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    my name is Cary Wilson. I was a member of JT\'s \'73 championship team. I reside in Tyler and work at trane. Iam a longtime listener and caller.

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  1. Have they discontinued coach's corner onTISD channel 19?
  2. When does JT and other ET schools start spring football?
  3. Great job JT. Soon as they figure out the personal for the 4 x 200 and the 4 x 400 should be good as well.
  4. Does anyone know what the status of TC football ?
  5. Does anyone know what schools are recruiting JTseniors?
  6. What is the status of UT football. I thought they would be a start up program in 2015.
  7. The state 4A semi-finals in 1973 between John Tyler and Arlington Sam Houston. It was about 12 degrees with wind gusts and sleet in Baylor stadium in Waco.
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