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  1. Marshall JV won tonight 34-22. It was their fourth consecutive win. They are 4-2 on the season. (3-0) in district play. Not sure how they did the freshman teams. MP only has 1 team. I think Marshall did a combined squad of the Red team and the white team. Not sure. It was….. sloppy. Lol. Both teams. Ended in a 20-20 tie. Varsity going for the sweep tomorrow.
  2. Never satisfied with a loss. Especially a loss that was soooo winnable. Back to work this week. All of our goals are still before us. Beat MP!
  3. For Marshall….. MOST of the time we lose to teams in the playoffs that end up either in the state championship game…. Or the semifinals. Crosby…..2021…… state semi finalist 12-3 Huntsville…..2019 region semis 9-4 Huntsville…..2018 Quarterfinals (beat Marshall by 1) 12-2 Wylie East ….. 2017 region semis 9-4 Mesquite Poteet…..2016… state semi finalists 11-4 Frisco Lone Star….2015…state finalists 14-2 Dallas South Oak Cliff….2014….quarterfinalists 10-4 Wylie…..2013….state quarter finalist 9-5 Combination of tough draws and some excruciating losses in some of them
  4. I'm not going to take anything away from Hallsville. They came out and punched us in the mouth. They did all the things they needed to do to get the win. Mad props to them. But UGH....we definitely had our chances to take it. Multiple times. We seemed to think showing up was all it was going to take. Very lazy..... I guess they thought all the success we've had Vs. Hallsville in the past was going to carry us. All streaks come to an end....and it did. IMHO.....our play calling in the first half was atrocious. Execution wasn't much better. We didn't really try to do the things we've done so well all season. Hallsville stacked the box and dared us to throw the ball. We became so vanilla/safe/predictable it was mind boggling. We finally went back to our normal game plan in the second half...and BAM....we scored 37 points. But all those trips deep into Bobcat territory that came away with 0 points killed us. So many chances for more points.... missed PAT, missed FG, TD called back on a penalty...... Credit to Hallsville...they capitalized on our mistakes and our conservatism in the first half. Made us pay. It was very frustrating. But TBH..... outside of Texas High....anyone in the district is beatable in several games. No one can overlook anyone...... I'm concerned about several games for Marshall......namely THS and WH. Hallsville is beatable with a passing game (Whitehouse, MP, Pine Tree) WH could lose to Hallsville, PT, Marshall Nac's win over WH and then melting down Vs. PT is just....wow. But they could upset someone else MP's passing game could cause trouble for Marshall, Hallsville, and PT. I think this could end up a muddled mess before it's all said and done.
  5. It's still REALLY early to be making playoff projections because things happen. Upsets, injuries, weather...a million things can derail a "sure thing". BUT..... here's how things COULD stack up after this week Texas High- Idle Hallsville over Nac Marshall over MP PT/WH_ Draw Texas High (2-0) Hallsville (2-1) Marshall (2-1) PT (2-1) or WH (1-1) -------- Lovejoy over Princeton Melissa over Poteet Crandall over Greenville Denison over Terrell Lovejoy (3-0) Melissa (3-0) Crandall (2-1) Denison (2-1) FIRST ROUND PROJECTIONS Crandall/Denison loser at Texas High Crandall/Denison winner at Hallsville Marshall at Lovejoy/Melissa loser Pine Tree/Whitehouse winner at Lovejoy/Melissa winner Toss this all out the window if there are any upsets.
  6. At this point in the season most of us know who our teams are. Good. Bad. And ugly.
  7. Selfishly pulling for Nac. But have a feeling Hallsville about to unleash a bomb on Nac. Bobcats by a whole bunch.
  8. MOUNT PLEASANT GAMEDAY INFO: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday Got all the (Marshall) stats posted for the preview. MP is a blackhole of info....can't find stats anywhere....newspaper, youtube, maxpreps, hudl....nada. ------- JQ Davis should pass the 1,000 yard mark this week. There's a chance Marshall could end up with TWO 1000 yard rushers. I can't even remember the last time that happened. QB play coming around.... sitting at 529 yards after a pretty effective game last week Vs. Hallsville. Kid is only a junior.
  9. MOUNT PLEASANT GAMEDAY INFO: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday I don't have all the stats posted yet....I should get those posted tomorrow or Monday. But everything else is up and ready. MAIN PAGE: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/
  10. Like I said in the district thread…. It’s not about stopping Hallsville’s offense. No one has proven they can do that. It comes down to… can your offense keep up? If you can….. you’ve got a chance. If you can’t….. they will run you out of the stadium.
  11. I think we all know what a struggle this game was for us last year with several starters out. We were lucky to win. The good news for Marshall….. our offense is much better than it was this time last year. And it looks like our passing game is starting to come around. The bad news for Marshall…. Our defense has really struggled in pass defense. We haven’t figured a screen pass out yet. On paper this probably shouldn’t be close. But given our propensity to I’ll timed penalties and poor pass defense….. that’s why we play the games. Can’t over look anyone in the district with all these bad defenses.
  12. He’s the real deal. But it’s not about stopping Hallsville’s offense to beat them… no one has stopped them. It’s about Nac’s offense’s ability to keep up with them. If they can…. You have a chance to win. . If they can’t…. Hallsville will run wild.
  13. You probably shouldn’t. BUT anyone is beatable in this district with all the terrible defenses except THS.
  14. Yet here you are too….not being quiet. First win in 7 years. Ive said congrats several times. I was wrong about was who won. Was I suppose to pick Hallsville? I picked Marshall in a close one. Thought it would be a close high scoring game. All of that was true except my pick. If you think Hallsville is special it just shows you how acclimated Hallsville is to NOT winning. Good teams don’t surrender almost 40 points every game. I saw two teams last night that will get drilled in the first round of the playoffs. And I say congrats AGAIN. Hallsville played a good game.
  15. 8-5A Standings Texas High (2-0), (5-1) Hallsville (1-1), (4-2) Marshall (1-1), (3-3) Pine Tree (1-1), (1-5) Nacogdoches (1-1), (1-5) Whitehouse (0-1), (4-1) Mount Pleasant (0-1), (1-4) Week 6 SCORES Texas High beat Mount Pleasant 58-27 Hallsville beat Marshall 41-37 Pine Tree beat Nacogdoches 49-14 Whitehouse- OFF Week 7 SCHEDULE Hallsville Vs. Nacogdoches Mount Pleasant Vs. Marshall Pine Tree Vs. Whitehouse
  16. If someone had told me that Marshall would out gain Hallsville in total yards and totaled over 500 yards of offense.....with no turnovers..... and scored 37 points.... 100% would have thought the Mavs had won. Sounds like a typical Marshall win over Hallsville...... except it's not. Nothing but congrats to the Bobcats. They did what they had to do to win. Pros and Cons of this game for the Mavs going forward..... PRO: Mavs NEVER gave up. Down 17-3 in the third quarter we could have laid down. But the guys Battled back to take the lead several times in the second half. The guys never stopped believing they could win. You have to love that. They made a game of it when a lot of teams would have given up. CON: Our struggles against the screen pass have been something I've harped on all season. Tyler, Longview, Henderson, Pine Tree, Carthage all had success with the screen. I remember saying "Hallsville will eat that up" in each game. Haven't covered it yet. PRO: We DO have a passing game. Collier Slone made some big throws. Im guessing he finished with over 200 yards. We MUST continue to grow our passing game going forward. Being one dimensional will makes you too easy to defend. If our passing game comes to life....we will be tough to stop. CON: Special teams were anything but special. Missed a short FG. Missed a PAT. There's your four points. But the knee down on the kickoff at the 3 yard-line was just.....UGH. Totally gift-wrapped that score for Hallsville. PRO: No turnovers for the Mavs in the game. CON: So many wasted opportunities. Three trips inside the Bobcat redzone in the first half....zero points. Can't do that against a good offensive team. PRO: Getting Gatson more involved in the offense is a good thing. As a sophomore.... he's going to be special. CON: Ill-timed penalties. Had a TD called back in the 2Q on a hold and that resulted in 0 points. Guy didn't even need to hold and we would have scored. Dumb penalty on our part. The roughing the passer penalty was a killer. PRO: We had two huge interceptions in the game. They were responsible for getting us back in the game. CON: I want to see the replay....because it was close. But the fumble/not a fumble by Hallsville on the kickoff..... huge call. It was sooo close. Could have been called either way. When you lose by 4... those little calls haunt you. ------------------ I predicted Marshall in a close one. Game was exactly what I expected.....close...high scoring..... sloppy. Typical Hallsville/Marshall. Congrats to the Bobcats again. Onward to MP. GO MAVS GO
  17. Mavs can't sit around and mope about what happened in Hallsville. Coulda shoulda woulda. Have to shake it off. We got a lot of work to do. District standings are a total mess except for Texas High. Every goal is still in front of us. In comes a MP team that has struggled this season, but cannot be overlooked. I'll get all the good stuff posted tomorrow.
  18. They still haven’t played a great team. They barely beat a mediocre Marshall team with a TD with less than a min to go in the game. Both teams are likely to lose multiple distinct games with the terrible defenses. congrats to the Bobcats. Awesome offense. No doubt.
  19. GAMEDAY Vs. HALLSVILLE: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday MAIN PAGE: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/
  20. GAMEDAY Vs. HALLSVILLE: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday MAIN PAGE: https://www.marshallmavericks.net/
  21. opps...fixed. LOL. I had just read the Athens/Lindale thread
  22. Marshall won 2 of 3 from Hallsville tonight in Sub varsity action. Junior Varsity won over 28-0 to improve to (3-2) (2-0)on the season. They are one play at the final buzzer from being (4-1). Three straight wins over Carthage, Pine Tree, and Hallsville. 9th A team lost Hallsville 13-6. Team has really struggled since losing their RB1. They are (2-4) (1-1). 9th B team won 16-6. They are (3-2).... (2-0) includes a win over the Sabine JV. Big game tomorrow for the varsity. Time to take care of business!
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