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  1. Palestine Westwood and Splendora are the next two opponents. They have good shot at 3-0. Bullard, Troup and Madisonville will be a taller order.
  2. They are going to remain undefeated after this week as well.
  3. Shelbyville will win this game and it will not be close. Too much talent coming through the Shelbyville system right now.
  4. You could have an 0-10 team in the playoffs. Some of the districts only have 4 teams.
  5. SA will not finish 3rd. They lost the whole line (except Payne) and nearly every skill position. 1-3 wins is a possibility. Sure losses to Grace, Garrison, Deweyville, Tenaha, Alto, WS. Shelbyville has a good squad coming and will be favored. Grapeland, Cushing and Hemphill are in play depending on Twine. Alto is winning the district and it will not be close.
  6. They have a great chance to go 0-10. They could get a streak going and contend for the worst program in Texas.
  7. Katy has never been without significant speed. Adam Taylor was very fast as evidenced in the championship. It definitely is more noticeable in the lower classifications. A good core of about 4-6 players will enable you to win in every sport. There are reapeated examples of a 1A or 2A school dominating all sports with a particular group of kids.
  8. More important? Let me know which team wins without speed..... Katy? Cedar Hill? Lamar? Allen? Cedar Park? Lancaster? Guyer? Georgetown? Stephenville? Navasota? East Bernard? Mildred? Yoe? Daingerfiled? Stamford? Mart? Munday? Tenaha? I need clarification. There are a lot of teams with good OL that did not make it to the championships. Which one made it without speed.
  9. Freshman group is good w/ 40+ players. They have some speed as well in a very good QB/athlete. I'm on the record.
  10. They will be running the pure double wing just like Joaquin. They have a good sophmore class with some key players and a strong freshman class that will enable them to be competitve. Things will change this time. They have the right plan and staff to make a difference. Put me on the record for 4-6 or 5-5 in the next two years.
  11. Exactly, Longview has more speed than any NFL or college team in the country.
  12. They made the playoffs last year, they did not win the district.
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