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  1. I think the whole district is about to be swept. Ennis might have a good shot with Bryan. Everyone else though....could be a rough one.
  2. Rumor is he will sit out a year and look for a big job next year. Has a lot of real estate he manages and can afford to take a much needed vacation. There will be plenty of schools wanting his services...just happened a bit too late for him this year to get a job he wanted.
  3. They better find a replacement before school is out. Tough to get to know a new coach over summer.
  4. He has officially resigned after getting a 7-0 vote to extend. Just gave the board the big ol middle finger
  5. Rumor is that someone on the school board used to work in the district....retired a few years ago and got on the board. that person he apparently royally #### off, and it is now there agenda to get him fired.
  6. theeagle.com/news/local/school-board-declines-to-renew-contract-of-navasota-high-school/article_ac057bda-c83b-51aa-b39b-19dad0e39e6a.html Are you kidding me
  7. Job just got better.....just have to beat huntington to make the playoffs the next two years.
  8. Temple coming off of 4 round run College Station, AM Consolidated, and Bryan all went 3 rounds deep. Waco was beat in round 1 by AM Consolidated. Def a tough first round draw for everyone in the district. Whitehouse should be improved, but by how much who knows. Ennis, Nac, Cana, Lindale, Whitehouse and Jville would be my waaaaayyy too early pick. With the 4 team format for playoffs, every team has a realistic chance of making it in.
  9. I would love when this is done for a paper to pull the applicant list and post it.
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