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  1. Can't find results for Grapeland v Douglass game. Heard lights went out 7th inning with a 14-12 score.
  2. I'm 100% in. Don't make sense to let HeShes screw up the girl's sports. It's perverse and unsightly.
  3. Yep, a whole lot of Doomy in that old boy and a revenue'r would have no problem recognizing it! What-tha'heck with the wrist sweatband and the sissy ring halfway up the middle finger though? Ol' Doomy don't roll that way.
  4. Bearcats should do this but MM has allbig8's kid , a tall left hander now, might help them give BHS a game!
  5. Going with the maroon Dawgs. Them red Bulldogs gonna think they wearing milkbone underwears.
  6. Yup, the baseball is next field over Kirt!
  7. Beckville vs Woden at Shelbyville Friday , May 6 at 4:30 p.m. Game 2 30 minutes after!
  8. Round 5 LSU's Damone Clark. After a year of rehab, the dude could be a contributor.
  9. The lady Bearcats has squeezed by in game 2 with a 14-0 win! Area round is next. They'll face Woden next. Good luck with that for Woden.
  10. Beckville won Game 1 by 11-1 score. Wasn't bad as I thought hat off the Lady Indians.
  11. Not much of anything 'going on in Tenaha' at this moment. The grocery store is closed. Dollar store is out of stock of good junk food items. Gas station price is out of reach. School is let out for the weekend. Tru-up.
  12. Lady Bearcats finished district unbeaten at 12-0. Now they start series with Douglass lady Injuns next Thursday. Bad news for them, tough draw.
  13. I live in a van, on FM 2517, down by the SABINE river.
  14. The Beckville lady Bearcats is 7-0. Every other team in District 22 2A has at least 2 losses now. They are the only team now with the potential to finish unbeaten with 4 games left.
  15. Sean Payton isn't an option. He's not a lackey yes man.
  16. Yup done, them sunzabunchavaguns led me on the big hype bandwagon once too much. Maybe done with NFL and their quota hire coaches n stuff too.
  17. I think the Cowboys is one broke ankle from being done for next season and about two bad breaks from being an embarrassment. Truestorie
  18. District of doom. What a buzzsaw. Too close to call.
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