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  1. I don’t see them bearing Lindale this week. If they beat Henderson, they could be playing Palestine the final week to decide which team keeps playing.
  2. Lindale is my pick for this one. “Quality losses” in pre-district compared to Athens “non-quality wins.” For personal reason I also want Athens to lose every game they play against every opponent in every sport, so there’s that.
  3. One team I still don’t have a good read on is Athens. They are 4-1 against smaller schools and non-blowout win against Jville. Momentum does funny things to teenagers though and it’ll be interesting to see how they fair against Henderson.
  4. I agree with you. That was a statement win for Lindale, and statement losses for both Palestine and Henderson.
  5. Go give them a good old fashioned Overton style spanking!
  6. They can give up 50 points in every single game and go undefeated as long as they score at least 51. Lindale/Henderson is my pick to get 4th place right now. Palestine in 3rd place. Jacksonville and Athens might as well pray for a better realignment.
  7. I remember him. His avatar had a cartoon mullet man. He was the eternal optimist. Kildogs are too much for the cats this go round. Palestine will start district 0-2, but they might can take that last playoff spot.
  8. https://www.captiongenerator.com/v/2292447/coach-rio-visits-nast-nac-annual-chicken-farmer-convention
  9. Tough 1st game. Gilmer will be okay, but part of the reason they will be okay is because the program doesn’t accept games like tonight as “normal” or “okay.” I’m always impressed by Gilmer year after year, and I expect good things from Gilmer as the season plays out.
  10. That official doesn’t know what he just did to himself and his family throwing a flag on Gilmer in Gilmer. R.I.P little buddy.
  11. It’s also H-O-T on that field, & Gilmer is a really, really good team that practices offense and knows how to score points. Two things that work against a defense. They’ll be okay.
  12. Lindale get the notice football season has started? Better step it up. Should be stopping the booger-snot out of Kaufman. Get it together eagles! Y’all the ones worried about a DOD title anyway. Remind me of the Kentucky fans chanting S-E-C, S-E-C.
  13. The title DOD is something that gets throw around, but can’t accurately be crowned until the season is completed. 2022 4AD1 districts rankings. 1 pt per playoff team, 1pt per 1st round win, 2pts per 2nd round win, 3pts for 3rd round win, etc. Also, pts per round in district rematch, ex. 3rd round Lindale vs Kilgore = 3pts added to D9’s tally. D1 - 4 D2 - 10 D3 - 8 D4 - 20 D5 - 27 D6 - 8 D7 - 8 D8 - 11 D9 - 33 D10 - 7 D11 - 4 D12 - 8 D13 - 6 D14 - 22 D15 - 9 D16 - 10 D9 was the toughest district in 4AD1 based on this point system, but I’m not certain about other classes.
  14. I guess, I’ll reconvene with some of y’all next year. Adios for now. Good season dogs.
  15. Absolutely the best team won. It wasn’t a 1 possession game that came down to one or two crucial plays/mistakes. It was a beating from an exceptional squad.
  16. No, the explanation for hashtag is in the post I just put on here.
  17. Austin LBJ had similar circumstances, but at the end of the day the UIL sees them as a legit team that can suit up and play. If you want to be the best, you have to bear the best, and you can’t worry about excuses for how they became the best.
  18. Saying CH overlooked Boerne isn’t accurate or a fair statement to Boerne. It gives the idea that if CH had focused more on Boerne the outcome could have been different. These coaches and players worked really hard this past week. CH runs the football, tries to hit the edges and get in open space. CH hasnt ever relied on the passing game to be their bread and butter, and obviously there’s reason for than. Boerne was just a better team, and that’s why they won the game. It wasn’t lack of focus, lack of discipline, the long drive, or any of the other things that have been thrown around. Boerne was just the better team with a very good defense and elite o-line. everybody all of a sudden throwing around hash tags and don’t even know what the meaning of the hash tag is. Almost like they are happy a fellow East Texas team has come up short of their goal. I’ve never once rejoiced in the shortcomings of another East Texas team representing this part of the state this deep in the playoffs. The hashtag is from last year when LBJ said the reason they would beat CH was because they were the fastest team in the state. They were the fastest team in the state, but CH is fast too. In that game they proved that they could play with LbJ and were very close to a SC. That became the goal this entire season to make it past the point of last year and play all 16 games. Having goals like that is a noble thing, and doesn’t mean a team is arrogant, it means they have high expectations for themselves. CH got beat yesterday, and they played hard, but still got beat. They didn’t get out schemed or out prepared, they got physically beat. Boerne did a great job. The rest of y’all that find joy in the loss of a fellow East Texas team can get a life. Some of y’all haven’t had a team playing for weeks and you come out of the hillbilly sticks to a CH thread out of nowhere to be a troll.
  19. Perfect discipline wouldn’t have been the difference in that game. That said, good discipline is always better than the alternative.
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