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  1. 3-1 not a spanking. But Tomlin pitched well 7-1 was a spanking you took from Kilgore the first round. And I think that is the first win against a Kilgore team in Varsity Boys sport this year.
  2. You think maybe all the coaches were trying to make sure nothing between the teams happened because of the incident of the players from Carthage. Because Carthage was on Kilgore side line holding up newspaper and holding up four fingeres to the players and coaches. So that probably a good reason!! It did not show all that happened on replay so you can judged coaches from that. After it was under control the players and coaches all shook hands at one point or another. My 2 cents.
  3. I had to refresh the web site.thrn it started playing again!!!
  4. Think again fancyface14!!!!!!!!!! Think again fancyface14!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lion70 All you really have to comment in all of your post on Kilgore is about the last 3 years of Henderson winning. Thats great for henderson everybody nows that, so enough talk about the past 3 season already. Kilgore will be young all but they will come to play!!!!!!!
  6. Hey 45, Why dont you check and see how many pages Rod Lee, Cujo, JT Accounts for. Seems like yall contiune to bring this back up. Dont take way from Kilgore on hard fought game. Seems like yall are concerned going in to the playoff's and can not stop a good run team!! They gave yall a good game and leave it at that! Jacksonville should be on your mind!!!!! You know Kilgore played a great game. Had over 300 yds rushing scored 49 pts and lost! Great job! Congrats! I just don't understand how y'all can come on here and drag this out to 11 pages and you didn't win. And you can't even blame the Refs. Must be tough when you are proud of Moral Victories!
  7. ROD LEE, Give it a rest the game is long over. You have made your point over and over. KIlgore had over 300 yds rushing. They scored with him on the field and when he was not. SO it is time to MOVE ON!!! I bet Whitehouse won't lose their best LB to a phony personal foul just because he starts wrecking Kilgore's run game.
  8. Due to a cancellation - Kilgore is looking for an opening game for the 2012 season on February 20 or 21st at Driller Park. Contact Charles Presley at (903) 649 - 0859
  9. 2shot

    Kilgore Soccer

    What's the word in Kilgore for soccer next year?
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