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  1. I read it. I still feel like the journalist is the one making the connection with state championships and asking questions for a story. The coach just answered honestly. I just don’t think this proves that Davenport is looking past CH.
  2. I expect it to be a big crowd. There's usually quite a few unassociated fans that come just to watch games at this point in the playoffs.
  3. I’m just not willing to pay $0.25 to read what a San Antonio media outlet has to say about a local team in a deep playoff run. Just win and the problem is solved for CH.
  4. CH needs to play their game and treat it like any other Friday night punching the clock and going to work. It’s 1 game, and the only game that matters. Come Friday night, past game don’t matter and future games don’t matter. It’s one game that demands 100% focus and effort.
  5. To be fair, the reporter is who asked the question about the SC. The coach just gave an honest answer, which seemed to be on par with what any coach would say. I don’t think this team is looking past CH. I think they are new to the situation and don’t know what to think right now. They have had the best year in school history this season. The kids may not fully understand the place they are right now, because they have never been there before. That’s not necessarily a negative or a positive. CH has been here twice in as many years and has incredible motivation to get over this hump, but sometimes that type of monkey on your back can work against you mentally.
  6. They are a really good offensive team. Literally every play seems to have set up qualities for the next. They have two really good WRs, a RB that can carry the ball 20+ times in a game & catch it like a WR. a QB that seems to make really smart plays and takes what is given. Doesn't force the ball. The WRs don't seem to be exceptionally fast, but they seem to always be WIDE open. Excellent route running and timing is impressive. They can go a lot of different directions, so it's hard for a defense to force their hand by shutting down one phase of their game. The more I watch this team, the more impressed I am by them. I do believe CH can beat them, but I also believe CH better play their best football yet.
  7. Their defense has 13 INT/Fumbles on the year and their offense has 12. Not certain on special teams or TOOD stats. They had two offensive fumbles against Burnett and lost both of them.
  8. I also found it interesting that they average 64 offensive plays per game regardless on the season, on games won, and on games lost. There seems to be no trend between offensive snaps and wins/losses.
  9. These stats are also minus the Calhoun game. Season Rushing Total Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD 434 - 2710 - 6.2 - 9 - 38 Season Avg/Game Rushing Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD 33 - 208 - 6.2 - 1 - 3 Games Lost - Avg/Game Rushing Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD 30 - 123 - 4.1 - 1 - 1 Games Won - Avg/Game Rushing Att - Yds - T/A - 100+ - TD 40 - 259 - 6.4 - 1 - 4 Difference between Games Won/Games Lost Avg/Game Rushing Att - Yds - Y/A - 100+ - TD 10 - 136 - 2.4 - 0 - 3 This means that in games that they have won, they have averaged 10 more rush attempts for 136 more yards with 3 more TDs than in games they have lost. Also interesting there have been 9 times where a player rushed for at least 100 yards in a game this season. All 9 of those were one player, Fallon. He's overwhelmingly the workhorse on the ground game, and they do a good job of mixing him into the pass game as well. This tells me that if CH shuts down Fallon, their chances of winning increase substantially.
  10. These stats are minus the Calhoun Game. Season Passing Total Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT 238 - 393 - 3813 - 43 - 8 Season Avg/Game Passing Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT 18 - 30 - 293 - 3 - 1 Games Lost - Avg/Game Passing Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT 19 - 34 - 254 - 2 - 1 Games Won - Avg/Game Passing Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT 18 - 29 - 305 - 4 - 1 Difference between Games Won/Games Lost Avg/Game Passing Comp - Att - Yds - TD - INT 1 - 5 - 49 - 2 - 0 This means that in games that they have won, they have averaged making 5 less pass attempts and 1 more completion for 49 more yards with 2 more TDs than in games they have lost. This tells me that it's not as much about their completions and yards as their TDs. CH can give up a little in the passing game, as long as they keep them from scoring 3 or more times on pass plays.
  11. The more game film I watch, the more I feel like CH has to shut down the run game priority numero uno. No team has completely shut down Davenport’s passing game, but the teams that have shut down their run game have come away with a W.
  12. Chris is a great guy that has done a lot to give back to CH since he graduated.
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