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  1. Congrats to malakoff. Good year. Although I think that region is down this year you still played tooth and nail with a pretty good football team. I did give y'all some flack last year but I will tip my hat to you this year. Hopefully y'all will get in a better district next year and it will make you more playoff ready. I think that has been a big issue is lack of competition on your schedule.
  2. the ole train got knocked off the tracks I believe. I think it was like 36-7
  3. I guess it could be worse. I guess it could have been blamed on the officials.
  4. I hate the kid got hurt. Don't wish that on anyone. I just remember 3 or 4 years ago all the talk about him and I was just never that impressed with him. As someone said he was good for 1a but I didn't think he would enjoy the same success in college. Matter of fact I thought he would struggle. Bnut stated that he was the second best lefty in the country at 1 time behind a kid at Florida state. Anyways good luck to the young man
  5. Figured bnut would have chimed in on his status by now. He is very knowledgable on him, or at least he thinks he is.
  6. Ok thanks I found him. He must not be fully healthy, his stats aren't very good on the young season.
  7. Whatever happened to the Cayuga lefty that graduated a couple of years ago? I heard he had arm problems out of high school. Haven't heard anything since. Is he still playing anywhere?
  8. Not sure but pottsboro only beat commerce by 2
  9. Haven't heard the score. In sure pottsboro won or else malakoff people would have already posted
  10. So u want a congrats or an at a boy??? Lol. Well congrats yall r the best. Ur still average and always will be. Red water was 5-5 coming in and lost one of if not its best player very early. U still have not beat anyone worth noting. U will see an above average team next week and it won't be pretty. Will u come on here next week and admit that y'all r average after u get blasted?
  11. What do u mean a man of my word? It was a 5-5 team that if healthy it is probably not even a game. I'm sorry mr principal y'all still haven't beaten anyone. I know it and u know it. Next week won't even be close.
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