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  1. not a lot of talk after the meeting. somebody knows something
  2. Now that right there is funny. Willie would look good in the orange and white
  3. The job is posted on the Alto ISD website. So either it's true or a cruel joke by the Admin. Hearing the replacement in the Center of this controversy will be named shortly.
  4. OK OK enough with the schedule. Get some names out here. Who are we thinking?
  5. So if Ford scheduled Marshal and Longview you are perfectly fine with sending your kids out to play them because that shows your new coaches character.
  6. That's his schedule. May not be the incoming coaches schedule lol.
  7. If you want to wear a mask please do so. Just don't tell me I have to. I don't like mandates either way. Do what you do.
  8. Grandview That may the worst coaching job I've seen in 20 years of coaching. Grandview Athletes won that game not the coaches.
  9. Joaquin, True your close but I think you forgot a couple. QB- Brian Owens RB- Marcus Bledsoe RB- Bradley Gandy TE- Darrell Martinez WR- Tom Warlick WR- Glenn Norris OT- Tony Powdrill OT- Dane Childress OG- Jody Hooper OG- Scotty Cummings C- Jeremy McDaniel PK- Terry Jackson DL- Cody Greer DL- Eric Wheless DL- Jay Jones LB- Cole Leflett LB- William Ham LB- Tyler McSwain LB- Brad Lawrence DB- Joseph Mitchell DB- Tracy Mitchell DB- JaDerrick Norris DB- Eric Permenter P- Sean Hightower Like This
  10. how do i delete a post

  11. Never assume. Has gotten me more than once in life.
  12. Do not know Cody personally. I did however get the opportunity to work with Mr. Mohan at Elkhart. Good man. If he is anything like dad then Cayuga got a good one.
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