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  1. Should be a close game. Hooks pulls out the victory.
  2. 1) DF- as long as they stay focused 2) Hooks-cause I am a homer 3) PP-they just find a way to win 4) DK- probably should be #2, but they just never win when it counts
  3. Hooks looks a lot better this week, not sure who gets the credit, Hooks or MV. Winny has to be stunned.
  4. 2:04 Hooks 1st &10. winny 2 times left
  5. Hooks starting QB out. Hooks ball 1st & 10 Winny 25
  6. Don’t think Winny was ready for the Hornets to show up. 22-13 hooks at the half
  7. Troup doesn't have the athletes to compete with Hooks. I expect the game to be close at half, but hooks by 20 by the time the game is over. Waiting for objections!!! West Rusk is the only team that would make the playoffs in our district. IJS!!!
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