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  1. I see the PGA's point. If they let these golf pros do this then athletes will start doing the same in actual sports.
  2. Y'all must not be listening to the Cowboys on XM if you don't believe this is the year. Maybe when we're talking bout resting starters on Week 11 you'll be a believer too.
  3. They did an amazing job of keeping things between the lines and politically correct. Hats off!
  4. Rivers Edge. "I've been to a town Del."
  5. Griners jersey was wore by the WNBA no-stars. 37 of the players relatives were in attendance to witness the occasion. The giant butch postman was unable to be there due to being incarcerated for smuggling drugs into Russia.
  6. Saw a buck Tuesday. He was out in the open sun so I hurled a bucket of vegetable oil at him it was a direct hit and he fried up real fine right on the spot.
  7. Brutally blunt but blatantly believable.
  8. Pretty sure they could beat SFA, but even if they caint, at least they can stand for the flag and remove their bonnets. #Truestorie.comtm
  9. They say the dude was crossdressing when they caught him. I woulda hauled him to jail like that.
  10. Squeezins was responsible for Kirt, GreezyChef, Crawford, Haysead and Trueblue82 all breaking the 10 second 100M down at flatfork bend last sandbass season. #Truestorie.tm
  11. I don't think my 78 Ford wagon will run on electric but It will run on squeezins.
  12. Yup, just needs one line that says, "stick it to American taxpayers."
  13. Why did Ghisaine Maxwell get 20 years for 300 counts of sex with minors after transporting them out of state AND out of country? Some 19 year old could get 20 years for 1 count.
  14. It's not just the traps Brandon's administration set. They would be totally ineffective without the cheese. Just sayin'.
  15. Kinda like old doomy with the new mower! Was mowing a girls yard with my MTD 42 inch. Old girl wouldn't go out with me and kept promising to pay me "next time." I got me a new Bad Boy Magnum 54 inch. She calls back, I mowed her yard, plastic pool and lawn furniture along with two cats. She still didn't pay but never called back. That Barber was darn tough and he could've prolly hung with this gang of Boyz too. Marion used to earn his money like these'ns.
  16. Well I heard promising news on XM radio that Jerry n Stephen told the players not to come to Oxnard for anything less than to prepare for the Lambardi trophy. #Truestorie.com
  17. So the combination of the fannypack and the tattoo peaking out of the momjeans-shortz don't do it for you?
  18. Uuuuuh cannot unsee that. Might not sleep tonight.
  19. Heard all the past on demorat justices votes just came in and a sketchy recount is in process to overturn.
  20. That ole boy is prolly quadruple vaxed. Has burglar bars on the window of his third story window at his parents house. He has a tracking fob on him and both his service animals. Don't ask how I knows this.
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