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  1. Was just reading about Pine Tree. Ouch. Only 3 back on defense. That's tough. Granted.... their defense struggled at times last season...but it wasn't terrible. They lost 4 district games last year by 7 points or less. They easily could have been a playoff team with just a little luck. 7 back on offense.....but they lost Ethan Morgan...who was their stud RB last season. Averaged over 100 yards per game. Lost their #2 back too. That's a big hole to fill...and puts a lot of pressure on their passing game. Lost 2 of their top 4 WR's too....who could make some great catches. Very athletic. They will need some young guys to step up. PT rarely has trouble finding WR's it seems. Good news? They have a good QB coming back in Dakylan Johnson.... if they can get him some help...he's dangerous. Over 1400 yards passing last season. He was prone to toss INT's...but to be fair...he was a sophomore. Big order for such a young player. -------------- Interested to read more about Whitehouse, Hallsville, MP, and Nac. Strangely quiet over the offseason. Texas High gonna be Texas High...... question is.... do they come down to Earth a little this year? Or do they prove to be head and shoulders above everyone in the district again?
  2. According to the MNM.... the Tyler Legacy scrimmage will be in Marshall next Friday at 6PM They will have an intra-squad scrimmage this Saturday. Hate I'm going to miss the Legacy scrimmage. I'll be on vacation. ------------- Coach Alvarez seems to be really high on where things are right now. I'm cautiously optimistic. But I keep hearing how well practices are going. The kids worked their tails off this summer.... doing camps and their workouts. Sounds like they have definitely done their due diligence. It is a new staff.... and a new system... but this is a veteran squad we have this year. This was a team loaded with sophomores and juniors last year and they still managed to go 6-1 in district and advance to the 2nd round. Like I said.... cautiously optimistic. I've been down this road before and been let down. But...I've also been pleasantly surprised. Those are the best seasons. 8-5A is going to be very competitive this season I think. Should be a fun ride. Cannot wait. I'm excited about Alvarez..... this season.... but especially for the future.
  3. It’s a never ending ongoing discussion on the Maverick message board. That….and bleacher replacement. Both are sorely needed.
  4. From what I understand…. Wiley uses the form of the old Pemberton building to preserve PHS’ history. Yearbooks, band uniforms, football uniforms, cheerleaders. Lots of history pre and post integration. Im very interested in learning more.
  5. Now that I couldn’t tell you. Wiley College has really invested in their campus…. Lots of brand new/renovated buildings. But I have no clue if they’ve touched the Pemberton building. Wiley is restarting their Marching band…. So I’m curious if they use the band hall located at Pemberton. Im going to do some research in the near future about PHs’ past and present. I’m fascinated.
  6. Wiley College has done an outstanding job with Pemberton's legacy. The PHS Campus has been made into the Pemberton Heritage Center. From what I understand.... the auditorium is still used and the gym is used for intramurals. No idea what the rest of the facility is used for. I feel a research project coming on.
  7. https://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/lifestyles/pemberton-high-school-120-years-later/article_f58d2877-451c-5550-92a0-21d9c935f4dc.html GREAT article from the Marshall News Messenger about PHS. I stand corrected. I thought 9th graders were moved to PHS in 1980, but they were moved in 1970 when MISD integrated. So Marshall 9th graders played as Pemberton Panthers from 1970-1988 when they moved to MHS.
  8. I would absolutely love it if MHS would honor Pemberton HS by wearing Purple and Gold. The Pemberton school facility, team name, and team colors were adopted by Marshall 9th graders in 1980 when the current high school opened for grades10-12. Freshman attended Pemberton. Marshall 9th Graders played as Pemberton Panthers from 1980 until the late 80's when the 9th grade wing was opened at MHS. The Pemberton building is now a part of the Wiley College campus.
  9. I heard 175 for Marshall (unconfirmed). HUGE freshman class from what I hear. Might have a C team. I never recall us ever having a third freshman team. Will probably be hard to find games for them. JV roster will be smallish this season as some underclassmen will probably get some varsity play this year just to build up some depth on the bench. Hearing good things. Can't ask for more than that.
  10. I heard 175 for Marshall (unconfirmed). HUGE freshman class from what I hear. Might have a C team. I never recall us ever having a third freshman team. Will probably be hard to find games for them. JV roster will be smallish this season as some underclassmen will probably get some varsity play this year just to build up some depth on the bench. Hearing good things. Can't ask for more than that.
  11. From today's Marshall News Messenger: https://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/sports/mavericks-set-to-begin-football-practice-monday/article_e11458ba-14ee-11ed-b2a4-87c4e36dfbcf.html Marshall’s football team participated spring ball and as a result, had to wait a week to start fall practices but the Mavericks are set to hit the practice field Monday. They will go from 4 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday and from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday. Picture/Media Day will be held from Saturday at 7 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. That will be followed by a scrimmage from 9 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. Meet the Mavericks is slated for Thursday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m. This season will be the first for the Mavericks under the direction of Jack Alvarez as athletic director and head football coach. Alvarez came to Marshall with an overall record of 193-93. He most recently coached at Cuero where he went 18-8 in two seasons and went to the playoffs both years. He has also made three state championship appearances, including in 2014 when he led Ennis to a state championship win. Alvarez will take over a Mavericks football team that went 8-4 a year ago and 6-1 against district opponents. He replaces Jake Griedl who spent three years with the Mavericks and went 20-13 overall as head coach. The Mavericks are slated to scrimmage against Tyler Legacy, Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. and will kick off the season Friday, Aug. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Both the scrimmage and the season opener will be held at Mavericks Stadium in Marshall.
  12. I wouldn't say it's THE REASON. It's multi-faceted. Without a doubt it's a factor. LHS has 800 more students than MHS. No one can argue that's not a huge advantage. But the biggest factor....IMHO...is coaching. Coach King's longevity at LHS has no doubt lead to unprecedented stability in the staff there. Who in East Texas has had the stability in their staff that Longview has had? Probably can't name one. In the same time King has been there.... Marshall has seen Rodney Southern, Thedrick Harris, Alex Richters, Clint Harper, Claude Mathis, Jake Greidl, and now Jack Alvarez. The fact that we've only had 3 losing seasons amongst all that change is unreal. Every single one of those Mav coaches had at least one appearance in regional playoffs except one. They all had winning records except one. Another factor is simply where the Lobos are right now. They are in a stratosphere that no one in East Texas 5A/6A can compete with. Too much talent. Add that with coaching....and numbers.... and there you go. Who in East Texas has really tested Longview in the last decade plus? The Tyler schools? Nope. Legacy has especially laid an egg. Tyler is inconsistent Vs. them. Lufkin? Hasn't been competitive with Longview in a long long time. Texas High? Negative. Haven't beat Longview in decades. Marshall? Rarely competitive. Even in our successful playoff seasons. Whitehouse? Hallsville? Sulphur Springs? Jacksonville? Mt Pleasant? Pine Tree? All a combined 0 wins. Lobos are just another level right now. It is what it is. So no...... I don't think the bigger enrollment is THE ONLY reason they have dominated. But sure it's a factor. But seeing how well they have done against schools their size (Lufkin, Tyler, Legacy).... it's clearly NOT just a numbers/enrollment game. JMHO. Meanwhile.....back to Carthage.....
  13. Very excited about the Marshall-Carthage game resuming. The 2018 game was a great one. Hoping for something like that again in 2022 and 2023. While I really enjoyed the McKinney North games in 2020 and 2021 as a COVID replacement..... Carthage will definitely have more of rivalry/big game feel thanks to the crowd the Bulldogs will bring not to mention the proximity of the schools. With Tyler, Longview, and Carthage on the docket..... I honestly think Marshall has one of the toughest 5A Div II non-district schedules in the state. Iron sharpens Iron..... and all three games will make us better.
  14. The offense Sulphur Springs ran those years was fantastic when they had the athletes to run it. But when the talent started going away..... they REALLY started to struggle and they've never have recovered from it. You really have to have someone special at QB to do what they did....which they did. Gotta have some special kids at WR..... which they did. And most of all...they needed a great OL....which they did. Until they didn't....and poof... the success dried up. Defense was always kind of a liability for them....even in those great seasons. But their offense was good enough to not matter. Once the offense started sputtering... that weak defense gave way to constant poor field position. Those high octane offenses are fantastic when you have the roster to run them.....but when you don't.... it can be painful. Which is what we've seen from SS for the last 7-8 years or so. (25-56) since 2014. Offf. I thought MP did fantastic with the offense they were running last year. Kinda surprised they would get too away from it. But coaches are smarter than me when it comes to looking at a roster/talent and doing what's best with what you have. Would hate to see what they've been building towards for so long be undone for a gimmicky offense.
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