowy River Her: you could've gotten killed Him: Did we win? Her: No way. Him: They sure were big Her: I don't want you to ever play football again
  16. That there is a dang solid schedule son.
  17. I wouldn't underestimate Shelbyville or Timpson.
  18. GropinJoe n the HeelsupHoe!
  19. Didn't Anne Richard's already serve as governor once?
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