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  1. always said "Watch what you ask far" when you want to go in a new direction you may not like it. Quitman tried that in 2009 and went 17-103 in the next 12 years. Webber went back to the old direction and is turning it back around.
  2. Hawkins got moved to Saturday--Waited until today to tell them they didnt have officials
  3. when I moved from coaching to principal I was amazed at how much free time I had--- I didn't know that the sun actually could be shining when I went home or that there was such a thing as off days on the weekends. I have actually got to go to birthday parties for my grandkids, class parties, ball games, take them fishing, and see them take their first steps etc...
  4. and when I was AD I was always at field house by 6am for athletes that wanted to lift and watch film prior to school. I realize Hudl has made things much easier for coaches and athletes to get a lot of this work done at home and has made game-planning much easier than doing all the work by hand but it is still hours put in ---just not at the fieldhouse
  5. you can also add 2-3 hours on thursday for coaches at small schools 3 games on thursday night--lucky to get out of fieldhouse by midnight
  6. I am no longer a coach but did it for many years--I kept a log of my hours for many years. Coaches routinely put in anywhere from 40-60 hours per week outside of the teaching day depending on travel time for that weeks game and how long you you have to game plan and study film on the weekend
  7. straight out of UIL (b) THE ATHLETIC CODE FOR COACHES. The code for athletic sponsors includes the principles described in Subsection (a) and the purposes listed in Section 1200. Further, the coach’s code includes: (1) Being aware of, understanding and following all rules governing the competition for which the coach is responsible. (2) Informing one’s immediate supervisor in writing the next school day after a contest if ejected from that contest for unsportsmanlike actions, or, in football, if given two 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalties during one contest, knowing that such conduct requires automatic penalty. (3) Treating athletes based on what is best for the education, general welfare and health of the student. (4) Professional loyalty to other coaches. (5) Not removing a team from a contest as a protest. (6) Adhering to in season and out of season practice regulations. (7) Adhering to policies which do not force athletes to specialize or restrict them from participation in other sports. (8) Allowing students to participate in one school sport without requiring, as a prerequisite, participation in another school sport.
  8. As a longtime coach and a Former AD I encouraged athletes to play as many sports a possible--One of first question colleges always asked me- especially for basketball and baseball players was what other sports did they participate in. They didn't really like single sports players. With that being said I don't agree that you should ever force or require an athlete to play another sport. A good lawyer could probably make you liable for any injuries if that was the case
  9. Looks like from what I see now taht I have searches some went to 2 teams in 1982 Smaller schools went to three teams in 1998 and 4 teams in 2014
  10. Does anybody remember the years that Texas went to 2 teams in Playoffs? Three teams in Playoffs 4 Teams in playoffs
  11. didnt want to rub it in too bad LOL.. If the other team can never stop the run passing becomes irrelevant.... 590 yards rushing on a really good defensive team is impressive
  12. One team can pass when needs to the other can’t. Gonna be the difference. dont see why that is even a factor when you run for 500 plus
  13. good defenses get wore out when you go three and out in 30 seconds passing every down or throw 3 interceptions in a half
  14. how can the officiating be this bad at state game.. The fumble was definitely a fumble but they blew the ball dead way before the recovery... the pass was absolutely intentional grounding QB was looking straight down and no receiver in sight
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