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  1. There is a photo of kids. Lat week it was all cover up
  2. Just last week a portion of the Carthage -Marshall thread got scrubbed for post like these. Yet we post all kinds of evidence of misbehaviour including pictures. This site has become exactly like MSM with the censoring. Rules for thee but not for me.
  3. Mustsa been a bad buisness decision to have scheduled APP State.
  4. Just an old retired Coach from East Texas. Enjoy watching schools that do it right.
  5. Was wondering if Dog fans would accept a transfer fan? Carthage fans and school has developed a culture of success. Hat tip to the community.
  6. Carthage vs China Springs Game 1 Thursday @ 7:30 Game 2 Friday @ 5:00 Game 3 30 minutes after if needed All games at Prosper
  7. Add Chasen Hines to the New England Patriots 6th round. Former Marshall Maverrick. Congrats Chasen
  8. The 1st year I remember 2 teams I think was 1984. Went to watch Groveton play Alto in Palestine. Alto had won their district matchup. Groveton won the playoff game.
  9. Tough schedule to open with. With time the boys will get conditioned to a mental toughness in Marshall. Do not despair. I believe JA will get them to that.
  10. I suspect JA knows more about Coaching football than any poster on this thread.
  11. Cause probably about 70% R's were corrupt also. Congress takes cares of their on.
  12. Check on your Jr. high programs. #s
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