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  1. Grandview That may the worst coaching job I've seen in 20 years of coaching. Grandview Athletes won that game not the coaches.
  2. Joaquin, True your close but I think you forgot a couple. QB- Brian Owens RB- Marcus Bledsoe RB- Bradley Gandy TE- Darrell Martinez WR- Tom Warlick WR- Glenn Norris OT- Tony Powdrill OT- Dane Childress OG- Jody Hooper OG- Scotty Cummings C- Jeremy McDaniel PK- Terry Jackson DL- Cody Greer DL- Eric Wheless DL- Jay Jones LB- Cole Leflett LB- William Ham LB- Tyler McSwain LB- Brad Lawrence DB- Joseph Mitchell DB- Tracy Mitchell DB- JaDerrick Norris DB- Eric Permenter P- Sean Hightower Like This
  3. how do i delete a post

  4. Never assume. Has gotten me more than once in life.
  5. Do not know Cody personally. I did however get the opportunity to work with Mr. Mohan at Elkhart. Good man. If he is anything like dad then Cayuga got a good one.
  6. Is Cody Coach Leo Mohan's son by chance.
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