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  1. Still got a lot of work to do on the Mav webpage before the season starts....but it's all underway. I've received some outstanding input over the summer. Very excited about some things to come. I brought back the message board for Mav fans (and rivals). I'd like to build it back up again. Always open to new ideas and suggestions. Thanks Mav fans for all the encouragement on the page. Maverick Webpage: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/ Mav Message Board: http://pub2.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=131517822&frmid=11468&msgid=0
  2. Lot's of good vibes this offseason. Been a busy productive summer. Feeling pretty good about 2021. Ready to get this show on the road!
  3. It makes absolutely no sense to eliminate the divisions in 5A in order to placate such a small number of schools in West/South Texas. It would be a death Knell for a lot of programs in the rest of the state. Especially East Texas. Telling schools like Sulphur Springs, Jacksonville, and Greenville to just suckitup and live playing schools the size of Longview, Lufkin, HP, and McNorth in football is just insane. Preset divisions has seen programs like Nac, Pine Tree, and Greenville continue to flourish from LONG dormancy into annual district contenders. Eliminating preset d
  4. Good stuff. Thanks. I know when we played Wylie E in the 2016 playoffs they were BEAST. Eno Benjamin put on a clinic that night against us...and we had a pretty good defense. He torched us. Sounds like he did that a lot in HS. Sounds like he was still doing it in the PAC-12. Now he's an AZ Cardinal. Hopefully he will make a name for himself in the NFL too. I knew he was special on that chilly playoff night in McKinney.
  5. Hmmm.....very interesting. I didn't see Wylie East last season OR in 7v7 this year.....so I don't know how to compare last year's team to this year's team. You have. I look at MP.... they have NINE returning starters on offense. Most of their defense is returning too (7 or 8 returning I think). This is a game MP won 49-6 last season........ hard to imagine WE improving that much....but now you got me wondering. No doubt Wylie SHOULD have some serious numbers advantages over MP. The Tigers consistently has had one of the smallest rosters in the district. Very small for a 5
  6. 9-5A Div II: Week 1 Match-upsMarshall Vs. New Caney- I can admit this is somewhat of a homer pick. This is going to be tough for the Mavs. Opening the season with your longest road trip of the regular season is killer. No one hardly picked Marshall to win this game last year....and we saw what happened. I'm taking Marshall because NC is returning only three staters on offense. That's TOUGH. They will return their beast RB....who had a great night against us last season. But he won't have the great OL he had last season. NC will have a whole new WC corps too... so the pressure to sprea
  7. I wish this was a Thursday game like it was last year....I'd go again. But with it being on Friday.... I'll be headed to New Caney to see the Marshall game.
  8. Henderson SHOULD win this game with ease. Every tangible category I can think of..... Henderson has the upper hand over Hallsville except classification. The state of things in Bobcat Land right now may eliminate whatever #'s advantages they SHOULD have over Henderson. I'd be shocked if Henderson's football numbers aren't much higher than Hallsville's. If Henderson struggles to win this game.... that's a bad sign for the Lions. A Henderson loss would be eye-popping. JMHO.
  9. If back to back state title games and a semifinals appearance are underachieving…. I must not know what that word means. Now Lancaster…. Yeah. For sure. DeSoto is the product of a school board that is a dumpster fire. A Booster club with too much power. And a three ring circus leader controlling the whole thing.
  10. Me personally? No. The program I love? This year might be the first year we won’t still have his shenanigans still poking around. But time will tell. The things I could tell you would absolutely stun folks. It could be a very special episode of Dateline NBC if some of the garbage came out. The truth will eventually all come out. Just sit back and watch it happen.
  11. Predictions? I'll get mine posted later today (I hope) 9-5A Div II: Week 1 Match-upsMarshall Vs. New Caney Tyler Vs. Texas HighLiberty Eylau Vs. Pine TreeNacogdoches Vs. KilgoreForney Vs. WhitehouseMount Pleasant Vs. Wylie EastHenderson Vs. HallsvilleJacksonville Vs. Crandall
  12. Pre-season Scrimmages: Aug 19- Nacogdoches Vs. Henderson (4A D1) Aug 19- Jacksonville Vs. Bullard (4A D2) Aug 20- Tyler Legacy (6A D2) Vs. Marshall Aug 20- Longview (5A D1) Vs. Texas High Aug 20- Whitehouse Vs. Melissa (4A D1) Aug ??- Mount Pleasant Vs. Sulphur Springs Pine Tree ??? Hallsville ???
  13. I just wonder if they will do a follow-up docu-series when this house of cards comes tumbling down? Now THAT will be some must-see TV. I don't think people have a clue what all goes on.....smh.
  14. This series has already been done on Netflix. It’s called House of Cards.
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