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  1. I would think most people who are following their school would know if they are in the hunt and who is out by now. If one or two games separate one team from another post it. For example in 18 2A Edgewood Lady Bulldogs should be in first place, Winnsboro Lady Raiders should be up close to the top, and who is in third? Is it Alba-Golden, Lone Oak, or Quitman? It would be nice to know before the games are being played. I want to let those who know post who they are rooting for, so everyone is aware.
  2. Can we all consolidate each of the east Texas 2A Girls basketball teams to determine playoffs and district winners? I will list each district if someone will update their records and scores weekly.
  3. In the debate over Grand Saline vs Edgewood, the first meeting in Edgewood on January 6 Grand Saline led by 9 points at least twice in the game. The first 9 point lead (20-11), was at 3:14 left in the 2nd quarter. The Bulldogs closed the gap with 59 seconds left in 2nd quarter with Grand Saline still in the lead (21-20). In the 3rd quarter Grand Saline took another 9 point lead with 4:59 left in the quarter (33- 24). Edgewood tie the game early in the 4th quarter. Both teams went back and fourth until the game went to overtime. Jameson did not play against Grand Saline. Edgewood's leading scorer, Tyler Germany - 12 points, with Eugene Dillard adding 11 points. This week Grand Saline should win both games (Edgewood & Winnsboro). Josue Cruz is hitting almost every three pointer he attempts. Akins and Tuttle are usually the top two scorers. Latta can be brutal from underneath the basket, he gets it done if they get him the ball. Shayne Neal and John Corrales both nail 3 point shots randomly at the most unexpected times. Follow up cast members Savallo, Phelps, Cleere, and Truett can all deliver when they are in the game. Neither EW or WN have as much depth.
  4. http://www.sportssho...ct-21-339-L.jpg Incorrect link on first post for Winnsboro QB. Sorry!
  5. I am surprised at how negative and personal these post have become! I was under the impression this site was to discuss the sports and highlight the achievements of teams and players in East Texas football. This topic started out with a poll and personal opinion of what each team will do. In my opinion from what I covered at the Grand Saline vs Winnsboro and the Grand Saline vs Melissa games were the comparison of how each performed in action. First the quarterback from Winnsboro had a better passing game. Second Melissa's quarterback did not run the ball as much, he handed off to #4 most of the night. My next observations identified which defense stopped Grand Salines running game better. It was evenly competitive between Melissa and Winnsboro, but Winnsboro stopped the Indians more consistently. I attached some photos of both quarterbacks below. The links are from my website of sports photos. Let me know if you want to truly discuss my comments instead of just ripping what I observed. Thank you, Rick http://www.sportssho...S-vs-ML-3-L.jpg http://www.sportssho...ct-21-331-L.jpg
  6. But if Lone Oak beats Mildred? Edgewood and Alba both win? Then the head to head match up where Edgewood beat Alba places Edgewood third and Alba fourth? Am I correct on that? Not saying it will, but it could happen?
  7. Winnsboro has a better defense against the run game. If Melissa can pass the ball effectively they have a chance, but the Raiders have a strong offense with an evenly competitive passing and running game. I see Winnsboro shutting down Melissa's running game to win. Special teams may play an important part in the win, the edge goes to Winnsboro. Melissa won over Grand Saline, but they missed two extra point kicks and a field goal attempt. If this happens in the game against Winnsboro, they could fall by one or two points. Should be great game to watch.
  8. Just curious on where you get information to validate this scenario? I am confused that in the head to head game Edgewood beat Alba 14-7, but Alba beat Lone Oak 21-18. Earlier in the district play Edgewood lost to Lone Oak prior to Lone Oak securing a post season spot? Both teams are 2-2 in District with Edgewood playing a more difficult schedule? I am not disagreeing with your scenario, but I want to understand how the UIL decides tiebreakers in District races?
  9. District winners teams and individuals going to Bullard for Regionals. District:18 Boys - Teams: Quitman 1st, Mineola 2nd, Alba-Golden 3rd Individuals: Jake Gorman Quitman 1st, Jordan Bates Quitman 2nd, Lucas Akins Grand Saline 3rd. Girls - Teams: Quitman 1st, Edgewood 2nd, Alba-Golden 3rd Individuals: Molli Taylor Quitman 1st, Kelsie Patton Lone Oak 2nd, Emillee Davis Alba-Golden 3rd. Can I hear from District winners in 17, 19 - 24? Please list your top finishers.
  10. Quitman 9 Alba-Golden 3 (Friday April 15) new record 8 - 5. Quitman next game Tuesday April 19 vs Como-Pickton (home game). Any results available for Lone-Oak Friday game against Como-Pickton in Como? Lone Oak next game Tuesday 19 vs Winnsboro (home game).
  11. Edgewood 10 Quitman 1 (Saturday game) - Edgewood 2 HR & Quitman 1 HR all with the wind. Need other Saturday results for GS, CP, AG, LO & Friday results for Edgewood & Winnsboro
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