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  1. I see that Coach Leaf is not there anymore and is the new AD HD FB at Colorado City
  2. I was 12 feet from Tiger on the putting green also close on 8 Also on 8 was 10 feet from Bubba Watson Watched Amen Corner drama as Smith birdied and then rinsed it on 12 Got to practice putt on the replica 16-14-7 greens Fist bump with HV 3 on way to first tee Got to meet Peyton Manning in the back A magical day that I will get to cherish for long time Augusta is truly magical and this is one I will
  3. This Sunday I will get the bucket list trip of being at Augusta I still am in disbelief that I will be be attending
  4. Thomas Rocco resigned and accepted the corners and special teams coordinator position at Sam Houston
  5. Congratulations to my old friend on this We unpacked this rookie football coach back in 1996 with some shoulder pads and helmets
  6. Congratulations to Heath Ragle on becoming the Head Eagle
  7. https://www.kbtx.com/2022/03/01/three-brazos-valley-head-football-coaches-step-down/
  8. You mean an absolutely terrible call 40 feet from the basket with 2 seconds left deciding the game? Yes I am sure Kellar bought his dinner and drinks last night
  9. Game was sold out at 9:00 am this morning
  10. We had a 4 game opening set with Nebraska from Fri-Sun So yes are number 5 spot starter got the ball last night
  11. Indeed it should be its crawfish boil night from student activities I am planning on trying to get there
  12. Public schools educate everyone who comes to their door including the fragile autistic anyone that is who I challenge you to show me some data on your charter school claims? Here is some of the research and facts https://dianeravitch.net/2020/10/05/analysis-of-texas-charter-schools/ Private schools can choose to accept who they want. Do you really think they would accept special education students with severe disabilities? Let me pick and choose who I let in and I can be great at whatever the game is or activity I am not here to say that public schools are perfect Or that all public schools do not have areas to improve on I am just telling you there are some of those politicians that you mention get big campaign donations from some entities To open this new revenue stream up to them so they can profit from it.
  13. Disagreement makes the world go around Who will educate the ones that no one wants to have to deal with? The medically fragile the autistic etc Charter schools have shown to not be as successful as Public schools Fact is you have school choice you can choose where you live and choose public or private Private schools don't want taxpayer money for the most part because they do not want strings that come attached
  14. There are some who want Public schools to fail It is a great untapped revenue stream is how they see it for private enterprise ie: vouchers
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