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  1. Airplane is full of them: "I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley." Fletch: "Charge it to the Underhills" Wet Hot American Summer is also a good one.
  2. followed by one of the worst sequels of all time this side of Caddyshack II
  3. People always through race into arguements they can't win. Of course, it is enabled by "white guilt"
  4. It is extremely weak this season
  5. Anything with Kristen Wigg But the Celebrity Blogger skits on Weekend Update are hilarious, and Party Guys is the best of the digital shorts.
  6. At least Bush could produce a birth certificate.
  7. Does anyone remember the last 8 years when we saw all sorts of signs that would say things like "Bush is not my president" or "Bush is a terrorist?" Or how the looney left would always say they wanted Bush to fail or that they wouldn't support him? Why is it now, if anyone speaks out against the Odrama, they are labeled as being anti-American?
  8. ha, you don't have to tell me, but I'll be holding my nose when I vote for McCain since he supported this junk.
  9. You know, working on Capitol Hill, I see a lot of stuff that would make the normal person disillusioned, and its true when they say working here is like watching sausage being made. But I tell you, all the stuff I've seen in the last 8 months firsthand doesn't compare to the travesty I saw this week. Folks, I can no longer support our President. The bill you saw passed this week was another step to socialism, and I'm afraid it has put us on the slippery slope. The House did the right thing by defeating it Monday, but too many people freaked out when the market went south. Guess what, the stock market is a gamble, and it should stay that way. This bill is a travesty, a joke, a boondoggle, and a bailout. Its socialism for the rich paid for by the middle class. Every single member and Senator who voted for it should be voted out. Some will tell you its not a bailout, but it is, because we are saving Wall Streets' tail. I'm a very disgusted with the direction of our country. I supported Bush from day one, but I can no longer support him. What has he left us with? A huge national debt, a war that I believed in but was mismanaged my politicians from the start, and no significant, watershed legislation outside of the patriot act. Of course, the Dems are just as much to blame, with Dodd and Frank taking huge kickbacks. Where does it end? When do we stop with the bailouts? Thats what I'm afraid of. We are losing our brand, our image, and our principles. It has to stop, and the House of Representatives and Senate should have stood up to the President and Party leadership. East Texans should be proud of their Rep., Louie Gohmert, who voted against it twice. It can't be said for our Senators. Socialism has been creeping for a long time, and after 2008, where the Treasury let over a trillion tax dollars go for bailouts, its here, and unless we do something, its not going anywhere.
  10. What about outlawing affirmative action? I think that would repair a lot of the damage done to the job market.
  11. She didn't help at all, and regardless of what the news media says, she knew she wouldn't have the votes to get this passed. I knew this morning when I got to work we were going to vote for it. And for Shiela Jackson Lee to stand up there grandstanding blaming the Republicans for the failure when she voted against it, thats just enough to make your teeth itch.
  12. Steps to get America back on track 1) End lawsuit abuse. Business needs to be able operate without living in fear of being sued. Same goes for malpractice and classaction suits. 2) End big labor's influence. Working in DC has really opened my eyes to how much influence they really have, and its scary. 3) 3 year moratorium on the capital gains tax. This would stimulate investment and free up tons of private capital. 4) Pass a balanced budget amendment. Cut spending. The federal government wastes so much money, its ridiculous. Make them balance the budget every year, no more deficit spending. Thats just a few.
  13. Its good to be back, been a few years. I'm a long way from Texas though, finally made it to DC...now if that doesn't scare you :rolleyes:
  14. Exactly, even if people claim a $700 billion plan is somehow "good" for the country, the fact remains is that the end result would be higher spending and more government intruision into our lives. Its a slippery slope to socialism folks, and it only takes one step. Don't let the President scare you. Stick to your guns, and we will see who the real Capitalists are.
  15. I was in the House Chamber today and witnessed the vote, and it was great to see Congressman Gohmert, as well as my boss, not bow to the immense political pressure and vote their principles and districts. These guys were under a lot of pressure, but still did the right thing. Oh btw, you could cut the tension with a knife.
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