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  1. UTD and UTT are the only public schools currently in the ASC.
  2. Yeah, Paul Wall always does that. He has an astros logo tatted on the back of the hand he uses to do it.
  3. I am probably right there with you in age but that "devil" horns are actually used by many h-town rappers. I always thought they were trying to form an "H" with their hands.
  4. It's possblie because Baylor is limping into their final games. Not to mention they will have to travel to Austin. If Baylor wins they will be 18-0 in the last two seasons over in-state competition.
  5. They were never interested in Showers from what I heard. I hope he lands at a good school though.
  6. I want Baylor to sign Randall Cunigham jr.
  7. Yeah scared money don't make money. That's what the kids are saying these days.
  8. I agree 100% with you on that. KSU,OSU, and ISU are three schools I wouldn't want to play come tournament time. Baylor has a ton of talent but they will need a late season surge to get in IMO. OU should be in and kruger is a year ahead of schedule IMO. Florida is head and shoulders above the rest of the SEC even with that let down loss to the hogs. Mizzou is a strong team with some good experience I think they could be a sweet 16 team. Kentucky is a pg away from being really good. Ole Miss has marshall and he is a cocky dude but he can play I still don't know if they will get in. The rest of the conference has been highly inconsistent. The aggies have some good wins and some bad losses.
  9. Florida is good this season but I'd be willing to be Kansas and Florida are bout even.
  10. The big 12 will get 5 to 6 teams in.
  11. Don't get me wrong I love the southland. I just think it is viewed as one of the weakest div 1 conferences in the country. I hope SFA gets in and does well. I think Kaspar is a great coach.
  12. There is no way a southland school will get an at-large bid. Kaspar and co are going to have to win the southland tourney. Kansas is overrated by their standards but they will still win 20 plus games and be fine.
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