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  1. We have more than one, just have things to do other than patrol these boards responding to trolls. Oh well. Rusk wins.
  2. I and many others agree. Maybe our fans can keep it civil.
  3. Oh okay, well maybe he is a lock then. Like uniballer said, we'll see when it plays out.
  4. Hahaha, just living by the name...."StillWatchin"
  5. Treehugger...whats your definition of "BIG THangs"? And mooncity...do you know his current status at his current school? I'm just trying to figure out why a coach at a larger school in the Greater Houston area, making over $98k a year would leave...especially if everything is going good and he's doing "BIG THangs"...hometown boy or not.
  6. Rusk still not in this discussion? They gunna be tough after they breeze through 2nd round of district.
  7. Looks really good. Proud for the boys that get to play on it in future.
  8. Awesome movie..."Good Luck"
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