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  1. Since we play them on the road after a short week and them coming off a bye that is possible. But there will be more W's this year in the Kats future.
  2. You have to be invited to those being FBS conferences. Those windows are closed for right now SFA really does not want to go FBS.
  3. They will be fine in basketball and that is what almost all Lumber fans want anyway. McN and SFA will be by far the 2 best hoops in that conference.
  4. I am shocked to see SFA back to the Southland. Mcneese is running all things in that conference now as far as in the administration of things.
  5. New AD announced at SFA from WT should be interesting Since he fired Carthels dad at WT
  6. DC is a hometown guy from there. We have a mutual friend also from there I wish him well and hope he is given a fair chance to do the job
  7. Interviews are going on as we speak I would expect they have someone in place before the end of the month
  8. PNG Band wow Call will be debated but on earlier pass play on anothe drive that ended in PNG FG. The PNG WR got mugged with no call
  9. Looking forward to watching him do this for the SH Bearkats next few years
  10. And the 16 game featured a OT 30 yd game winning fg in a driving rain storm! By the same kicker who the year before as a freshman had missed 5 XPs while nursing a pulled hammy. It was a redemption for him and the team and to do it in front of the NFL network made it even better. That young man who is one of the best you ever meet had another memorable moment as a SR in 2018 He intercepted Jentsch pass on the first drive of the 2018 State title game could have been a difference in the game? The play was reviewed this was the first year of instant replay in the title games and the int was overturned. I believe that is the first overturned call in state game history? He is now an Asst Coach at Malakoff
  11. I found the 16 game mor epic with the NFL network in the house filming
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