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  1. I heard this weekend announcement could be tonight. Also heard it was down to a current Bulldog and a current Hawk. Not confirmed.
  2. Kilgore Independent School District is excited to announce that long-time Head Football Coach/Athletic Director Mike Wood will soon transition into the full-time position of KISD Director of Athletics and Athletic Facilities. “Coach Wood has been an integral part of our Bulldog Football program’s traditions and high levels of excellence for over 25 years. As our Head Football Coach/AD for the last 11 seasons, he has successfully continued our programs’ rich traditions. He has also helped create an environment grounded in integrity, character, and high expectations. His leadership is
  3. Kilgore News reports coach wood will transition to Athletic Director and Athletic Facilities.
  4. Heard this morning down to final three, all with ties to WR. Possible announcement next week after school board meeting.
  5. The obvious choice of course is the Houston area; but also heard possibly College Station. Surely the game will be on Saturday. Gonna make for a long pre-district road trip.
  6. Hey Aggie98, heard Kilgore was in negotiations with a school from Deep South Texas for their final game. Have you heard anything?
  7. H-J is just west if Beaumont. Actually made playoffs last season and believe got beat by Fairfield in 2nd or 3rd round.
  8. Not sure whether I'll help the issue or add more fuel the the fire, but after talking with a couple of Kilgore coaches and players and also a few friends from Carthage, the actions of one player is getting way too much emphasis. The fact that the Carthage team as a whole came to the Kilgore side if the field and taunted the Kilgore team lined up down the sideline, and no Carthage coach stepped in seems to have been the bigger issue. Again, I'm not taking either side, I'm a big Kilgore and Carthage fan, having been to all four Carthage championship games sand several playoff games. This was a b
  9. Have a hard time understanding why they would reinstate a player suspended for this long without going through proper procedures, especially with the scrutiny the program has already faced recently? "Foolish" or "Bullitproof"?
  10. I hear Benny will be back; but guess we'll see friday night. Also heard he may be playing more defense and less offense.
  11. Kilgore playing without it's starting QB. At least a 2 week suspension.
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