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  1. WW and Elkhart should battle for 3rd and 4th. Elkhart has 2 starters not returning for various reasons and that will impact the team. But Wells will have the boys playing hard. Good luck to all the teams.
  2. I've seen West and Edgewood this season. Edgewood might be the best team I've seen since 2012. I haven't seen Teague play and they are obviously pretty good but I think it's safe to say West is better since they've beat them the last 3 times. West has a good team but I'm gonna say Edgewood takes home the trophy from Round Rock this year. Good luck to all the teams.
  3. From everything I've read Kville is obviously the favorite, but elkhart isn't gonna lay down. Would love to see the upset. It will be fun to watch.
  4. Pulling for WW and Hays.....WW didn't "blow" the second half against Elkhart. Elkhart made halftime adjustments and stopped WWs running attack. The same argument could be made that Elkhart "blew" the first half. It was a good game played by two pretty talented teams. I wish both Elkhart and WW luck in the playoffs. Would love to see both win.
  5. Will be a close game. Probably alot of points on the board. IMO the difference will be Elk defense and if the passing game is working. Gotta go with Elkhart in a close one.
  6. Malakoff should take this one. Elkhart will come to play but wont be able to match the speeed. I still think the District ends Teague, Malakoff, Elks, WW
  7. Malakoff - huge Teague - huge Elkhart - close
  8. WW wil not play with Malakoff for even a half. I understand they are 4-0 but they haven't seen anything like what they are gonna see in District. 3rd and 4th should be between Elkhart and WW
  9. Elkhart has great receivers and they are a pretty quick team. Elks should get another W Friday
  10. Westwood is a good school. They don't have the talent they used to have but they should be doing better than what their record shows. Their basketball program has done well the last several years. I wonder if those athletes are also playing football. I understand those are two different sports but in a small school you normally have multi sport players. One would think if a coach has "athletes" then possibly things would start moving in the right direction. It's hard to say what the problem is when you're on the outside looking in. I hope they can find a hire that can start making changes in the right direction.
  11. IMO - Franklin has a better defense but Teagues offense might be slightly better. Guess I'll go with Teague but it could go either way. Both good teams.
  12. Teague probably wins this one due to having more weapons but it wouldn't suprise me if the Elks can pull it off. It will be close either way.
  13. Should be a good one. Elks - not by much, but a W is a W!
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