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  1. Yes I would research Johnny Sutton https://www.britannica.com/biography/Lavrenty-Beria
  2. Buckle up. The year 2023 is right around the corner! Will state once again and that Trump 2023 will be a reality. The movie has many twists and turns. My best advice is to be kind to each other as that will immensely help you! Do not use ad hominem tactics on others as that was used on me ( modS came up with the charge of spamming) that shows a reflection of yourself. A new world is coming…quickly. The Great awakening has been happening before our very eyes. By now many understand that our Federal government is broken and in no way cares about its citizens. 187 banks closing $ going out of US while Citizens struggle with inflation Open border Fake lockdowns Fake elections results Fake MSM * Smith-Mundt Act Virus now of the vaccinated Young people dying- heart Incredible tax increases over last 2 years Weaponized 3 letter agencies against its own Citizens Human trafficking ( very seldom even reported about) Normalization of sinful beliefs Judges not following their Oath to the Constitution Legislative Branch not following their Oath to the Constitution Executive Branch not following their Oath to Constitution Bill of Rights of many US Citizens ignored by leadership Many others events I look with excitement to the tweet that is coming that will start of with “My fellow Americans a storm…” This nation will start anew. To the US military God bless all the True servants of the United States To God be the glory!
  3. We may not be thinking same thing and probably not
  4. Oh we heading to uncharted waters
  5. Heading to uncharted waters for sure
  6. Not my area. Thought I had read that somewhere in the past. TY
  7. Round 11 McCarthy 200 Jeffries 212 Hern 7 Trump 1 Others 12 Present 1 * They took off the scoreboard. Will adjust when I see
  8. What ifs Just thinking, what if DJT became Speaker and took over the J6 investigations?
  9. A Dem. She waits to 2nd call. Its a maneuver. Present votes lowers the threshold below 218. Not sure of how many Presents lower it by 1 or 2 or 3 etc...
  10. Round 11 McCarthy Jeffries Hern Trump
  11. Round 10 McCarthy 200 Jeffries 212 Donalds 13 Hern 7 Present 1
  12. You have to include the rest of the swamp. Need a clean House. You are witnessing
  13. Round 10 McCarthy Jeffries Donalds Hern
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