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  1. Marshall JV beat Pine Tree 48-12. They are 4-1 on the season
  2. Marshall JV up on Pine Tree 30-0 after 1 quarter. Looks like they are about to improve to 4-1 on the season
  3. WEEK 5 Texas High Vs. Hallsville Marshall Vs. Pine Tree Nacogdoches Vs. Whitehouse Mount Pleasant- BYE Texas High Vs. Hallsville- Texas High was able to beat Tyler Legacy with a back up quarterback. The offense has been humming all season. It will be interesting to see if Potter is back on the field this week. The Tiger defense has been lights out the last two weeks after struggling a bit in the first two games. I've heard through the grapevine that Hallsville's RB-1 is out for the season with a torn ACL. Not good news for the Bobcat's. Hallsville's defense continues to struggle. I'll take Texas High in a comfortable win. Marshall Vs. Pine Tree- The Mavs' record isn't pretty at (1-3), but their three losses have been to three teams that are a combined (11-1). They almost pulled off the win Vs Tyler, losing in 5-OT. Carthage won the game last week comfortably...but Marshall had some success moving the ball against the Bulldogs between the 20's. Had a couple of deep drives that came away empty. Marshall defense has been strong against the run most of the season....spotty Vs. pass. Pine Tree has proven to have a stingy defense, but their offense has been spotty. Marshall has never lost at PT stadium since it opened in 2013... they are (7-0). Marshall wins a TOUGH ROAD GAME to open district. Nacogdoches Vs Whitehouse- Last year's most shocking game was Nac's win over WH when the Dragons finished (1-9) while the Wildcats were fighting for a district title. So who knows what to expect this season??? Nac is improved..... with losses to Lufkin and Chapel Hill, who are (7-1) combined. Whitehouse is putting up gaudy offensive numbers....but their wins are against teams that are a combined (3-9). The lone team Whitehouse has played with a winning record, beat them 55-33. This is a toss up. Wouldn't be shocked to see either team win. But I think Nac's running game will sideline the WH offense.... and the Nac defense will get just enough stops to get the win in a close one. Mount Pleasant- The Tigers will beat bye by 10 points. Would have been 17, but a penatly flag negated a TD.
  4. VOLLEYBALL UPDATE Game 3 Hallsville beat Mount Pleasant 3-0 Texas High beat Pine Tree 3-0 Whitehouse beat Marshall 3-0 Longview beat Tyler 3-0 Game 4 Hallsville beat Whitehouse 3-0 Texas High beat Marshall 3-0 Tyler beat Pine Tree 3-2 Longview beat Mount Pleasant 3-0 Standings Hallsville (4-0) , (25-5) Texas High (3-1) , (25-6) Longview (3-1) , (17-10-1) Marshall (2-2) , (20-12) Whitehouse (2-2) , (24-10) Pine Tree (1-3) , (8-17) Tyler (1-3) , (7-25) Mount Pleasant (0-4) , (1-23)
  5. SOOOOO..... With all the drama of Monday....I was concerned about how this may affect the team. You never know what things can tip the canoe over. But some things that are to be noted..... this was a beef between a parent and a coach. This wasn't a team issue. Or a staff issue. There wasn't a angry mob with pitchforks and "for sale" signs in hand... It was a person not happy about playing time. When they didn't get the response they desired....they played the lowest denominator card it's ridiculous against a man that's track record speaks for itself. In anger....things were said and done in haste...... but in the long run...... cooler heads prevailed. And things were made right. I've been told the team has gone about business. Obviously they aren't oblivious to what happened. Based on what's being said (take it with a grain of salt).... most of the players feel like it had nothing to do with them. It was a beef expressed that not everyone agreed with. It was aired. All is out in the open now.... *yawn* let's go beat Pine Tree. Players aren't interested in what PO'd fans/family think. They have a job and a goal to do. Sometimes a squeaky wheel is the loudest...but it's doesn't mean all the wheels are squaking. Apparently practices have been business as usual the last 2 days. I'm hoping so. We experienced something similar to this in 2019 when Coach G benched a player for breaking team rules. It ticked some folks off......the reaction was much louder and included a lot more people than this incident. And it happened in week 2 of the season. It looked like our entire season was derailed when we were sitting at (0-3). Well...we finished (7-3) overall....(7-0) in district. PT has had their own distractions/drama the last 2 weeks with issues much bigger than pissy parents. Looking forward to the game Friday. Expecting to see some fire play from these guys.
  6. All the pieces are there. But sometimes kids do boneheaded things to distract….2019. Sometimes adults do boneheaded things to distract….2023. Sometimes you have coaches that are more about their own interest than the program’s (2017-2018). Sometimes people unwisely (imho) chase money (2016). Sometimes (imho) you just make a poor hire (2011-2012). Sometimes you just lose to better teams in the playoffs 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2021, 2022…… But these distractions are maddening. Don’t see this garbage at Longview, Texas High, etc etc
  7. Alvarez is NOT leaving. Confirmed from multiple sources. And yes. This is (partially) about daddy ball. IMHO this is a smaller issue than what Griedl faced with the JJ debacle in 2019 when he benched the QB for breaking team rules. Some folks are mad about who is and isn’t playing in certain positions. I may even agree with them…. But how this was approached and handled was NOT the way. Playing the card they played is low. But not anything any coach hasn’t heard before. There’s a way and a time and a place. None of that happened the way it should. Time to shake this off and move forward with or without the support of a vocal minority.
  8. That has only been rumored. Until MISD makes an announcement, I’ll assume it’s nothing more than rumor.
  9. I’m disappointed that someone in the community would cause so much disruption… if true But I’m also disappointed in Alvarez if true. He’s a veteran coach. All coaches have to deal with meddling parents. He walked away too easy and too quick to back up all his talk about how he’s 100% invested here for the long term. People that are INVESTED are there for the good times and the hard times. They don’t pack up their toys and leave. But I’m withholding final thoughts until I know more. Too much speculation. Too many things aren’t adding up.
  10. One of the schools had several players involved in a shooting. Likely ended 2 players seasons to gun shot wounds. It’s been in the news. Just not with the school involved since it happened on a weekend off campus. Another has had some disciplinary issues. Coaches having to put the smack down. Makes me grateful to have not gone into education. I almost did.
  11. Both programs have had to deal with off the field shenanigans the last few days. Fourth program in the district to have ridiculousness pop it’s head up already. I guess this is becoming the new normal. Sad commentary.
  12. I’m not commenting until I know more facts. I’ve heard a lot of things which are contradictory, which tells me people are twisting things to fit their narrative on each side. If the issue is a meddling parent(s) then they need to be told to kick rocks. MISD needs to stand by their staff and support them 100%. If the issue is staff only looking out for themselves and not doing what’s best for the athletes, the program, and the district…. Then they need to be told to kick rocks. These athletes need adults to ACT like adults and not spoiled man-children. That goes for all sides. I guess this game is the distraction bowl with everything MHS has going on this week and all the drama at PT last week. Neither of these teams are good enough to be distracted headed into a district game. But shenanigans by folks at MHS this week and shenanigans by students at PT last week is making for a very sloppy game by both this week. Pitiful for both, really. Really pitiful. No one knows how to act anymore.
  13. Last year WH was a heavy favorite and Nac got the upset. This year I think WH is still the favorite, but the gap is much narrower between them. Whitehouse has the better offense it seems. Nac has the better defense. Honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if either team won. That Whitehouse defense though….. it’s proven to be pretty rough. even Jacksonville moved the ball on them. Going to take Nac…. But I wouldn’t be shocked if WH won.
  14. LMAOOOOOOOOO okayyyyy. Says he who holds the record for the most times banned and the most new accounts on SDC. Still think a good reputation trumps a bad one. I'm wrong frequently on my football talk and predictions. That's why we play the game. But at least people WANT to know what I think...and respect what I think/say. As opposed to a collective eye-roll and most likely a block to never have to see what you have to say. So PT in a blow out? Or was it Marshall? I can't remember.
  15. You don't care that people think you're a fool? How can anyone take anything you say seriously when you talk like you have the IQ of a banana? lmao. I mean......lmao. I was always taught reputation was important. It's always better for people to respect you..... that people actually want to hear your insight. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  16. You say Mavs roll in the thread then pick PT to win in a blowout in the poll...... This is why no one can take anything you say seriously.
  17. This game just depends on which Marshall team shows up. If we see the Marshall team whose O-line can't block a feather pillow, can't run the football, and a passing game that can't hit the broad side of a barn...PT gets their first ever home win over the Mavericks at Pirate Stadium. If we see the Marshall team whose O-line protects the QB and opens up holes for the RBs, runs the ball, and uses short passes to keep the defense from stacking the line.... Marshall continues their win streak at Pirate Stadium. This is a total Jekyll and Hyde team so far this season. They can look completely dead in the water one drive.... and then look like a well polished machine on another. Tyler game they did absolutely nothing for 1.5 quarters. THEN... it just started clicking. Completely different team in the second half. Longview shut us down from get to go. Meh. They do that to everyone. NBD. Had a slow start in the 1Q against Henderson... then we turned it on. Probably would have been a 42-20 / 49-20 type game had we finished it. Carthage dominated us, no doubt. But we had a good drive in the first half and got down deep into Bulldog territory and couldn't cash in. Moved the ball MUCH better in the second half, but the game was already in hand for CHS. I'm guessing they had already started sitting their starters. All that to say.... which Marshall team shows up? Who knows. The good offensive Maverick team that can cause some troubles for a defense....or the flat Maverick offense that has our QB on his back and our RB's wrapped up behind the LOS. Defense has proven to be pretty stingy against the run. Has struggled against the pass at times this season. The good news? We don't turn the ball over much. Only 1 INT in four games and that was last week. And we don't fumble. We need PT to give us some free possessions with turnovers. Let's go get this win!!!!
  18. That winning streak at Pine Tree stadium is going to be put to the test this season depending on which Marshall defense shows up. And which Marshall offense. Helter skelter. Looks like Pine Tree has been the same way. Can't really compare the schedules though. Not even close to the same.
  19. The games start counting now. Pine Tree enters the game (2-2) with losses to Van (24-17) and Kilgore (18-0) and wins over Lindale (42-22) and Jacksonville (34-13) Marshall enters the game (1-3) with a 5-OT loss to Tyler (38-36), a 48-7 loss to Longview and a 38-13 loss to Carthage. Their win was a 35-20 storm shortened game over Henderson. Both teams are looking to open district with a win. Marshall has been to the playoffs 9 of the last 10 seasons and 15 of the last 19 seasons with two state title appearances and four regional appearances. Marshall leads the overall series (30-10-1) dating back to 1966. Since rejoining them as district mates in 2002, Marshall has been (18-3). The Mavs three losses are to teams that are a combined (11-1) this season. Their win was against a (1-3) Henderson. Pine Tree's wins are to teams that are a combined (1-7). Their losses are a combined (6-2). DID YOU KNOW: The Mavericks have never lost a game at Pine Tree's Pirate Stadium? They are (7-0) there since it opened in 2013. (5-0) Vs. the Pirates and (2-0) in the playoffs.
  20. From what I understand..... If they are ejected in the first half....he should be ready to play the following game. If they are ejected in the second half he will have to sit out the first half of the following game.
  21. We just need to be patient. Anyone paying attention to our sub-varsities should be thrilled about the future. I'm not ready to flush 2023 down the toilet. We can still have a good season. But I think what Coach A is building is from the ground up. This is a necessary growing pain season. No overnight success.
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