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  1. I give them a B. We definitely reached for a few players, but we addressed some need on defense. It will be interesting to see if some of these guys develop or end up being trash picks lol.
  2. Dorsey was promoted according to Matt Stepp
  3. They traded up to get him. He’s an awesome kid, and I look forward to watching him play on Sundays.
  4. Yep, they have had their moments here. However, I am fine if they are gone after next year.
  5. Fantastic pick. It makes up for the reach at 99. It seems Dan Quinn is preparing the Cowboys to move on from LVE.
  6. He was mentioned on the final season of Last Chance U. His little brother was that DB with a bad attitude. Apparently Nashon is the complete opposite.
  7. Is this a bad thing or something?
  8. He was a great QB at UNT. Led us to our last bowl win.
  9. His daughter is our recruiting operations coordinator. So the whole family will be closer to each other.
  10. The Jefferson baseball program has really struggled these last few years. I think they have had a few injuries this year, but 3-21 over the last few years is not a good look.
  11. Keanu Neal just agreed to a 1 year deal worth up to 5 mil. It will be interesting to see how he fits on the defense.
  12. I'm sure the coaches that coach the baseball, basketball and track kids would disagree with you. Please provide some context behind this ill-informed statement.
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