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    NBA (Mavs), NCAA Men's Basketball (Aggies, Tar Heels), NCAA Football (Aggies), NFL (Cowboys, Texans) MLB (Rangers, BoSox), Paige Spiranac, Blair O'Neal, Natalie Gulbis, and the PGA Tour.
  1. Can't say "easy" when they still didn't game plan the way JT did for Mims or Larry....they (LP) never bracketed their WR or shut down the QB run the way JT did. QB hurt or not, their defense wasn't ready for LS firepower on offense and that showed in the explosive plays they gave up (believe it was like 8-9 explosive plays that Lufkin hadn't given up in a single game all year long.) JT knew what COULD happen if they tried to do the same thing Lufkin did. JT game planned more effectively and they executed WAY better than Lufkin. Period. Great game though, Cujo! GL this week vs. HP! R
  2. Don't you mean MP's great run in soccer AND Basketball? Hate the district threads will be different. Really enjoyed all the stats, updates, and info you posted on a consistent basis, Mavchamp! Keep up the great work, man!
  3. If anything is ridiculous about that, it's Highland Park having a losing record because....well....it's Highland Park.
  4. Cowboys never made an offer and I don't think they ever will make him an offer now. He'll become a huge distraction and media attention grabber that the front office has now said they do NOT want in Dallas after everything that happened: this past season (Zeke), off-season (Butler & Dez), and now with Witten blind-siding them with his retirement. I personally wouldn't mind them offering a league minimum to Brandon Marshall. We used to love offering older veterans deals to see if they had a little gas left....why not a big body red-zone threat? Kellen Winslow Jr. still a soldier???
  5. Medical exceptions are allowed in UIL, but not NCAA. You're correct.
  6. Cannot use tinted in UIL sanctioned sports including: shields, glasses, and/or goggles unless the head coach has given the UIL a written medical excuse that is deemed necessary per UIL rules committee. Had this one enforced on us because a kid had transition lenses for his eye glasses.
  7. Update to my previous post about ONE of the girls passing....she HAS NOT passed. A LOT of misinformation being thrown around and mine was from what I believed to be one of the most reliable sources. She is still in very critical condition and the doctors are surprised that her condition has not worsened, but apparently her body is still fighting and she is alive. Massive brain injury, however, not clinically brain dead or anything yet......please keep the prayers coming for her and the entire MP community.
  8. The young girl in critical condition passed away. Please keep: family, friends, Tiger Doll family, teachers/staff, and everyone in your thoughts and prayers. Horrible situation and devastating outcome for my hometown and these great kids.
  9. Where did Tatum's former Boxell end up going? Hope he's doing well....great guy.
  10. Maxpreps doesn't update any schools stats/rosters or information unless someone does it for them on the schools behalf. They only update rankings/etc. Someone from Carthage just needs to start being their official bookkeeper and taking care of it. Sad thing is, you could find a lot of good schools this year in Texas and nobody has updated anything from 2-3 years ago. Most of the time it's the schools coach/asst coach that does it all.
  11. I've watched Prosper and LE play 3 times this year on separate occasions...always thought Prosper was the better "TEAM", but when you have the #1 sophomore PG in the NATION (RJ Hampton) you will be able to play well with whoever else you got and compete. Highly doubt RJ stays at LE for the next 2 years though. He was supposed to go to prep school this past year, but backed out and stayed. MP now gets Lancaster who knocked off the #1 team in 5A, Waxahachie. Prosper now has Midlothian who knocked off the defending state champs. Looking for a sweet Regional Tournament with 2 great matchups
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