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  1. Jacks keep the Chief BOTPW trophy tucked safely right where it needs to be for long time
  2. My reference to FS1 was last Sat Night when SH and BYU hooked up
  3. If you wanted to see how to play defense it was on FS1 last sat night
  4. Blocked him fell on him then starts to get up delivers a punch to the crotch that left the Rusk player writhing in pain
  5. Just saw clip of film from the game Hopefully there is some strong discipline coming for that young man
  6. I did SFA 2023 with TWO Footballs on either side of it
  7. Just like a SFA fan to be posting hoops updates on his football thread
  8. First 3 games were at 8 then the it switched to 7:30 game 4 back in the 80s
  9. You mentioned the 2001 team
  10. Thought Koff dominated 21-0 in live quarter according to the news? You mentioned them being like the 2001 Arp Tigers if they are close to that they would be really good That Arp team was never dominated by anyone
  11. You lol my friend but the Kats are on National TV in Huntsville numerous times this season Sept 28th ESPN U Jacksonville State CBS Sports Network Oct 18 FIU ESPN 2 Oct 25 vs UTEP
  12. I don't think ESPN and FS1 can get there TV trucks and equipment into Waverly
  13. Air Force at NRG first Home game No home game at Bowers until Sept 28 Thurs Night vs Jax State on ESPN U (first Conf USA game) The 60 million bond for the complete tear down and redo of press box with luxury suites -club level seating -added seating - redo of entrances etc
  14. We are paying Texas State 500k next year to come to NRG Once Bowers is redone I can see us paying SFA mileage plus pizza to come over and play
  15. Well one thing will be different for the Jacks in 2023 we know for sure. They want be getting that 12th in a row loss to their big brother,
  16. Happy for the Hornets! Bowers will be approved for a 60 million dollar renovation next week So they would have really been wandering if this stadium had not gotten done. 2024 the Kats will most likely be playing in Conroe at Woodforest Stadium due to construction
  17. NIL continues to be murky water but the NCAA is trying to put the cat back in the house and it is not happening
  18. Yeah 39th hardest in FBS We are jumping in with both feet! Be on FS 1 VS BYU opening weekend for our first official game as FBS school
  19. 3rd guy offered took it I heard
  20. New Supt just got named also
  21. One of them was in the house tonight to see the Bearkats the Jacks for the season in OT 64-59
  22. It will be interesting to see what happens with the finances of this school district.
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