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  1. They missed that call but other than that seemed like pretty well called game It did not cost SFA the game
  2. Well boys it has been fun 99 years We will take the beautiful trophy on back to it’s final resting place in Huntvegas! 11 in a row 16 of 18 21 of last 25 60-34-2 final
  3. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2022/09/28/one-last-fight-the-battle-of-the-piney-woods-concludes-on-saturday-with-sam-houston-sfa-poised-to-end-rivalry?ref=home_feature_article Good article! Wrong on enrollments for both Last year SFA was 11,900 or so SHSU was still over 20k. Unless they are just going undergraduates
  4. I mean if you say it every year at some point Never mind last one for long time Carthel said yesterday SFA would have to have 500k to play SH anymore Little brother always wanting money from big brother
  5. Last one for long time and the backup Qb who broke the Limp Lumbers hearts last year will start
  6. What is the fall enrollment at SFA have you heard? Freshmen largest class ever at SHSU this fall up 15% from last Fall
  7. Hi guys! Saw lot of predictions from SFA fans on undefeated perfect season and also crushing the Kats in BOTPW Not so fast as Lee Corso says Long season and they could turn things around and have a great one The loss of the DC seems like it could be huge Should be interesting to see how they respond
  8. Nah we are good right now Conf USA will let us get our feet wet in FBS
  9. I see that Coach Leaf is not there anymore and is the new AD HD FB at Colorado City
  10. I was 12 feet from Tiger on the putting green also close on 8 Also on 8 was 10 feet from Bubba Watson Watched Amen Corner drama as Smith birdied and then rinsed it on 12 Got to practice putt on the replica 16-14-7 greens Fist bump with HV 3 on way to first tee Got to meet Peyton Manning in the back A magical day that I will get to cherish for long time Augusta is truly magical and this is one I will
  11. This Sunday I will get the bucket list trip of being at Augusta I still am in disbelief that I will be be attending
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