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  1. Georgia Tech also fired their Athletic Director.
  2. I hope you are going to Troup and not Jacksonville. They changed the location lol.
  3. The game moved to Troup on Saturday night at 6 PM.
  4. The fan base wants him gone. The AD/boosters do not want too. I imagine he will be gone after this season. We play well against the bad teams and bad against the good teams.
  5. Pat Mcafee has re-energized College GameDay. They need to just take Corso off.
  6. I think he is saying they let their play do the talking and he doesn't know where these Jerry World posts are at.
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/11/30/brian-kelly-once-made-robert-saleh-shovel-snow-park-cars-at-party/ I always think of this article any time Kelly's name is mentioned. He might be a good coach, but he is a piece of work.
  8. My former coach against my alma mater. I guarantee DeKalb will play hard and be physical. Jefferson will probably have more speed and athletes. I don't specifically know enough to make a prediction.
  9. I don't know if these 2 teams have ever played. It will be a good test for the Jefferson kids. Timpson looks to be loaded for a playoff run this year.
  10. Center 13 Tatum 7 with 5 mins left in the 1st. Game is on twitch. Search for Roughrider Sports.
  11. http://amp.thecomeback.com/ncaa/smu-field-rain-gerald-ford-stadium-mound.html Apparently they are having turf problems today.
  12. Yep, it's full with posts of people that have never been East of Shreveport, West of Tyler, North of Atlanta, and South of Marshall. There are some people trying to good things for the community. However, some people are still living in their glory days.
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