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  1. This thread is much more fun than the Hooks/Harmony thread..........
  2. We've been told that we probably won't make round 3 because "history" isn't on our side. I know this wasn't you, I'm just letting you know that y'all should get ready for WR because of how Hooks teams from the 80's, 90's, 00's, & 10's have done in the playoffs.
  3. What's the seeding process if there's a 3 way tie?
  4. I think it’s going to be much closer than many expect. NB is playing much better than at the beginning of the season. 34-21 Hooks
  5. Anybody ever see a scoreboard go off that quick???
  6. Because that’s what is inside of a Hornet nest. No honey, but they make the combs. Look it up…
  7. Pewitt might not have much of a football team this year, but they had Chick Fil A in the concession stand!
  8. Good Lord.........Does everything have to have an angle? I thought we could have civil discussion about other games too.... But I SHOULD know better.
  9. At least it won't be muddy like it was in 14 I think.
  10. Have y'all seen all of the games that are getting moved to Thursday? PG is the latest.
  11. And that the West Point commit didn't play a single down after he tore his ACL in a scrimmage.
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