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  1. I think Texas High's defense is better than Crosby's. I think Crosby's offense is better than Texarkana's. Makes for a good game IMHO.
  2. I don’t live or participate in Jville anything, so I can only go by things I’m told. Which can be taken with a grain of salt. Daddy ball referring to players getting positions based on who they are related to. Boosters referring to players getting positions based on things given as gifts to the program. if those things happen….. and they happen in MOST places to more or lesser degrees, then it needs to be brought under scrutiny. Culture issues…. Referring to student lead optional workouts, putting in extra work, improving speed and endurance in the off season. Things not mandated by coaches… but initiated by players. Self direction. Self improvement. That’s all I was saying.
  3. No doubt it’s been a problem in Nac.
  4. A new coach won’t fix Jacksonville. They need a culture change. No more daddy ball. No more boosters running the show. They need someone willing to recruit Hispanic players into the game. Lots of other nuances. If they can’t get away from their old habits….any coach they hire will fail. If they are willing to change….no reason they can’t become competitive again.
  5. Clint Harper. He got a raw deal at Duncanville. Harper pulled Marshall out of their lowest point in program history after the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Put us back on the winning track since. Wishing him the best if he lands at Jville.
  6. Congrats Tigers! hope y’all BTHO crosby!!!! Their offense looked unstoppable tonight. Defense struggled.
  7. Total and complete domination by Texas High thus far. If you had been on the SETX forum the game should have been canceled to show THS mercy.
  8. If they had a dome in Austin… I think it would be a conversation worth having. But they don’t. Sitting out in the elements for 3 games a day for 3-4 days in December doesn’t sound all that appealing.
  9. With all the talk about realignment....and the possibility of the ETX 5A Div II district moving from region III to region II........ thought it would be interesting to see how the playoffs might would have looked like THIS season if we had been in region II. Keep in mind this playoff mock doesn't move teams up or down in classification....I'm keeping the 2021 teams in place...just changing the district numbers so that 9-5A can be in Region II (8-5A). Here we go: W5 Lovejoy F6 Dallas Hillcrest R8 Marshall T7 Royce City W6 South Oak Cliff F5 Denison R7 Forney T8 Mount Pleasant W7 Ennis F8 Nacogdoches R6 Mesquite Poteet T5 Frisco Liberty W8 Texas High F7 Crandall R5 Frisco T6 Dallas Kimball --------- The biggest thing you notice is that Aledo, Burleson, Everman, and Mansfield Timberview would all be moved out of region II and into region I. That's significant with Timberview and Aledo both still playing. No one in region II would meet either of them until the state semifinals. Texas High- I doubt Crandall (6-5) would offer much resistance to the Tigers. However....Frisco (10-2) could prove to be a really tough second round match-up. Tougher than Texas City? Who knows?? The third round has a big question mark because of Timberview's win over Ennis (11-1). With Timberview moved over to region I..... most would likely take Ennis to still be playing; possibly Mesquite Poteet (8-4) for a third round. It would likely be either Lovejoy (11-1) or SOC (11-1) in the region finals. Aledo (12-0) would be waiting in the semis followed by Crosby, AMC, or Liberty Hill in the state championship. Marshall- Hard to compare Royse City (8-3) Vs. Rudder (7-4). RC lost their last 3 games to end their season after starting (8-0). Rudder seemed little more consistent. If the Mavs got passed the Bulldogs, Lovejoy (11-1) would be waiting, who has had one of the top offenses in all of 5A Div II. Just like Crosby was.... that's a tough second round draw. No doubt the Leopards would be favorites. Third round would like be SOC (11-1) or Forney (7-4). And of course the region finals would likely be Texas High (11-0) or Frisco (10-2). Aledo in the semis and Crosby, AMC, or Liberty Hill in the championship. Mount Pleasant- I think facing a (7-4) Forney team in the first round only 2 hours from home sounds exponentially better than playing an AMC team that was 4.5 hours away. May not have been a W for the Tigers....but I think the mountain to climb would have been much lesser. Second round likely would have been SOC (11-1)...and that likely would have been the end of the road. Nacogdoches- Unfortunately for the Dragons.... I don't think their first round game in Ennis would have been any easier than the one they had down in Montgomery....in fact...it may have been more difficult. --------- Interesting stuff. One thing this shows for sure.... there are no easy roads to Arlington. But I think most would agree.... travels to the metroplex seem infinitely better than College Station/Houston/Huntsville
  10. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but Turpin Stadium is a bigger stadium...so there should be plenty of seats (about 16,000). They get get 17K+ with the grass areas round. The turf is fairly new based on what I've seen on highlights of their game..... BUTTTT.... IMHO... unless something has changed in the last 3-4 years.....the place is a dump. SFA's stadium is 1000Xs better. Home and visitors side. That upper deck on the home side...is a STEEP angle with no rails. It's a little disconcerting. Granted...I had partaken of a few drinks prior...but that's neither here nor there. It was like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaru. Trust. Good luck Tigers. Wish I could make it...but I have a prior engagement in Paris that day. The sole positive I can come up with our loss yesterday. Had we won... and played on Saturday...it was going to be WWIII at the Mavchamp house over Friend's Wedding Vs. Maverick Playoff game. Guess I dodged a bullet. Literally.
  11. Win or lose…. The love affair this town has for their team is special. Most places don’t have this (even when they have winners). We didn’t have the outcome we wanted yesterday. But TBH… they are probably one of the best teams in the state in any classification. We took another step forward this year. Some may say overachieved, some say we did what’s expected…. But all agree we want to go further. That starts Monday. This senior class went 0-18 as 8th graders and Freshmen. But they never gave up. Never stopped believing. Never stopped working. Overcame 21-7 third quarter deficits in not just one game, but two games to win. Picked to finish fifth in 9-5A by the ESt Texas Sportswriters from the Marshall News Messenger, Longview News Journal, Texarkana Gazette, Nac Sentinel, MP, Jax Progress, and Tyler News papers…. yet played in an Area playoff. Something neither Pine Tree, Nac, Tyler, Jax, nor MP did. The coaches showed tons of growth with in game-adjustments and formulating different game plans when we lost our QB for 2 district games, yet won both with a sophomore quarterback. So much to be proud of instead of being disappointed about yesterday. Enjoyed the season immensely. And this really young team, particularly on offense, gives us much to be excited about in 2022 and 2023. Thanks again to the players, the staff, their spouses, and the support the school board gives all athletics in MiSD. Most of all… thanks to Mav Nation. We have some of the best fans in the state. Win or lose. Congrats to Crosby again. Good luck going forward.
  12. Thank you. Best of luck to the coogs. Rumor has us returning to region 2. Travel wise it gets exponentially better than region 3. But the competition get no easier with The Frisco schools, Ennis, Mesquite Poteet and others. I do think we’re headed in the right direction. And that feels good. Even after a whipping.
  13. Wasn’t it a cougar fan that said a team is a different team in September than it is in November? Does that only apply to Crosby and not Longview or Texas High?
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