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  1. I think the DC has been in the coaching business for a while now. He's also a local guy. I don't know the new Superintendent but I think he was previously with the district. It will be interesting to see who they hire. Jefferson has tons of athletes but struggles when the playoffs roll around. Jimmerson has set the program up for success (facility upgrades, off-season program,etc.), so it's not like the new coach will be starting from scratch.
  2. I have no clue who will take this job. Most of the coaches that I had during my playing days at Jefferson have either retired or got out of coaching. This would be a good job for an OC or DC at a 5A-6A to take, or an AD/HC from a neighboring 2A/3A school.
  3. Colorado OC Sean Lewis just took the San Diego State job. I don't blame the guy for leaving Colorado.
  4. Middle Tennessee State fired their head coach after 18 seasons.
  5. https://twitter.com/petethamel/status/1728454309073866985/mediaviewer
  6. I think Ryan Day is using A&M for a new contract since Jim Harbaugh is about to get a new one.
  7. 380 is a nightmare to drive on now. So many people have moved to DFW in the last few years and it's always under construction. The area is unrecognizable now. Yeah I take that toll road to Denton when I see my Mean Green play. I know what you mean regarding the oil field. I have had several friends make really good money working in it. However, the down years are no bueno.
  8. Michigan State is on the list as well. Remember the whole incident with their coach and the activist lady.
  9. Here's the pitch. Come be the Texas A&M Head Football Coach. We're going to write you a blank check to join our cult. The only downfall is that it will end your coaching career. Do you want to be rich for the rest of your life and retire early? If so, we have just the job for you.
  10. Frisco Reedy is the closest high school to my house, but if I had kids they would go to Little Elm ISD. DFW school zones are weird man.
  11. Memphis, Texas (not Tennessee) has an interesting set up. Their stadium is 4 feet from the highway.
  12. North Texas and SMU play the final game of the rivalry on Friday night. Since SMU paid their way into a new conference, this will be the last time the teams play for the foreseeable future.
  13. Going to be a wet one tonight. It's been raining in DFW all day and the rain is moving towards Paris.
  14. 24-3 in conference play and a 15 game conference winning streak at the moment. He did inherit a lot of good recruits prior to taking the job though. I understand where you are coming from, just wanted to share the information.
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