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  1. DeKalb is off this week so I'm heading over to watch Hooks @ Redwater.
  2. Prairiland: the only place where the home team can throw a clear punch and NOT be ejected...
  3. Pewitt Gunter DK Waskom OC EF Harmony Harleton
  4. DeKalb @ Big Sandy DK JV won 3-0 & Varsity won 4-1
  5. I've been told there aren't many freshmen playing.
  6. Great game to watch, DeKalb had a shot to pull the upset. QB had at least 10 yards to run, but threw it instead. Great season Bears!
  7. The entire Hooks reserved section!!!!!!!
  8. I'm sure several would say HornetBlue, Eagles93 (currently on a 30 vacation), and me!!!
  9. Just hope the bye doesn't run up the middle too much!
  10. If we don't find a way to play much better defensively than the last FOUR games, it won't matter who we play...
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