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  1. Hard to replace a guy like Buck Buchanan… but why not????
  2. Raccoon? Hog? squirrel???? meanwhile… back to football! Lmao
  3. Yeah. Pretty rough. Hopefully they will have it ironed out by week 1.
  4. Texas High will be fine. They are the boss until someone beats them. Best staff in the district it seems. Nac is going to be a thorn in a lot of sides I think. QB is their question. Defense was shaky at times. But they should be pretty dang good. Marshall has enough returning they should be fine. Just depends on how quick the offense gels. Defense should be stingy. MP has a lot coming back too… but like Marshall… it depends on how quick their offense picks up the new system. Depth is always an issue… but I hear that will be better. Those are my top 4 picks with Hallsville as a dark horse to upset anyone. PT and WH look like they could be in for long seasons.
  5. Hallsville was most definitely improved. But I thought MP was MOST improved. They lost 2 games with less than 1 min on the clock and another with less than 2 mins on the clock. They easily could have been 8-2 or 7-3 with just a little luck.
  6. I don’t mind if someone picks any team ahead of Marshall. That’s what preseason picks are about. Im just scratching my head over picking a team that was 3-7 last season over 3 other teams that were playoff teams last year. All of which have a good portion of their teams back. Your hiccup/heartburn seems be that most people aren’t picking Hallsville to be top tier in the district. I’ve said multiple times Hallsville will score a ton of points. They did last year too. But it’s going to take a monumental turnaround defensively for a second place finish IMHO. Not impossible. But generally improbable. I have no problem with Hallsville. I have had family play for the Bobcats. I’ve pulled for them in the past (except Vs MHS). Now Whitehouse is another story. Ask any fan of any school in the district and you’ll get the same response…. That’s just a fact!
  7. Hallsville gave up about 40PPG last year. That's asking for a huge improvement for them. I DO think they could challenge for a playoff slot....but not #2. Nac has a lot of talent coming back....hard to see them that low. Hard time believing WH is going to improve that much. They lost their QB, their top rusher, top WR, a chunk of their OL and their coach. Could totally be wrong. But I think Nac is a playoff team. Along with Marshall and MP. Hallsville has to show a lot of improvement. And Texas High is Texas High
  8. 7 on 7 update...... Marshall went (2-1) for the third week in a row in league play. I was told we looked good in all three games and actually played Carthage in a close battle. They are (8-6) for the season. Three of their losses are to Carthage. ------- Was told Collier Slone got most of the snaps this week..... when we've been rotating 3 QBs all summer. Report was that he looked pretty good. Best outing of the summer. Kid has a cannon....... if his O-line gives him time (not the most mobile) and he stays sharp on his accuracy..... he could be special. Marshall hasn't had a true pocket passing QB since Justin Hart (2015). Burris (2020) would have been a fantastic pocket passer....but unfortunately for him he never had an ounce of protection from his O-line. He was always running for his life. Collier could be fun to watch.....I'm here for it.
  9. I'm not sure anyone in the district is in the top 25 for 5A Div II. Texas High would be my only guess if there is.
  10. DCTF Predictions for the district: 1. Texas High 2. Marshall 3. Mount Pleasant 4. Nacogdoches 5. Pine Tree 6. Hallsville 7. Whitehouse Pretty much what I've predicted this season.....but there are some *** with some of those picks. I think Texas High is the runaway favorite. They have dominated the last 2 seasons. Hard to pick against them until someone actually beats them. Marshall's success completely boils down to how quickly or slowly Jack Alvarez's offense kicks in. If it's quick..... I like our chances against anyone in the district. If it's slow.... we could easily drop to middle of the pack. Our defense should be very good.... but as we learned last season..... a struggling offense can put even a stellar defense behind the 8-ball. MP seems to have turned the corner....they've been headed in this direction for a while now. Looks like they are ready to officially become a contender. They should be a real thorn in the sides of THS and Marshall. I really want to be high on Nac. I love seeing a long struggling program come alive....but Nac backed into the playoffs last season.... and they didn't show much in the two games I saw them in. I'm not sold on them yet.... but I do think they should challenge for a playoff spot. But they have to fend off Hallsville and PT....... Nac needs offensive consistency.... and better defense for me to get really hyped on them. I personally think Hallsville is ahead of Pine Tree...... at least offensively. The Bobcats are probably going to score a LOT of points in 2022..... I just think they will ALLOW a lot too. They had the worst defense in the district last year. That's a lot to overcome. If they can just play SOME defense... I think they could steal that #4 slot. Esp if their offense picks up where they left off. Pine Tree.....smh. We have been talking about them becoming an annual contender for over a decade. 2020 looked like they had finally broken through. Last season showed that 2020 may have been just a blip on the screen. PT had a ton of talent back last season from their Cinderella run...but it didn't help. Now they have even less than they did last year..... plus a new coach. Hard to be excited about them right now. Prove me wrong. Whitehouse.... Breaks my heart seeing them picked for last place.
  11. If you want LOCAL..... here are some suggestions: Soul Food- Elisha's Food for the soul. Absolutely delicious. Mexican- Miguel's on the downtown square (more authentic) Don Juan's on Victory Drive (Hwy 80) (more tex mex) Jose Tequila's East End Blvd South (Hyw 50) (mix of tex mex and authentic) Del Taco Burgers- Jucy's- Victory Drive (east texas legend) Japanese/Sushi- In Japan- East End Bld South (Hibachi and table menu) Italian- Pazzaria- Downtown Square Cafe Italia- I-20/Hwy 59 Greek/Italian- Gucci's Indian- Taste of India (unbelievably good) Chinese- China King (garden variety buffet) Peking (no buffet, order menu only) BBQ- Neely's (the legend) Bodacious (Victory Dr) Best of Texas BBQ (Bailey Cut-off) Tacos- Toco's Reyes (Grande Ave) Several trucks across town Seafood/Crawfish- Crawfish Shack- Hwy 59 Home Cooking- The Blue Frog (downtown) Dinner Bell Cafe (Hwy 59) Cajun- Cajun Tex ------ If you want chains...we got most of them (Chilis, Applebees, Chick-Fil-A, Dairy Queen, Wendy's, Jalepeno Tree, Golden Chick, Popeyes, Schlotzkey's, Subway, Chicken express, Little Ceasers, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Mickey Dees, Whataburger etc, etc, etc).
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