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  1. 92 what u have against the new staff. See Tatum hoop thread. Geez give those guys time. Marshall beat state ranked Kilgore and Tatum by 30+ as well.
  2. I believe Coach B has coached them all year. I was told he and his assistants were doing double duty. Remember he had those guys in off season all year. Maybe that's why they looked better. I mean losing to an undefeated Marshall team by 30, my not be a reason to get ya panties in a wad. They been beating people like that all year. Reality is whenever you have 8-9 additions for less than 2 weeks. Its gonna take some time. What does LE coach coaching fball have to do with that
  3. Who was coaching them b4 football boys came ??? Who was coaching them b4 football boys came ???
  4. LE was down to Marshall at half by 9.Ended up losing by 25 Marshall pulled away late. Already can see improvement from Tuesday disaster. I may be wrong but Leopards will be ready by district.
  5. Mineola Coach- they headed to state
  6. Wonder if Tatum will beat Longview since they have all their guys now. Should be a fun game to watch.
  7. LE went 2-2 at Brownsboro tourney. They lost to Westwood and Hooks. Played without 5 players or so due to ACT testing on Saturday. Looking forward to the T High LE game on Tuesday.
  8. Hooks is for real no doubt. FYI. LE was playing without 6 of their players do to ACT test. GOOD LUCKS TO THE HORNETS THIS SEASON.
  9. So the leopards lost by 7 to Clarksville with out their full team? hmm I think LE will shock some people once they get rolling. I saw where LE is going to Brownsboro this weekend and Tyler Junior College Classic over Christmas. Im glad LE is going to some new tournaments!
  10. There are lots of people on here that dont know what they are talking about and making speculations. The new head coach will have an opportunity to work with his straight basketball players during football season and after basketball season as well. At least thats the word around the school, and thats what the kids have been told. I have also been told by a couple of basketball players that Summer league basketball will begin the second week in June. There are alot of people here in LE that are ruffled by Collvins not being head coach, and their are alot of people here that are welcoming the n
  11. I wouldn't say that anybody that knows Coach Byrdsong knows he is a heck of a basketball coach, and he just happens to be a good football coach as well. I just hate we couldn't have got him here in Tatum. Good Luck to Coach Byrdsong if this is true and LE just got better.
  12. Will Whitehouse or JT be able to beat Jacksonville or will they roll into the playoffs undefeated. Any Thoughts?
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