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  1. It all depends on your situation. He’s the AD at Bryan ISD now. 10k is a 10% increase and in the world of coaching those guys know that moving is just part of the job. Rio has family in Lindale, so he’s got ties here that help, but hopefully his pay gets bumped
  2. He got a little over $10k pay increase and he followed his AD that originally hired him at JT down there.
  3. I don’t think any coach would leave a situation he’s found himself in, unless there is a serious jump in pay with an equal opportunity to win at the same level expected of CH over the next few years. CH school board needs to go ahead and free up some more money for him.
  4. If Whitehouse happens it will probably be week 2. That game is so highly attended it has to be played at Rose Stadium, because CH’s stadium is too small to do a home and away. John Tyler has been attempted to be scheduled many times over the last 4 decades. They aren’t going to play a team two divisions below, just like Ch is not going to schedule Arp. I like a schedule like this… 1. 5AD2 Hallsville, Greenville, Sulphur Springs, Nacogdoches, Mt. Pleasant. 2. Whitehouse 3. Carthage/Gilmer 4. 4AD1 playoff team like Paris, La Vega, Etc.
  5. I believe there were 8 Freshmen/Sophomores and a whole mess of juniors.
  6. I would keep him out wide and throw it to him. Make it a goal to get him 6-8 targets/game.
  7. #13 isn’t a chump at WR either. Berry and Deuce are the speedsters though.
  8. If that’s what they see as the difference, it should tell you all you need about the “who has more speed” argument.
  9. I’ve watched every game. Trust me. Kilgore is just as good as LBJ. That being said. Kilgore took CH to Overtime.
  10. It was last week. Fred wasn’t as good as LCM and go sure not as good as Kilgore. They had no speed anywhere on the field. I think Kilgore is almost as good as LBJ, maybe even better.
  11. LBJ looked very beatable in the 1st half of their last game. They looked very tough in the second half.
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