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  1. Unfortunately, the time to experiment and implement a change of that caliber and complexity would be in the Spring/Summer.
  2. Agree totally. If you’re living by the single safety, they are already gashing you too much. Read and react and do your job. Don’t get caught up watching the mesh. Hit your gap no matter what.
  3. When Belleville only puts 4 in the box G better run that rock right up the middle, just like that 65 yarder.
  4. I know it’s what they do. If I was them, I would do it too. I just don’t think it will be enough if they get down by 15.
  5. I would have my 2 DTs cutting down the 3 interior OL every play making a huge pile.
  6. The issue isn’t that they run it. I would run it too. It’s that if they get down by 2 scores they will not catch back up without help from a mistake by Gilmer.
  7. That’s what happens when you only play 4 men in the box.
  8. Gilmer should be kicking the teeth out of this team. A couple blown plays for G defensively is all Belleville has.
  9. CH defense played a really good game. Anna’s defense played an even better game. Anna’s offensive line and defensive front 7 won the game.
  10. If it worked out that way it would be great, but CH has an offense designed to be explosive and get chunk plays. Move quick and run a lot of plays in a short amount of time. The idea is that CH is going to score on average every 7ish offensive plays while the game is still undecided. It doesn’t always work out exactly, but It’s been enough to get them to this point, so I think you have to stick with it.
  11. No other district in 4AD1 compares. Other districts that have been represented deep have done it with one, maybe two teams. This district has put together 4 years of top level competition from 3 different programs. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. This district prepares these squads for the playoffs better than any other district. Hats off to all the programs involved
  12. A lot of people talk about CH getting up in opponents faces and playing man. I think the speed CH has lends itself to giving a little cushion, seeing what’s developing in front of you, then breaking on the ball and being aggressive when you have help over the top.
  13. I’m curious how CH’s speed in the secondary compares to other teams Anna has played. Perhaps a separation that would have been “open” against other opponents will bait the QB into some incompletions or even a turnover. If those type of plays can happen on a crucial 3rd and long or even a 4th down, that can be a huge momentum booster for CH.
  14. Anna’s O-line is impressive. They make the RB look much better than he is. Their passing game will be the best CH has seen. They will make you pay if you make a mistake in coverage. Very disciplined decision making by the QB. CH will have to score points. Turnovers and drive killing penalties will be crucial in this game.
  15. The SC game is the hardest game to win. Bulldogs will make it happen.
  16. I read it. I still feel like the journalist is the one making the connection with state championships and asking questions for a story. The coach just answered honestly. I just don’t think this proves that Davenport is looking past CH.
  17. I expect it to be a big crowd. There's usually quite a few unassociated fans that come just to watch games at this point in the playoffs.
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