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  1. I remember driving on 380 to Denton from East Texas for college. At the time there were maybe 3 or 4 red-lights from Greenville to Denton. Now, there is one every few miles. I avoid 380 like the plague lol.
  2. Same here. They did move Smith inside to Guard to make the transition a little easier. It's been almost 30 years since we made it to a Super Bowl, I think that's why we're all so jaded.
  3. So he projects as a top 10 pick next year. I like that he didn't allow a sack in the 9 games he started for OU last year at RT. Concerns- has only played 70 snaps at LT. He's supposed to be Tyron Smith's replacement. Who was our LT. He could be great in a few years, but I think he's going to struggle this year.
  4. https://www.oklahoman.com/story/sports/college/sooners/2024/04/25/ou-football-tyler-guyton-nfl-draft-2024-projections-first-round-pick-oklahoma-sooners/73443224007/ We drafted a project OT. He didn't start playing football until his Senior year of HS. Went to TCU to be a DL. Didn't get PT so went to OU. Only started 9 games this year.
  5. If Dallas doesn't draft an OL in the 1st rd, I'm going to make the 10 min drive to the star and boo Jerry.
  6. LK won't be good until there is an economic boon in Cass county. It's a dying town without athletes. They need more Jimmy's and Joe's. Doesn't matter about the Xs and Os.
  7. I saw Jefferson was still trying to find games for a few weeks. I'm interested to see what their schedule looks like.
  8. The Newton OC is the new coach per @MattStepp
  9. Jake is a solid TE and already has a good understanding of the Littrell offense. Nice pickup!
  10. TE Jake Roberts from Baylor/UNT just hit the portal. He's from OKC and was a Littrell recruit at UNT. I look for OU to sign him.
  11. It's gone downhill since the Fants sold it. I worked there during high school back in the day. That place gave me motivation to go to college lol.
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