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  1. I umpired their baseball playoff game against Alba--Was impressed by him and his kids--lots of class and character
  2. Don't know about all that--but the Boys basketball team will be well coached... at the end of the day lot of it still comes down to the Jimmy's and Joes
  3. Congrats to Kerry Strong--I know this is the one Job he has always wanted---He will do great
  4. Alba Golden 1-0 game one Linden Kildare 7-4 game 2
  5. yea 19 more couple of payoffs to porn stars and a rape charge and he can catch old donnie
  6. 0-60 but all the judges -all the republican election officials-every major media outlet-the Attorney General and the election security chief are all in on it ..All you have to do is ask Donnie, freak show Rudy or his drunk witnesses just like all the world--over 200 countries conspired to kill millions and millions and destroy the worlds economy just to get rid of the most morally corrupt, incompetent, dishonest POtuS that ever served
  7. even his hand picked judges say he is a complete idiot
  8. how about fort worth FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A North Texas medical examiner's office has brought in two refrigerated trucks to store dead bodies in response to low capacity amid a surge in coronavirus cases.
  9. credit for any vaccine goes to to the scientists that developed it---germany china russia and UK already using them---
  10. this would really be funny if it wasnt so scary
  11. But I understand these are the same people that believe ---there is a world wide web of democratic pedophiles selling children on Wayfair and Donald Trump is the chosen Messiah to stop it --- A dictator that died in 2013 came up with an idea for a voting machine to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 --- All those illegal votes just happened to vote for Biden but forgot to vote for Democrats in senate and house --Trump and his cronies have lost 46 court cases in front of predominantly Republican judges who have claimed no evidence but they are part of the hoax --Republican gov
  12. once again ---why do we have field hopitals and freezer trucks for bodies---Just part of the Hoax???
  13. answer me this---I have no idea how old you are but name me one time in your entire life where we have had to set up field hospitals and have temporary morgues brought in--- I will wait for your response
  14. Imagine 300,000 people dying from a virus that never existed-- all the morgue trucks in our cities are just part of the great con job. It was just a political ploy by the Democrats that would mysteriously disappear from the entire world on November the 3rd...If you wonder why the United Sates leads the world in cases and deaths you just have to read Smoaky.com
  15. Has been charged with Class A assault which is normally a misdemeanor with up to 1 year in Jail but if Read the law right it can be upgraded to 3rd degree felony since it was against a public official and that carries up to a 10 year sentence
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